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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th April 2021 Shubhra stops Rishi.. He keeps hitting his head. Shubhra stops him. Rishi says sorry aai. No one accepts my sorry. I don’t have any friends. I am not a superhero. I didn’t hit anyone. I didn’t break the promise. Shubhra hugs him. She says shame on you all. A kid is crying and you all are shooting? Make a video that your kids threw eggs at him. Make a video of how my son got injured. Show them what your kids have done to my Rishi. He came here to say sorry because I told him to. This is what you have taught your kids, to throw eggs at a kid. I also want to see the cctv. Varsh says wow now blaming it on us. Shubhra picks her bag and says this bag is yours. She throws it at her. Everyone gets mad at Varsha. Shubhra says let’s go. Your friends can’t understand and the people here. I understand your pain and anger. She takes him home.

Scene 2
Roli says papa, mama told me and Rishi a story every night. He says I don’t know any stories. Samaira says but I know a lot of stories. Which one do you want to hear? Let me tell you one. She makes Kuldeep wear a crown and says a king, and a queen, she wears a tiara. Roli takes it and says you aren’t papa’s queen. Mama is. She takes her tiara. Kuldeep says you are our princess. Roli says Rishi prince and mama queen. Chandrabi comes and says Roli let’s go to sleep. Kuldeep says let her sleep here. Roli coughs. Kuldeep says she isn’t well. Let’s cancel the plan. Roli says no princess roli will go to meet Queen mama and Rishi with king papa. Samaira says I will also come along with the brave girl. There’s a meeting there as well. She says can’t I go? Kuldeep says we all can go together. Samaira says perfect.

Scene 3
Shubhra makes Rishi sleep. She comes out tired. Madhura says Shubhra.. Shubhra says you should go home. Madhura says call me if you need anything. Shubhra says Rishi did what I taught him. He said sorry, didn’t hit anyone. But no one could understand him. Neither his friends nor their parents. He was hurt. He lashed out on himself. Sanjana says when did this anger start? Since you came back from Mumbai alone? He was always smiling. And so much anger. Madhura says all kids get angry. Sanjana says but his anger isn’t normal. He’s trying to say something. We should take Rishi to a good child counselor. Madhura says this is normal. Sanjana says he’s trying to say something. The counselor might be able to help him. Shubhra says I understand him the most. He is missing Roli and Kuldeep. Madhura says they’re coming tomorrow. Shubhra says he will be okay once he meets Kuldeep. I won’t get him serious. Madhura says you don’t worry. You Rishi will be like how he was. Madhura leaves. Shubhra comes to Rishi.

Scene 4
Chandrani says the doctor said she ate something that made her sick. What could it be? She was with me all the time. She opens the refrigerator. Chandrani checks everything she ate. She finds a strange bottle. Chandrani says what is this? She tries to read it. Phirki comes there. She’s shocked. Chandrani looks at her.

Kuldeep reads a story to Roli. She falls asleep. Samaira hugs him. He says you can sleep there. She says can’t I be close to you? If you can sit all night, so can I. Roli is our responsibility. I know she doesn’t consider me her queen mama but with time she will.. I will win her heart. Like I won yours. He says love changes things.

Phirki comes in. Chandrani says why are you scared like you got caught red-handed? What is this? Why is it here? Is it yours? What’s written? Read it. Phirki drops it. Chandrani says you can’t do anything. Don’t know why are you here. Clean it. Phirki says only you and I will be in this house tomorrow. Roli, Samaira and Kuldeep will go to pune. Chandrani says we will see if your didi goes.

Scene 5
Roli video calls Shubhra. She says make 5 parathas for me. Shubhra says I will make all for you. Shubhra says my favorite ice cream. Shubhra shows her freezer. Rishi says hello Roli. Roli says what’s on your head? He says I collided with the door. She says are you okay? He says I am fine. Aai and I planned, I will show you the room when you come. Let me show you now. He shows her new things. Rishi says come fast. She says we are leaving in 5 minutes. You will hang up, and we will come. Roli says bye.

Rishi says mama let me help you. Shubhra says everything is favorite of both of you. He says you made a necklace for Sanjana aunty and now this fruit salad necklace. You make such good necklaces, it can make your career.

Phirki says happy journey. Roli says papa it will take 3 hours. Chandrani screams my foot.. Kuldeep runs to her room.
Rishi says we won’t let Roli go from here. We will have so much fun. She won’t go from here. Phone rings. Watchman says madam ji some Ghoklay sahab is here.. Rishi says ghoklay sahab.. Shubhra says ho does he look? He says big mustache, looks angry. Shubhra says baba.. Rishi says Aaju baa. Watchman says he’s asking Rishi to come and meet him. Shubhra says Rishi aaju baa is here to meet him. Take this custard for him. Tell him you made it not me. He really likes it.

Chandrani is in the washroom. She slipped. Kuldeep picks her. He says what happened.. Careful, please. He takes her to the bed. Chandrani says I can’t move. Roli says what happened dadi? She winks. Rishi says what happened? She says I slipped in the washroom. Kuldeep says I can’t leave you alone here. I won’t go to Pune. She says I am fine. It’s a little pain. Rishi is waiting. Kuldeep says how can I leave you alone? She says I am not alone. Samaira is here, she will massage my feet and help me. If you don’t want.. Phirki is here. Kuldeep says can’t leave you on Phirki. Samaira says you areright. I can stay. Kuldeep says are you sure? She says anything for you darling. I will take care of Biji the way her DIL should. You should go. He says thank you Samaira. Roli and Kuldeep leave. Chandrani says to give lots of love to Rishi. Chandrani sleeps.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 17th April 2021 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kuldeep says Rishi hates me, he didn’t even take my gift me. Shubhra says he’s hurt, he got slapped for the first time. Samaira calls. Roli picks and says all lines on this network are blocked, never call here again. Roli says mama showed her new talent, papa will also show his talent. He will make us a cake. Kuldeep says to Rishi if papa passes this challenge, will you accept my sorry?

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Telecast Date:16th April 2021
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