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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 21st September 2021 Madhura tells Shubhra that he was watching Rishi’s video when I went to sleep. Rishi hears it and screams that I killed him, he died because of me. Madhura stops him and says he was called by God to him, it’s not your fault. Rishi says I have killed my granddad. Shubhra says you didn’t kill him. Rishi keeps shouting that he killed him. Shubhra shouts you didn’t kill him, someone else killed him. Everyone is shocked. Madhura says what do you mean?

Shubhra says I don’t know the truth but maybe Sam is behind baba’s death. Madhura says she killed him? Shubhra says we just have a doubt. Madhura says God didn’t call him, Sam killed him, she took him away from us. Shubhra asks her to go to her room. Rishi says why should we? Madhura says he was totally fine, how did Sam kill him? How could she? Shubhra hugs her and says Sam told Kuldeep that she killed him but we don’t have any proof against her. Kuldeep gets Sam’s call and cuts it. Kuldeep says maybe she is lying. Madhura says the truth is that I lost my husband because of you. Shubhra consoles her.

Sam is with her lawyers and says I might not have done this but he cut my call so I have to stoop low. Sam goes to the police and files a complaint against Kuldeep. Her lawyer gives proof. The inspector says we can’t file an FIR with this only. Sam says but you can investigate, he can’t harass me again so write the complaint.

Scene 2
Madhura asks Shubhra when you got to know Sam was behind all this? We should go to the police against her. Shubhra says we don’t have proof against her, they won’t listen to us. We don’t even know how she entered the house. Kuldeep keeps getting Sam’s calls. Madhura says I will go to the police. Shubhra stops her. Madhura says you are worried that if Sam goes to jail then Kuldeep will be trapped with her also? This Sam came into our lives because of Kuldeep only. She killed your father.

Sam meets Vidya’s teacher. She says I am Vidya’s mother. She asks how is Vidya doing? The teacher says she is intelligent but she needs personal attention. Sam says I will give you double fees but you have to give her home tuitions. You will have two students. The teacher asks who is the other student? Sam says Rishi Chadda, he studies in your school too. She says okay. I will teach them.

Shubhra and Kuldeep meet with Harsh. Shubhra says Rishi is not coming out of his guilt. I have so many problems to handle at once. Harsh says Rishi is feeling guilty but we know Sam might be behind all this, if we tell this to Rishi with conviction then he might come out of his guilt. This news might be shocking to him but he needs to hear it.

Shubhra and Kuldeep talk to Rishi. Kuldeep says Sam killed grand-dad, you were not responsible at all. Rishi says then why are we not punishing her? Shubhra says we will, you didn’t do anything wrong. Rishi says Sam is a bad woman, she needs to be punished. Shubhra says I promise you that she will be punished.

Rishi says why is Sam aunty doing all this? Kuldeep hugs him and says everything will be fine. They hear some voices. Shubhra comes into the lounge to see Madhura leaving, she asks where are you going? Madhura says I am going back to my house, where your father’s memories are. Shubhra says you can’t stay there alone. Madhura says then you and the kids can come with us, we will live with your father’s memories.

She glares at Kuldeep and says I can’t live with the person who is responsible for your baba’s death. Kuldeep says please. Madhura says you brought Sam into our lives, she destroyed our peace, we are paying for your mistakes and now we have lost my husband because of your mistakes. I don’t care about Sam but you are responsible for Shubhra’s father’s death. She starts leaving the house.

Her servant Vitthal arrives to take her home. Madhura goes to bring her luggage. Vitthal tells Shubhra that I went to the village as I got a call from someone that my Ayi is ill, when I went to my village, my mother was totally fine. Kuldeep looks on. Madhura comes there and says I will leave now. Kuldeep tries to stop her but Madhura says you are just destroying my daughter’s life, just leave her alone. She tells Shubhra that this man just gave us pain. Shubhra cries and says how will you live alone? Madhura says then come with me. Shubhra says how can I? Madhura looks on.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhura tells the police that my husband didn’t die a natural death. The inspector asks if she doubts anyone? Madhura says Samaira. The inspector says Sam has already filed against Shubhra. Shubhra is stunned.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
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