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Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2021 Sherlin and Prithvi walk towards their room, Preeta walks out of the staff room she stops a waiter asking about the cctv room, he however apologizes saying that she would have to ask the manager, Kritika comes out with the sarree asking the waiter to show her everything because she needs to check if the operations are going smoothly, he gets worried about Preeta so asks why she is coming then Kritika asks him to hurry up.

Sherlin is standing at the hall then asks Prithvi top come out, he comes dressed as a woman mentioning that he is Preeti, she asks him to not act like this because he has to get delete the footage of the past three days, Prithvi asks her to wait and questions what will she wear however Sherlin mentions that she will wait in the hall so no one follows him.

Preeta and Kritika are walking with the waiter when he thinks that there is something wrong so he should take them to the managers office, he moves ahead of the cctv room, they both stop but he asks them to follow him, Preeta and Kritika wonder if he has gotten suspicion of their plan, Preeta ask Kritika to follow the waiter while she would follow the waiter.

Prithvi explains that there is something which the operator can give him, he asks what does he want from him, Prithvi explains that he wants him to delete the camera footage of the past three days however the operator asks if she thinks he will take the bribe because he is not such a person and would never take the bribe, he is sure that she has some relation to the murder of Akshay which is why she is trying to bribe him, he pushes the alarm which starts ringing in the entire hotel, the police gets worried that murderer might have reached the room before them so they start running, which worries Sherlin as she thinks Prithvi might get caught, there is a knock on the door so the operator opens it, Preeta is standing in the Burqa, he asks since when do the police hide their face, he then runs outside, Prithvi gets the chance to delete the footage and he runs from the window, Preeta also sits but is amazed because there is no footage, the police enter the room but are worried, they question the operator about the cloths and identity of the two women, he however explains that they both were covering their faces, the waiter also comes informing them of Preeta and Kritika, inspector orders the constable to check each and every door of the hotel.

Prithvi is running when Sherlin pulls him aside, Preeta is also walking when Kritika meets her then Preeta explains that someone has already deleted the footage of the past three days and the work which they had come to finish had already been performed, Kritika then mentions they should leave because it is really dangerous, Kritika while walking sees Sherlin so turns out informing that she has seen but Preeta pulls her saying that they would talk about it later. The inspector orders his men to search the hotel.

Kritika explains that if she has seen Sherlin then she would have also seen her, she would be able to conclude that she has something to do with Akshay’s murder, Preeta informs her that if anyone asks her about the day when Akshay was murdered she should deny even coming to the office, she should not say the truth even if anyone proves that she came to the hotel, Preeta explains that she doesnot want her name to come otherwise it would create a really bad situation, Kritika questions what is she saying, Preeta says that if she accepts then they would make her the accomplice, she doesnot know if Akshay died because of her retaliation then they would arrest her but she cannot accept anything, Kritika then mentions that she hit Akshay because of her videos so should not be worried, Preeta informs her to never speak the truth to anyone because if they come to know that she had hit Akshay then the reason would also be revealed.

Kritika hugs Preeta who informs her to never speak the truth and only speak what she is said to, Kritika asks why does she think the police would be relate her to the murder of Akshay, Kritika explains that she has seen Sherlin, Preeta however mentions that she might be mistaken, Kritika is sure then Preeta explains she has a plan and they would go back to their house using a shortcut to see if Sherlin is there then their suspicion would be proved true.

Sherlin is walking with Prithvi, she says that he should not be worried because she has asked the reception and the police have gone away, Sherlin then reveals she saw Kritika in the hotel however Prithvi explains that she is wrong as Kritika is in the Luthra mansion, he says she should not be worried because they have deleted the footage.

ACP Bandra in anger asks why they called him because he was about to murder his friend, they are worried he says that his friend has applied such strong colours that they are not getting out so if he is not able to remove them then would surely kill him.

ACP heads into his office where a person is waiting for him, he explains that he works as a cleaner at the hotel where Akshay died and is working the night shift, he saw two people who came to meet him but were not staying at the hotel, ACP asks the constable to show the photo when the worker points to one of the photo, he mentions that he is also suspicious of the person so now they would play special Holi with them.

Kritika asks Preeta if she has found her, they both reveal that Sherlin is not present in the house, Kritika is sure that she would then be ion the hotel as she is sure, they then go to check the kitchen which is the last place, they do not even see her so turn but Sherlin coming from the side asks if they are looking for her which amazes them both.


Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2021 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :ACP exclaims that there has been a murder and the killer is present in the house, he orders the constable to take out the handcuffs because there would be an arrest, Preeta asks Mahira what happened to her challenge because she vowed to ruin her relation with Karan but they are still together and would always remain a couple, ACP asks Kritika where she was between six and seven the previous, she in her nervousness says car, ACP gets suspicious.

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Telecast Date:8th April 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


Kundali Bhagya Details

Kundali Bhagya is an Indian romantic drama television series which broadcasts on Zee TV. It was premiered on 12 July 2017. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura and Anjum Fakih portray the lead roles in the series. Abhishek Kapur plays the parallel lead role. Kundali Bhagya is a spin off of popular show Kumkum Bhagya.


Manit Joura
Sanjay Gagnani
Shraddha Arya
Supriya Shukla
Abhishek Kapur
Anjum Fakih
Dheeraj Dhoopar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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