Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th October 2021 Harsh says Samaira is bad but a patient. My profession tells me not to judge a patient. As a psychaitrist, no human can be discarded. She might be bad in your eyes but not in a therapist’s eyes. samaira says it her craze okay to you? He says your son does the same.

Shubhra says Harsh.. He says your son is young so his anger looks innocent. Samaira’s an adult so her aggression looks crazy. Shubhra says are you comparing them? He says I am a doctor and they are both my patients. I am giving opinion of a psychiatrist. The more you run from her the more she will come after you. She can even kill kuldeep to end their story together. Shubhra leaves.

Scene 2
Chandrani waits at home. Shubhra and Kuldeep come home. Kuldeep asks is everything okay? Did something happen? they laugh. Madhura says we want to spend time together as friends. Shubhra says where will you go? She widow house. Kuldeep says what are you saying? Why would you? Mdhura says my house. Your dad made it. We will live there. Kuldeep because of you your baba will get justice.

Kuldeep says but you both are out strength. If you stay in front of us we will be tension free. Shubhra says you can’t be safe in that house. Samaira and Phirki might have key to that house. Madhura says she can’t repeat the same thing again.

Chandrani says I am there. She can’t mess with me. Madhura says we can take care of ourselves. Shubhra says I won’t let you go. Madhura says we will. Vitthal had made food for us. Kuldeep says I will arrange security there. The kids hug them. shubhra says be careful please. Vedika looks at them.

Scene 3
Shubhra and Kuldeep come home. Rishi and Roli serve them food. They go to sleep. Vedika says what are you both doing? Rishi says we are trying to listen to them. If they’re sleeping or playing. Shubhra says we can listen to you and we love you. Kuldeep says and I love your mama. Vedika says I can’t see my mummy papa together. Roli says but your papa is doing both roles. Rishi says like our mama was doing both till papa wasn’t around. Vedika cries and says I want mama too. Rishi and Roli hug her.

Kuldeep says when was the last time I had a long sleep. No fear. No scare. Shubhra says I only want peace in life. I want all of this to stop. Kuldeep says why did Harsh go on Samaira’s side? Shubhra says he fell in love with me.

I said no and he thinks I broke his heart. He’s trying to take revenge. Kuldeep says you never promised him anything. Shubhra says he won’t understand. He said Samaira can even kill you if you leave her. that’s what Harsh said. Kuldeep says relax. Shubhra says you can risk your life but I can’t. Kuldeep says nothing will happen to me. We are each others’ strength. Shubhra hugs him.

Scene 4
Rishi and Roli knock on the door come out. We need to do breakfast. It’s ready. We have made it. Kuldeep says come Vedika. She says I am all packed. Papa is coming to pick me. Anand comes. Shubhra says Vedika your papa is here. Anand says we are going to mama’s place. Vedika gets happy and hugs him. Shubhra says but be careful. She’s very dangerous. Vedika says don’t call my mom dangerous.

I love my mom. Shubhra says I am sorry. I didn’t.. Vedika says no mama can be dangerous for her daughter. Are you dangerous for Rishi and Roli? Why are you calling my mom dangerous? Kuldeep says you are right. Rishi and Roli go downstairs with Vedika and play. Let’s make a plan for Vedika to stay with her mom. Vedika says if you make a plan to let me not meet my mom, I won’t come here again.

Shubhra and Kuldeep tell Anand how Samaira killed Narain. shubhra says you can’t trust her. She’s very dangerous. You and Vedika should keep a distance from her. Anand says I am sorry because of her you left her dad. It’s not shocking for me. Who knows her better than me. She can try to kill anyone who benefits her. Kuldeep says don’t take Vedika there. Anand says we adults can understand this but not Vedika. All she cares about is the absence of a mother from her life. I have to bow down to her request. If I don’t listen to her she will leave me.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Samaira says if you couldn’t make me cry you’re making my daughter cry? She will come with me. Shubhra says Anand left her with me. You can’t take her. Samaira says tell him her mom took her. Shubhra says you can’t go with her Vedika. Vedika says I will go with mama. Mama roli called you bad. Samaira says now you see how I avenge my daughter’s tears

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Telecast Date:18th October 2021
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