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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st December 2020 Shubra calls Kuldeep adn asks how was your journey on the bus? He says bus? I mean.. I saw Samaira on the road so she offered me a ride. So he accepted her offer to save time. Samaira comes close to Kuldeep. Kuldeep is nervous. Shubra walks and hits her head. She says Kuldeep take care. Shubra says I can call you to wake you up for your first day. Kuldeep says it’s okay I will wake up with an alarm. Shubra hangs up. Kuldeep recalls seeing Varsha and Radhika looking at him and Samaira. Samaira asks Kuldeep to come to the bedroom.

Kuldeep says thank you for everything samaira. You have done more for me than anyone. Samaira transfers some money to Kuldeep and says send it to Shubra so she doesn’t doubt anything. Kuldeep says she trusts me. She was only asking about my journey. Kuldeep says Samaira sent me here to follow my dreams. I will give them everything they need. Samaira hugs him.

Kuldeep texts Shubra, I have transfered you my bonus. Shubra checks her phone and gets happy. Shubra tells Sanjana Kuldeep has sent me his bonus. Rishi and Roli come back. Rishi says mama Roli is so brave. She returned everything and accepted her mistake. Shubra says roli now it’s time to return Sanjana’s prefume as well. Sanjana says I know everything. Shubra says Roli will buy any gift of her choice for being honest. The kids get happy. Shubra gets happy too and thanks Kuldeep.

Scene 2
Weeks pass.

Shubra shops her for her house. She misses Kuldeep but is busy with her kids. The song kuch tou bata zindagi plays. Kuldeep and Samaira are living happily together. Kuldeep enjoys his job.

Kuldeep comes close to Samaira and says you’re a blessing to me. You got me all these things. Samaira says I love you and I will never let you go away from me. Kuldeep says I love you too, I will always be with you. Samaira hugs him.

Scene 3
Madhura (aaji) goes to ChaandRani’s play. They both laugh together. Madhura says I miss Shubra. ChaandRani says don’t worry, I will prepare sargi for Shubra. You can take it for her. They both cook sargi together and laugh. Madhura looks at the sargi thaal. ChaandRani taks out a saree and says I bought it for my son’s wife but I couldn’t give it to her. She gives it to Madhura and says give it to your daughter.

Kuldeep video calls kids and Shubra. Roli says I miss you papa. Rishi says why didn’t you come for Dusshera. Kuldeep says papa is busy with work. Shubra says we understand. But can you come for karwa chauth? Kuldeep says yes. Phirki (secretary) says to Samaira, Kuldeep is telling his wife he will come to them for Karwa chauth. Samaira says mind your own business.

Samaira comes to Kuldeep’s room. Kuldeep eyes towards the phone that he’s on video call. Samaira comes close, Kuldeep hangs up. Samaira shouts why did you tell me you’re planning to go to Pune? Samaira says I planned to surprise you on karwa chauth. How acn you do this? Kuldeep says please try to understand. I have to go to Pune. Samaira gets upset and leave. Shubra sends him a picture of them captioned, we miss you. Kuldeep says I have to go to Pune no matter what.

Samaira recalls their last karwa chauth. How they did arti together. She laughs. Roli says what is wrong with mama? Rishi says mama is ahppy. Shubra notices the kids. Shubra says your papa is coming for karwat chauth. It’s a special day for all women. The kids open gifts and things Madhura sent. Shubra is shocked to see sargi and the saree.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2020
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