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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 21st January 2021 Rishi and Roli come running to Shubhra and tell her their day at the office was fun. Kuldeep looks at them and smiles. The kids tell all the games they played and the food they had. They tell the people they met at the office. Shubhra smiles. She says thank God you guys didn’t make any mess. Shubhra says did you thank Samaira aunty? Rishi says yes. They go to the room. Shubhra says to Kuldeep thank you for taking the kids with you. Kuldeep says where is Samaira? Shubhra says I am not sure. She came home and went to her room to sleep. Kuldeep goes to her room.

Kuldeep comes to the room. He tries to wake Samaira up but she doesn’t get up. Her face is full of blisters. Samaira wakes up and sees herself in the mirror. She screams my face.. She itches her face. Kuldeep says please relax. Let me check. Samaira shouts my skin is burning. Shubhra, the kids, and Phirki come to her room as well. Rishi and Roli smirk and Shubhra. Shubhra nods and they giggle.

Kuldeep comes to sleep downstairs in the hall. He says Samaira has an allergy. She took meds. Shubhra acts like she doesn’t know. She says let me check on didi. Kuldeep says no let her rest. She doesn’t want to meet anyone. Shubhra says but lets me take food for her. Kuldeep says no, please. Shubhra says I am so worried for her.

Scene 2
Rishi and Roli pretend to fight in front of Kuldeep who will sleep with him. Kuldeep says I will sleep with both of you. He goes to the room and sleeps with the kids. Shubhra looks at this and says you can’t stay away from your kids.

Scene 3
Shubhra says good morning to Kuldeep and says what would you like for breakfast? Kuldeep looks towards Samaira’s room. Shubhra says your clothes came back from the laundry and are ready to wear. He nods. Shubhra says to have a healthy breakfast, it will make our day pass better. He takes her homemade food.

Rishi and Roli come back to the room to play with Kuldeep but he’s not there. They get sad. Shubhra says he has an important meeting. Samaira screams from her room. Shubhra runs upstairs. She says open the door didi. Kuldeep says Samaira please let me see, open the door. Shubhra says oh God didi we are so worried for you. Samaira says I can’t show my face to anyone. Go from here. Shubhra says please let us in. Samaira says I can’t come in front of Kuldeep. She lets Shubhra and Phirki in. Shubhra and Phirki are shocked to see her face. She keeps itching her face and it’s full of blisters. Samaira says get me a dress that won’t stick to my skin and hurt me more. Shubhra gives her a nighty and says this would be perfect. Samaira shouts are you crazy? I will wear a nighty to work? They keep showing her dresses but she keeps rejecting them. Kuldeep says from outside let’s cancel the meeting but Samaira disagrees. Shubhra gives a saree to Samaira and says this won’t hurt. Samaira says never. Phiri helps Samaira.

Roli says we have to stop Samaira aunty from going to the office. She goes to the room and says you should wear a veil. Samaira says actually yes that can hide my blisters. She asks Phirki to bring a veil. She gives her perfume to Roli as a gift. Shubhra says Roli return it but she takes it and leaves.

Shubhra thinks about what happened and feels bad for Samaira. She sees Chaandrani who asked her not to be guilty. She says that woman deserves it for taking her husband. Samaira will be fine. Shubhra smiles and says thank you biji. Shubhra hears Samaira screaming.

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