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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th January 2021 Shubhra says please don’t ask kids and me to leave. Kids come in and say papa we got you flowers. He hugs them. Samaira says don’t fall for all this. This is my house, not a circus. Kuldeep says let’s go in and talk. The kids ask Shubhra did our plan work? Shubhra says it isn’t decided. Rishi says it will work. Shubhra hugs them and says I hope my kids keep believing in their dad.

Madhura comes to shubhra’s place and sees ChaandRani fainted. She says are you okay? Get up. Roli is going up, she says if i say anything papa agrees. Shubhra says give him time. Roli says he never says no to me. I only say please and he will say okay darling. Rishi says yes papa agress to her, let her try. Roli says see what princess Roli do now.

Samaira says this is all a drama. Kuldeep says Shubhra isn’t like that. Samaira says she’s blackmailing you and using kids. Use your brain. He says this is a consequence of what you proposed her. Did I come in between? Now she’s using your words. Face her, don’t run. She says I told her to accept our relationship. He says she accepted and went two steps ahead she is ready to even see us together under one roof. You are doing wrong. Kids try to listen. Phirki says don’t do that. Shubhra asks kids to go to the kitchen and eat. Samaira says my house isn’t an orphanage. I won’t agree with your wife’s plan. He says I am a father too. She came here because the kids miss me. I broke their heart. I can’t do that intentionally. I will manage, trust me. Let them stay here. Please. You told me to bring kids here if I miss them. They will go back. This is temporary. She says what about our trip? I planned everything for you. Should I cancel the plan?

Samaira comes downstairs and says okay, you can live here. But for now we are going to Europe for 20 days. So come later. Shubhra says Kuldeep where would I go with kids? See their faces. Samaira says we are going abroad. Shubhra says we will manage here. Don’t ask us to leave. Shubhra says okay kids your papa is going on a foreign trip. It’s more important than you. Roli says papa I want to go as well. Samaira says we are going on a business trip. Shubhra takes the kids and walks out. She says in her heart sorry biji I tried but this man can’t do anything for his kids. Kuldeep says stop kids. You will stay here. Samaira says what? This is my house. I won’t tolerate anyone living here in my absence. Kuldeep says they are my family, not just anyone. My family is my responsibility. Should I leave them on a road? Samaira says I didn’t mean that. Okay, they can stay here. Samaira asks Phirki to take them to the guest room and says take care of them. Samaira asks Kuldeep to take the bags to the car. Kuldeep says to kids I will come back soon. Then we will have fun. Roli says bye, enjoy papa.

Shubhra says thank you. Samaira says to Shubhra congrats, your performance got you and your kids a place in this house but Kuldeep is so far from you and won’t ever come close to you. You are a good player but I am the game. She leaves. The kids hugs shubhra. Rishi says did we lose? Roli says did she take papa from us?

The doctor checks Chaandrani. Madhura says is she okay? She isn’t waking up. I am so worried.

Rishi says we saw the whole house. Roli says it’s so big. The kitchen is bigger than our bedroom. Shubhra says let’s do pooja first. Let’s pray that our journey goes good. Roli opens the door, Phirki falls down. Roli says don’t you have manners? You don’t listen to others talking. Never mess with Roli. Phirki says you didn’t hatch out of the egg yet. Shubhra says no. You have so much work here. Only maid in such a big house. Didi likes the house all clean. Do you work. kids tell her what I do when I get angry. The kids scare her.

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