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Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Sherlin is walking down the stairs after packing her bags, Karina questions where is she going when Sherlin replies that does Karina think she would go anywhere without telling her but Natasha is the one going since mom has come back and is really alone, Natasha replies that she still wants to stay here,

Karina explains she is still a family member and they all really care for her but she must go, Natasha still explains she wants to stay with them for Karan till his case is solved, Karina replies that he only cares for a single person but she can even then come to the court if she feels like, Karina hugs her when Sherlin exclaims she is going to drop her at the door, Sherlin throws her bag out of the house saying Goodbye.

Natasha walking in the night thinks that she doesnot wanted to go back there and it has gotten really late, Natasha is walking when she feels as if someone is following her, she takes a turn and runs with her might but she is shocked to see who is following her, she sits in an auto instructing him to take her to Bandra.

Shristhi getting out of the car mentions today would be the last night of karan in the jail, Preeta agrees saying tomorrow he would be released, Sameer replies for this they would have to use the confession of Sandesh, Shristhi explains they are surely going to use them because only after that would karan be released,

Preeta replies Sameer meant that they would have to make sure they reach the court before anyone else finds about them because of Prithvi knows about them, he would surely try to destroy them. Preeta explains Sandesh said they first went to Bodhi hotel so what if they go and search there, who knows what clue they might find,

Preeta requests him to call the hotel, Sameer dials the contact of the manager who is about to sit in the car. Preeta mentions she is the wife of Karan Luthra and wants to meet with him, he questions the reason when she informs she wants to check the CCTV footage.

The manager explains the hotel is closed because of repairing so the room is closed, Preeta requests him saying it is really important when he says even he has to say something, the manager thinks that he met someone at the hotel who looked like Karan.

Preeta ending the call mentions she would have to reach the hotel tomorrow at eleven in the morning, Shristhi mentions that tomorrow is the court hearing when Preeta replies she can come a little late, Shristhi says she would also go with her but Preeta refuses saying Karna is already really angry with her but she wants to find any proof which she can to protect him, Preeta explains she would only take five to ten minutes because she just wants to see if Prithvi is in the footage.

Shristhi seeing the time says that she wants to leave because it has gotten really late, Sameer offers to drop her. Natasha hides, she comes out thinking this is a really big news but she would not tell anyone especially Prithvi and Sherlin who tried to throw her out of the house, but she will not go back to the place from where she came as it is not a place worthy of her.

Sherlin opens the door, she is shocked to see Preeta standing there who leaves without saying a single word, when Sherlin gets really tensed as Preeta did not say anything, Preeta thinks she knows Sherlin is also helping Prithvi but after tomorrow she is also going to be thrown out of this house.

Sherlin is about to close the door when Natasha rushes to the door, Natasha requests Preeta to let her stay here for a single night because she just wants to stay with her till the court hearing, Sherlin replies she just told her that no one in this house would miss her especially karan because he only talks with her as she is her sister otherwise he would not even look at her,

Natasha replies the Luthra family would feel bad because she lived with them for long but then suddenly left the house, Natasha says even the image of Sherlin would be ruined because they might question her regarding her, Sherlin realizing this grants Natasha the permission to stay in this house for a single night assuring she would take care of Prithvi, Natasha thinks she would stay in the house and the one leaving will be Prithvi.

In the morning karan steps out of the police van when the Lawyer mentions he has found that karan is innocent and did not take any money, there is someone else involved in all of this which karan would not believe, inspector asks him to hurry since it is time for the court when the family also comes to meet him at which the inspector says they have to take care of not only the criminal but also the family,

Prithvi assures he is going to make sure karan is released, Sameer arrives late which angers Karan who questions him, he takes the name of Preeta so karan walks into the court, Shristhi consoles Sameer which Karina is not able to bear, Shristhi warns prithvi to hire a lawyer as he is going to be defeated.

Prithvi wonders where is Preeta, he realizes that he saw her car outside the hotel where he went to meet the double of Karan, Prithvi calls Sandesh asking him what is he thinking asking if he talked with anyone when Prithvi in anger sends the photo of Shristhi, Sandesh replies that he met this girl in the hotel so Prithvi immediately runs away.

Preeta is with the manager who shows her the video, he mentions that he saw someone who looked just like karan but when he went to meet him so realized it was someone else, the manager shows the video seeing which Preeta requestees if she can get the video in both pen drive and hard dish, she also requests the manager to make a video about what he saw in the hotel, the manager instructs the worker who starts downloading it, Preeta records the entire confession.

The judge takes his position when both the lawyers introduce themselves and the state lawyer mentions that karan Luthra is a cricket player, in their country this game is considered really important but Karan Luthra who is a player did not set foot in the ground in the past two years and he wanted to earn all the amount in a single game which was only possible through match fixing which he did, this is a simple case as he has gotten all the proofs against Karan, the judge says he can present them all,

the judge starts looking at the evidence when Karan thinks how for the first time he is feeling as he is wrong even when he did not do anything, and feels it would be better if Preeta was by his side, he refutes the thought thinking he is acutally6 missing mom and not Preeta.

Sherlin sitting in the benches thinks where did Natasha go as she was really eager for the hearing but is nowhere to be seen, she vows to not attain her bail if she is arrested while making a video. Sherlin is also worried because Prithvi cannot be seen in the court, Sherlin gets really tensed.

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