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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st July 2021 Samaira says people will call your kids’ kids of thieves. How will your ex-wife and mom see you as? Fraud Chadha? Samaira says it’s all about imagination. Nothing like that happened. Neither would it. I promise because I love you. I can never do that. Just remember, it’s you and me. And if I am not there, you’re not either. I can’t live without you and won’t let you live without me. So say that you love me. Say it. Do you love me? He nods, Samaira hugs him.

Scene 2
Chandrani says final round now. She tells Rishi the song. He tries to tell Roli but she doesn’t get it. Roli couldn’t guess. They lose. Chandrani says Harsh come. Don’t give up this time. She tells him kaho na pyar hai. Harsh tries to make Shubhra guess. He dances, She guesses kaho naa pyar hai. He says yes, Kaho na pyar hai. Shubhra gets excited and shakes his hand. She says very nice. Chandrani says he said it. Narain says that’s called a team. Chadnrani says Harsh and Shubhra won. They sing kaho naa pyar hai. Shubhra hugs Chandrani.

Scene 3
Everyone comes for breakfast. The kids play with Harsh. Shubhra asks where is Narain? She says his stomach is upset. Chandrani says he must have eaten something bad. Shubhra gets a call and says okay? That’s great, thank you so much. I can come for sure. She notes down something. Shubhra says when should I come? Today evening? How would that be possible. It takes 4 hours from here. It’s already 9:30. How can I be there by 2:30? Can we do the meeting tomorrow. She says hello.. Chandrani asks who was it? Shubhra says it was Mr. Singh he said I can get a good order near Surat. But the meeting is at 2:30. I can’t reach it. Narain comes. Shubhra tells him I could get a big order but how will I reach at 2:30 and it would get late at night. Madhura says stay there? We will take care of Rishi and Roli. Harsh says they are right. You should go, don’t miss the opportunity. Narain says to go with Harsh. Chandrani says yes. Harsh says sure. Shubhra says to Narain baba you come with me, please? He says sure, anything for my daughter. Madhura kicks him. He says pack your bags, might have to stay the night. The kids go to get ice cream. Shubhra goes to pack.

Madhura says you ruined the plan. Narain says if I said no, she won’t go. Madhura says we wanted her to spend time with Harsh. Chandrani says now you will fix the plan. They leave in anger. Madhura says yeah you handle it now. No breakfast for you. Narain says I know how to play it.

The kids say we will go with aai. It will be a long drive. Madhura says she has work. Chandrani says ack like grown-ups. Will she handle you both or her work? Roli says we are grown-ups we can handle oursevlevs. Rishi says yes. Madhura says who will stay here with us? We will plan a surprise party for aai. Shubhra says it’s just a meeting. Didn’t get the order. Chandrani says we will party on all stages. The kids say yayy. Rishi and Roli hug her and say all the best.

Madhura says one thing is done. Kids aren’t going. How do we stop Narain. Narain says it was the plan of the 3 of us. She says did you pack your bags? Narian says has she left? See what I do.

Scene 4
Shubhra keeps luggage in the back. Shubhra asks where is baba? Narain comes ready and says I am ready. Chandrani says he will fail the plan for sure. He says sit in the car Shubhra. Shubhra sits in the front seat. Narain winks at Madhura and Chandrani. He puts his bag in the truck and screams.. Shubhra runs and asks what happened? He says nothing my back.. Shubhra is worried. Shubhra says I shouldn’t go. Let’s call ad cotor. He says your aai is a doctor. Madhura says I will massage his back. Chandrani says you won’t get such a chance again. Madhura says you might something else that will change your life. Shubhra says what are you saying? Madhura says to Harsh can you take her, please? We will be with him. He says sure I will take her. Shubhra says I can go in the cab. Chandrani says to go with Harsh instead of a stranger. Narain says yes. Chandrani says go fast. We will handle him. Narain says I am okay. Go, please. Call us when you reach there.

Shubhra sits in the car and goes with Harsh. Harsh is happy. Harsh opens the door and fixes Shubhra’s saree stuck in the door. They leave. Everyone is happy. Narain keeps acting. They take him inside.

Scene 5
Samaira says Phirki where is masala you used in chutney? Phirki says you sent me to the village. How will you make parathas? Samaira says if you were here how would I spend alone time with Kuldeep. She burns the parathas. Samaira says it’s burned but it’s okay. People eat poison in love. Kuldeep says I can’t find my phone. Give me yours so I can try to ring it. Samaira says I made parathas for you. His phone doesn’t ring. Kuldeep says it’s switched off. Did you see it? She nods. Kuldeep says where? She points at the sink. It’s in the water. Kuldeep says you kept my phone in water? She says I got a new phone for you.. With this phone, you will only call me. No one else. Kuldeep is shocked. Samaira says whatever you need, call me. I will fulfill all your wishes. Take it. Kuldeep tries to fix his old phone and says I hope she didn’t kids’ pictures. It opens. Kuldeep says thank God. She shouldn’t know I still have it. He hides it.

Scene 6
Shubhra and Harsh are on their way. Harsh says will you keep sitting silently? She says no. He says many stories start in the journeys. She says stories? He says your new offer, this journey, I will remember is for life. She says hmm. Harsh says if you want to answer one word, let’s play rapid fire. He asks favorite color?> She says storm blue. He says navy blue for me. But you didn’t ask.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra and Harsh are at the lake. Harsh says look at this lake, the peaceful clean water. Like calm and soothing Shuhra. If I were a poet, I would write a poem. On the way, Shubhra asks him who is he in love with? He says it’s you Shubhra.

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Telecast Date:1st July 2021
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