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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th January 2021 Shubhra says what are you doing here? Kuldeep says she brought the file. Kuldeep says what are you doing here? Shubhra says I.. Sam says I don’t have time. Shubhra hides the passport and says Kuldeep was insulted. How could I leave him alone. Sam says what is she saying? He says some people aren’t happy with my promotion. He tells her. Shubhra keeps the passport in her bag.

Rishi says to Phirki stand on one foot and say please Kaju forgive me. Phirki cries. Roli says then you will have to put cow shit on your face. I will do that.

Sam says you will have to prove you deserve this partnership. Kulwdeep says what? You were saying you will fire Rajiv and now saying I will have to prove myself. She says Rajiv questioned me in front of the whole office. I can’t tolerate a stain on my reputation. This challenge shouldn’t be a big thing. Everyone should know why I made you my partner. He says Rajiv will bring big clients, what if the company gets a lot of profit? Shubhra holds his hand and says before shifting here you said people will know everywhere who Kuldeep is. This challenge is a chance, prove it. He says thanks Shubhra. You reminded me the right time. Sam says what? He says to win this challenge, I have to get an intentional client. The international proposal I sent is coming to India.

Scene 2
Madhura speaks to Chaadrani on phone. Aaju baa tries t hear. Madhura says I know you came here to listen in. This isn’t good. He says I didn’t. Chaandrani says I found the house address. Sanjana and Varun will take us to her place. We will meet her parents and find out her history. Madhura says that would be amazing. Aaju hides. Madhura says we really need the money. Chaandrani says what money? Madhura says the plan is solid. We have to rob a bank. Aaju is shocked. He says now she will go to jail?

Scene 3
Sam, Kuldeep and Shubhra come home. They say what is this smell? Phirki is covered in shit. Sam shouts what is this.. Phirki falls down. Phirki says Kaju will kill me. I will tell the truth. Neither Rishi nor Shubhra stole that ring. I put it in Shubhra’s room to accuse her. Kuldeep is shocked. He says what? Sam says no no. Don’t listen to her. She has lost her mind. Kids scare her. Phikri says no Kaju will kill me. He has big hair. Sam says shut up. Kuldeep says let her speak. Tell me the truth. Why did you trap Shubhra? Phirki says I have no animosity against her, someone asked me to do this. Kuldeep says who? She looks at Sam. Kuldeep says who asked you? She says I.. Sam slaps her. She says you got caught now want to put the blame on someone else? Phirki says you were worried because of Shubhra. I wanted to kick her out of your life. I didn’t know Kaju would get mad. Kuldeep says you did so wrong Phirki.. Sam says get out of my house. Phirki says no didi, where will I go? I have served you for 10 years. Please I will never do this again. Forgive me. Shubhra says planned all this very well.. Phirki. Phirki says please forgive me. Sam says I know she did wrong. She did it out of her love for me. I am not defending her. Can she get one chance? please. Can we forgive her once Kuldeep? Kuldeep says okay. Shubhra is shocked.

Roli says she made such a mess and you’re not saying anything? Kuldeep says people should be given one chance to change things. Phirki said sorry. Roli says then you say sorry to mama and Rishi. Kuldeep says to Rishi I am sorry. Papa made a mistake.

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