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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th June 2021 Phirki massages Samaira’s feet. Rishi comes. Phirki asks Rishi did you play or are you going to play? Rishi says whatever I do, that’s none of your problems. She says your friend Harsh is a fraud. Rishi says how dare you to call my friend a fraud. Phirki says I am telling you the truth. I will tell you something that would make you cry. That’s what I heard. Your papa was telling my didi. Harsh isn’t your aai’s friend. She lied to you. Rishi throws the ball and says my aai doesn’t lie. Phirki says elders have to lie as well for situations. She called mental people’s doctor and told you this lie. You were acting mental, take care of yourself. Don’t get more mental in their lies. That doctor is mental people’s doctor. Rishi runs in anger.

Shubhra looks for Rishi. She asks gardeners and everyone. No one saw him. Subhra asks reception, they show her the video of Rishi going towards the pool. Shubhra sees his ball there. Harsh is also looking for Rishi. Harsh says we have to find him. Something is wrong. Shubhra says what do you mean? He says we have to look first. Kuldeep comes and says where is Rishi? We will all find him together. The manager says he was going outside in the CCTV.

Shubhra, Kuldeep, and Harsh run towards the main gate. Rishi is going out. Shubhra stops him. Shubhra says where are you going? Rishi cries and says I don’t want to talk to you aai. He says you are a liar? I am upset with you. Shubhra says what did I lie about? He says really? Will you count? Shubhra says what are you saying? He says start counting. You taught me to count. The first lie, Harsh is your college friend. The second lie, Harsh is my friend. Everyone is shocked. Rishi says Harsh isn’t a friend. He’s a doctor. Now don’t say you didn’t lie to me. Rishi cries. Shubhra is shocked. Shubhra says Rishi.. Harsh comes towards him. Rishi says no. Don’t come near me. Are you a friend or a fraud? You’re mental people’s doctor. I am mental that’s why aai called you for my treatment. Shubhra cries. Harsh says yes I am a doctor but I am your friend also. He says I am crazy.. I am mental. He runs. Shubhra says it’s not like that. You’re disturbed. He runs out.

Shubhra says you’re not mental. You’re just disturbed. Rishi says then why did you call a mental people’s doctor? Kuldeep says your aai loves you a love. She did all this for you. She did it for your better. You’re misunderstanding her. You’re mad at everyone. Aai, Harsh, everyone. Just trust your papa a bit. Rishi cries. He nods. Kuldeep says let’s sit and talk about it? Rishi sobs. Kuldeep says we will make you understand. Come with me. He holds Rishi’s hand. Shubhra says Rishi.. He runs on the road. They run after him.

Rishi runs on the road. He falls down. A car comes towards him. Shubhra screams.. Kuldeep picks Rishi and saves him. Rishi hugs Kuldeep and cries. Rishi walks with Kuldeep and goes back to the resort.

Scene 2
Everyone sits down with Rishi. Kuldeep bandages his wound. Shubhra is in tears. Shubhra says it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have hidden the truth. I don’t know who said all that to him that he’s crazy. Harsh says give him some time. He is hurt by the people he trusted the most. Kuldeep says you are therefore we are. You get angry, get mad at everyone, even me. But promise me you will never run like this? Okay? What if something happened to you? Madhura says you’re mad at your aai right? I am aai’s aai. Big aai. I will scold aai. And I will make her say sorry. Samaira says to Phirki, we got the first win. Time to celebrate.

Narain says Rishi, who said all that to you. And who said your aai lied? Tell me. And that doctor.. I told your aai that our Rishi’s anger will calm down and we will tell him. Now you tell me who said all this to my Rishi? Rishi says, papa. Kuldeep is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Rishi says papa said to Samaira aunty that I am getting mental that’s why aai called a doctor to treat me. Narain is shocked and angry. Madhura says wait a minute. Madhura says Rishi will you help me with something? Come with me. She takes him from there.

Shubhra says to Kuldeep you said all that to Samaira? You said your kids’ matter to Samaira? Are you crazy? Have you lost it? Your son is going through the most difficult time of his life and you said all this to Samaira? What did you say? That my son is crazy? Do you think he’s crazy? Kuldeep says how can you even imagine I would say that about Rishi? I only told her that Rishi is taking therapy so that she stays away from you and your family. I didn’t know she would twist it like this. Shubhra says twisted our whole lives and you didn’t know what she can do? You are blinded by her. Everyone knows how manipulative she is. She can use anyone’s weakness. You told her your son’s weakest point.. He says I didn’t think. Shubhra says if you ever thought about anything our lives would not have been like this. It was my fault that I told you. I thought you’re a father and it’s your right. She leaves. Kuldeep says Shubhra.. Narain stops him.

Chandrani says what did you do? You trusted that fox with your son? Kuldeep says I did all this so she doesn’t do the drama. Chandrani says that doesn’t matter now. I know you are trying to win Shubhra’s heart and now this. Chandrani says the problem is between you and Shubhra. I am even ready to accept your separation but if kids get hurt, I won’t be your Biji anyone. I will be Chandrani Chadha and she won’t even forgive you. She leaves as well.

Scene 3
Samaira drinks. Phirki says what a bomb you planted. They both drink together. Samaira says this was an atom bomb, its effects would last for a long time. Phirki says it was so much fun. You have ruined their team. Phirki dances and says Shubhra became black and became blue. Now Kuldeep will come to you. She says I am his everything. He will have to come here. Kuldeep comes there in anger. Kuldeep shoves Phirki and drags Samaira out. Samaira says what are you doing.. You are hurting me.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kuldeep says you didn’t want to hear a clarification from me right Shubhra? Listen from Samaira. She will tell you the truth, apologize and tell you everything. Shubhra says I don’t want anything from either of you. Kuldeep holds her hand.

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