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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th October 2021 Harsh comes to Samaira and says you are crazy.. You have a boderline personality. You can even kill someone in anger. She says right, can you please write that? Things that I do in anger, I have no control. Harsh says so you want a certificate that can save you from something police might take you for. Samaira says what did I do? He says you might already have. That’s why you want a doctor certificate right? She says you read my mind. Harsh makes the certificate. She says ask for anything. He says take Kuldeep away from Shubhra forever.

Scene 2
Shubhra sits with Kuldeep. She says not eating won’t solve things. He says I can’t stay away from you. I am totally trapped. We will have to part again. Shubhra hugs him and says no one can part us. We will find a solution. Please eat. Madhura comes. She gets angry. Shubhra says aii.. She says when your guest goes I will come outside. Kuldeep stands up. Shubhra says please eat.

He says Samaira is applying for visa. Madhura says going on a vacation with her? Kuldeep says she’s planning to settle there. Madhura says better go early. I hope you get the visa asap. Shubhra says should I also get your visa then? If Sam takes Kuldeep to Dubai we will all go there to defeat her. We all have to go together. Shubhra says we can find a way. Madhura says he only brings you a ditch.

Shubhra says aai please you both are important to me. Madhura says life gave you a chance. This man is always between you and Samaira and there’s Harsh who can be there for you forever. Give him once chance. Shubhra says we were friends. Kuldeep and I are husband and wife. We are tied forever.

Kuldeep says aai you’re right. I don’t deserve Shubhra. I have only hurt her. She always stod woth me. She is my strength. Whatever I have is because of her. I don’t only want to win her love but also your blessing. I want to be your son. I couldn’t be a good father, husband and son. Kids, Biji and Shubhra passed me. I will win your heart too. Madhura leaves. Shubhra hugs him.

Scene 3
Samaira says I so close to get what I want. Thank you for everything my friend and guide. He says if you have packed up Kuldeep from here, then sweets. I wish we had met earlier. Harsh says situation was different them. Samaira says you were in love with Shubhra. Harsh says I am still in love with her. Samaira says what did you see in her? Harsh says she became my life. I will take her with me. You will take Kuldeep and I will make Shubhra mine. Samaira says so this was your plan? Harsh says when Kuldeep leaves, I will be her last and only hope. Samaira says you can read minds. A player like you can be my best friend. Harsh says so when are you going? She says very soon. I open cards one by one.

Scene 4
Kuldeep looks at their family photo. Shubhra says sit. He says can we be together like this? She says you made such a big promise to aai. He says I will do it. Shubhra says I know your intention. He says until aai accepts me as her son, this picture will be incomplete. I will convince her. Shubhra says she’s not me. She never liked you from college days. And it’s difficult. Kuldeep says I wish Sam never came to my life. I wish I showed her place to her. I wish I could keep her in limits.

Shubhra says so you think wives should be kept in limit? He says no I meant her not a wife like you. I hope she forgets me. I hope she falls in love with Anand again. Shubhra says you come up with good ideas. Shubhra says if this happens, Samaira Anand and Vedika will be a family and there will be place for you in her life. Kuldeep says we will have a happy life then. Shubhra hugs him. Kuldee says it looks impossible. Shubhra says nothing is impossible. If Anand and Vedika come back to her life it can be amazing.

Scene 5
Shubhra comes to meet Anand and asks is Samaira doing her promise? Is she being a mother? Anand says if paying means being a then yes. She was never a good mother otherwise. Shubhra asks does she come to meet Vedika? He says yes some days she comes with gifts and some days she text can’t come today. This is how she was and will always be.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2021
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