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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd September 2021 Kuldeep tells Shubhra that I couldn’t find any proof against Sam. We don’t have a choice but this only. Shubhra says it’s a trap, everyone needs you here. I have to take care of my Ayi. Kuldeep says I will take care of everyone but I need to go to Sam to find proof against her. I have to live with her to get proof against her. Chandrani comes there and says I will go with Kuldeep. Shubhra says what? Chandrani says I won’t hear anything.

Sam gets Kuldeep’s message. He arrives at her house. Sam smiles at him but is stunned to see Chandrani with him. Kuldeep says my mom will live with me so if I am staying here then she will be here also. Sam says my house is yours and your mom can stay here. Chandrani asks Phirki to make tea for her. She looks at the food and says I don’t like this food after eating Shubhra’s food. She goes to rest.

Phirki thinks Sam will take care of her also. Kuldeep tells Sam that I will reset now. Sam tries to hug him from behind and says I told you you would come back to me. Kuldeep smirks and grabs her neck. She says what are you doing? Kuldeep pushes her against the wall. Sam asks if he has gone crazy? Kuldeep says you deserve a husband like this only, I will make your life hell, I am back. Sam is stunned. Kuldeep makes her look in the mirror and says this is our reality, you want to play a game with me?

Let’s play this game together. He grabs her neck and says don’t we look happy together? He wipes her tears and says you look scared? Are you scared of your own husband? you will do as I say from now on otherwise I can change the structure of your face with my hand. He leaves from there. Sam tries to compose herself.

Scene 2
Madhura tells Shubhra that I am here because Kuldeep is gone, open your eyes and see that he is destroying your life. He went back to Sam. Shubhra says he went to get proof against her. Madhura says but he brought Sam into our lives. Shubhra says I trust Kuldeep, I am going to meet him and ask if he has any proof.

I have to find out if Sam is behind my father’s killer or not. Madhura says I will go to the police and ask them to investigate. Shubhra stops her and says if you had questioned those maids then baba wouldn’t have died. Madhura is stunned hearing that and says you are blaming me? You just love Kuldeep. Shubhra hugs her and says I am sorry, Madhura cries in her arms. Shubhra says I am really sorry.

She sits with her and says try to remember about those maids, my gut feeling says they were behind all this. Just try to remember if they did something peculiar? Did you find something off? Madhura says I remember the second maid had an expensive watch on her arm. Shubhra says thank you so much, I will find out the truth soon. She messages Kuldeep and leaves.

Kuldeep gets Shubhra’s message to send Sam’s watches pictures. Kuldeep calls Phirki to bring coffee for him. Sam comes there and says you didn’t say sorry for your behavior till now. Kuldeep says I think I should buy a watch for you.

He sees a watch on her arm and says this one? Sam says you know I like watches so I bought a new one. I have around 100-150 watches so it’s nothing. Kuldeep says I will buy a watch that you don’t have so send me your watches’ collection picture. Sam says I will wear the watch that you bring for me. Let’s go for shopping together. Kuldeep sees a new maid and asks where is Phirki? Sam says she went to Mumbai to clean the house there. She leaves. Kuldeep tries to take her watch’s photo.

Shubhra meets the inspector and says it’s a neatly planned murder case, someone called Vithal and forced him to leave the house also. The inspector taunts that you can take my place with all this investigation you did. Shubhra looks on.

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