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Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2022 Arjun agrees to cut the wire informing he has not done it before but assures he will do it with complete attention, Rakhi asks Preeta to let him cut the wire, Arjun kneeling asks Kavya if she knows how much he loves her and will never do anything to harm her, he asks the official which wire should he cut so Rishab also requests him to be calm,

Arjun however starts trembling while everyone else is praying, the officer at once in the end asks Arjun to stop explaining they have jumbled the wires so he must cut the red wire, Arjun getting frustrated asks what would have happened if he had cut the wire so is he sure, Arjun finally cuts the red wire and is glad that nothing happened,

everyone is relieved and glad they have cut the wire but Shristhi questions then why is the counter still running, Inspector explains they have cut only two wires and there is still one wire left, Rishab requests the inspector to take a close look and cut the wire, Arjun is shot by one of the terrorist, the police however in return kill him.

Arjun falls down after being hit in the arm with a bullet, he assures he is fine and nothing has happened to him, Arjun picking the cutter finally manages to cut the purple wire, he is glad that nothing happened to her and even the inspector is relieved but Rishab mentions the bomb is still ticking,

Raja laughing exclaims this bomb cannot diffuse and no matter how much they try, they all would die along with the child. Rishab rushes to Raja before asking the inspector what can they do, he informs they have removed the wires from the side so if they are able to remove the jacket and able to throw it in a safe place everyone would be safe,

Arjun demands Preeta to give him the jacket, she replies everything happened because of him so he should be the one to throw the bomb vest, Prithvi is glad Preeta je is safe while Sherlin mentions that Rishab is safe, he asks why did she take his name again but Sherlin leaves.

Arjun walking notices there is a lot of crowds so he instructs everyone to get away, the reporters mention that Arjun is trying to throw the jacket while everyone is safe and meeting each other.

Mahesh goes to thank the inspector and even Rishab stands beside him explaining that he is glad the police were able to do this jobs with utmost professionalism otherwise no one would be safe, kavya demands to meet Mr handsome but Rishab replies he would come straight to their house so leaves, Anjali thinks he cares a lot for the Luthra’s but they are only worried about Preeta and left without even meeting him, she is worried where Arjun would have gone to throw the jacket.

Arjun runs to the corner of the bridge when he throws the jacket which blasts, he starts crying thinking that Kavya is his daughter.

Preeta reaches the house with kavya and everyone else, Kritika runs asking if Kavya is fine when Preeta leave with her, Rishab also assures since now everything is fine they all must also change their dresses and rest, Kritika explains she feels bad seeing the condition of Bhabhi, Mahesh assures his daughter is really strong. Rakhi praises Bhagwan explaining everything is fine because of his help.

Preeta is lying on the bed with kavya when Rishab enters the room with the glass of water, she tries to sit up when he sits beside her assuring now everyone is fine so she must not be worried, he ask if she would like to have some water. Rishab asks if she is thinking about something, Preeta explains she wants to do something so would he stand beside her, Rishab agrees to it so Preeta informs she wants to go to the police station and he must not ask the reason. Preeta leaves after tucking Kavya in her bed.

Preeta reaching the hall explains they all must take care of Kavya while she will come after a while, Mahesh asks if she is going alone but Preeta assures she is not alone, Rishab leaves with Preeta.

Rishab while driving notices Preeta is still tensed so asks the reason, she requests if he can find out weather the police would file a complaint at this time, Rishab calls inspector Waghmare inquiring if he is still at the police station.

Preeta reaches the police station while Raja is being shifted, she immediately starts slapping him questioning what quarrel they had with him, Raja informs he never had any quarrel with them since he doesnot even know them properly but just wanted Arjun to pay since he did not give the due amount he owed, Preeta turning to Inspector Waghmare mentions she wants to file a complaint against Arjun.

Inspector Waghmare asks if she is sure and they want to file an official complaint against Arjun, he asks her to write the complaint.

Arjun is walking when he recalls how Kavya asked him the reason, he was crying and she even played with him all those games, assuring that she liked him. Anjali stops the car in front of him, she inquires if he is fine but he just wants to know the condition about kavya and demands some water, Anjali rushes to bring the water which he drinks,

he once again asks about Kavya so she replies Kavya is perfectly fine, he insists on going to meet her. Anjali replies Kavya was missing her, she says the Luthra’s took her home so Arjun explains she would be feeling good, Arjun requests her to take him to the Luthra house, she replies he got injured but he assures he is fine since he was just scratched.

Arjun explains he never thought the child whom they have not known for so long would become his lifeline, she agrees to take him to kavya.

Preeta is frustrated in the car when Rishab requests if she would like to have water, he mentions she has been very angry so must calm down, but Preeta says those few slaps were not enough for that criminal. Rishab tries to explains she did not do the right thing by filing a complaint against Arjun, Preeta explains that Arjun is a criminal minded person so he should be treated as such, Rishab tries to explain something however noticing how furious she is he stops, she questions what does he want to say when he informs everything would be sorted if she stays calm, Preeta thinks she will not let Arjun come near her daughter.

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