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Kundali Bhagya 8th September 2022 Arjun while walking asks a waiter for, the water, he then explains he only drinks chilled water with five ice cubes, Arjun explains Ganesh knows his preference so he can ask him.

Anjali walking comes questioning what is he doing as he is talking just as him, Arjun replies she must not take his name when Anjali says he was still dancing with them but Arjun informs he is actually Karan and not anyone else.

Anjali once again stops a waiter asking for the water, Anjali offers to be his friend but he replies he is not interested and doesnot want to be her friend, Anjali recalls how Kavya also said that she doesnot want to be her friend. Arjun is still arguing when Bi jee comes asking what has happened,

Anjali explains she said they are friends so he replied just as young child who have a lot of attitude, Bi jee copies the way seeing which both Anjali and Arjun are stunned, Bi jee explains their Kavya says this hundred times a day and even Karan was the same, he would also react like this, she feels Kavya is also like Karan so she feels if Karan was present at the time when Kavya was born,

she suddenly stops which worries Arjun so he asks the reason, Bi jee explains she meant that he would be happy to see that such a beautiful child is born in their family. Bi jee leaves when the waiter brings water for him, he starts recalling the time he spent with kavya, how her habits are just like him, Anjali following him wonders what has gotten into Arjun.

Prithvi is walking in the hall when he thinks he has taken life as granted since Sherlin does a lot for him but even then, he doesnot care for her, he vows to not cheat on her anymore and remain loyal. Anjali sees Prithvi standing in front of him, she recalls that he was at the office so tries to run but prithvi forcing her into the corner explains he knows she has realized that every action has a reaction,

she has understood the purpose he came to this party, Anjali threatens that she would scream if he doesnot let her go when prithvi replies that if they come here, he would reveal he has come here to tell the truth about Arjun, as he wanted to take the life of Rishab. Anjali questions what is he saying as Arjun never wanted to take the life of Rishab, Prithvi with a smile says her answer revealed he surely wanted to kill Rishab, Prithvi instructs her to go and tell Arjun, so he can find him.

He quickly picks up her mobile demanding that she opens the mobile. Prithvi after saving the number reveals his contact has been saved as Bhagwan so she should call him when she finds Arjun, he turns back when Anjali asks what does he want from them, Prithvi replies he only wants something from Arjun and when she finds him then should at least call him.

Shristhi is walking and is really tensed, Preeta seeing her questions what is going on as she feels tensed, Shristhi explains Rakhi maa said that she feels Karan is around her after meeting Arjun and even Mahesh papa said that he feels like karan is around them, Preeta gets furious replying that she doesnot have time to listen to this conversation, she tries to walk away when Shristhi reveals that Arjun is in fact karan,

Shristhi explains this is what Rakhi mom said as Rakhi maa explained Arjun brought tea for her when she had a headache and also knew that her mobile would be under the pillow, Shristhi explains even Mahesh papa feels this because Arjun while signing demanded the same golden pen which Karan Jiju would ask for.

Preeta threatens to slap her if she doesnot listen to her but Shristhi replies that the entire Luthra family believes he is karan, Preeta asks if she can even think what she is saying since she believed what Rakhi maa was saying, she gets angry seeing Arjun walking so vows to question him, Ganesh stops her explaining Pandit jee wants to talk with her about the Parshad.

Arjun enters the room thinking about what bi jee said and so explains that he can find the truth about Kavya’s relation by looking at the birth certificate. He starts searching the room but is stunned hearing the voice of Sameer, he entering the room asks Arjun if he is feeling any pain in his leg, arjun replies he is fine so then Sameer leaves saying that they should have some fun.

Preeta questions Rishab jee why is he working even today, Rishab apologizes but Preeta replies she requested him to not work till the guests are present and he can work after they leave but even then if he wants to work then should do whatever he feels like, Rishab running after Preeta stops her explaining she came out without listening to anything,

Preeta assures he must not misunderstand her as he knew that Ganpati will arrive in their house and so she desired he should not do any work today because he must remain by her side otherwise everyone would ask her about him, Rishab questioned what did she say, Preeta is not able to understand it so apologizes if she said anything wrong to him, they both start apologizing to each other. Arjun walking with Sameer wonders why is Preeta apologizing to Rishab.

Arjun reaching them ask Rishab if everything is fine, he assures there is nothing wrong so Rishab replies that life should be like this and not straight, Arjun says even Preeta is like this so doesnot realize that it would hurt the feelings,

Sameer explains this is just casual so he should even record it when Abhishek explains no one should come between a husband and wife otherwise they might even lose their life, Sameer replies that it is not the case, Arjun explains that he knows they should not indulge because they are not aware of what people think about them.

Arjun asks Bi jee if she is fine, she replies that Preeta is walking behind her when Arjun explains she must not talk about her since Preeta is always ready to fight, bi jee explains this is what she was trying to say that Preeta is standing behind her, Arjun turning questions why is she always following her,

Preeta gets furious, Janki aunti also joins them so Arjun explains that as the nurse reveal if it is a boy or a daughter at the time of birth, they would have said that a fighter was born at the time of Preeta. They all start laughing when Preeta leaves in anger. Arjun questions how are they able to bear her frustration, Janki hits him but then apologizes, he assures she can surely beat him but not after taking the side of Preeta.

Sameer comes to Arjun explaining he must come with him to the dance floor, Arjun refuses mentioning they have already danced a lot to which Sameer says they must keep on dancing, Karina also asks Rishab and Preeta to come on the dance floor, Arjun starts getting jealous seeing them both so he asks Anjali to accompany him on the dance floor.

Arjun even dances with Shristhi seeing which Sameer gets jealous, so Arjun leaves them both to dance, he is finally able to dance with Preeta. She is really furious with him and feels a little tensed but he doesnot let go of her, Preeta finally hits Arjun on the foot which stuns everyone so they question what has happened, Preeta also seems shocked.

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