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Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Raja lifts the cloth from Kavya to reveal the bomb, the entire Luthra family is shocked and terrified, Raja starts laughing while kavya is really scared and crying. Raja threatens them saying if anyone dares to come ahead, he will press the red button after which Kavya would die,

Rishab holding his hand requests raja to not do anything since Kavya is his daughter and he would give any money which he desires, Sameer requests that he can take him hostage, Raja questions if they would give him what he desires, Raja laughing exclaims this is what he desired to see that they are all begging,

Preeta also request him to let go of her daughter, Mahesh asks what would he get in return so must return their daughter, Raja replies this emotional blackmailing would not work on him as this is what he desired, Arjun exclaims he will surely provide everything which Raja desires but he should not do anything wrong,

Raja exclaims he wants Arjun to apologize for the humiliation, he threatens Arjun should go on his knees and seek an apology, Rishab replies that now Raja must let go of his daughter, Raja then desires fifty lacs from Arjun, Rishab agrees to give him even ten million but Raja only wants the money from Arjun, he sends Anjali to bring the money.

Raja with a smile exclaims even he is going to be rich so would have a bungalow and wealth, he accidently hits the red button which starts the timer, Raja panics so starts running when the police are able to catch him, inspector Waghmare explains he is going to call the bomb disposal squad.

Sameer is with Anjali in the car when she requests him to drive slowly since they might otherwise get in an accident, Sameer however replies he doesnot know when they would be able to get the money and reach back the school, she assures driving fast would not result in anything, Sameer starts getting frustrated seeing the traffic.

Sherlin and Prithvi both are looking at the news which shows how raja has strapped a bomb around Kavya’s body, Sherlin wonders since when Raja got so evil as he was not like this, she mentions she doesnot care for anyone but what about Rishab, Prithvi is also worried for Preeta.

They both are stunned on what the other said, Sherlin questions Prithvi why does he still care so much for her as it can be seen on his face, to which he replies he no longer cares for her but used to in the past and at that time he used to like her but it was not love, he questions why does she care for Rishab and is she thinking of deceiving him, Sherlin replies she might have thought about Rishab but she still loves him,

Prithvi replies for the first time it seems she is not telling the truth, Sherlin leaves exclaiming he can go to hell, Prithvi asks where is she going, he explains he loves when she gets mad so hugs her, Sherlin asks him to come as they have to watch all the drama because the Luthra’s humiliated her so she would also like to see them cry, Prithvi informs even he wants to see Inspector Waghmare as he said he has killed a lot of people so he wants to see his face.

Kavya is crying when Arjun assures her that everyone is by her side so there is nothing to be worried about, Inspector Waghmare is calling the bomb disposal squad but the in charge doesnot answer at first, he assures that he has found out about the situation and will arrive very soon, Inspector Waghmare explains he can understand their feelings, but they must stay away otherwise the bomb might blast.

Bani Dadi asks Kavya is she remembers when she used to tell her stories, Rakhi stops her asking if she ca tell her a story so reveals that there as once a princess like her and she went into the forest while playing, but everything was fine when she remembered Bhagwan so kavya should also think about him.

Sameer reaching the house advises Anjali to give him the keys and open the wardrobe, she angrily replies how she would file a complaint against him for attempt to murder, she is not able to open the wardrobe when Sameer asks where is the key, she informs Arjun never locks his wardrobe, Sameer opens the wardrove when Anjali starts packing the money, Sameer says she is even worse then Shristhi but Anjali forgets the car keys so comes back to pick it up but she in the process throws the files on the floor, Sameer notices the photo of the Luthra family and is furious.

Inspector Waghmare informs the bomb disposal squad has arrived, Preeta assures Kavya she would come to her very soon, she however is worried.

Prithvi and Sherlin start viewing at them from behind the car, he asks if he can bring popcorn for her explaining that this is nothing short of a movie. Sherlin replies she wanted to see them suffer but not like this as he should have been then one to make them suffer, Prithvi explains he is the one behind it informed them all about this plan, Sherlin requests him to stop talking.

The personal of the bomb disposal at once leave the site, Rishab along with everyone else get worried asking them what has happened, inspector Waghmare informs them they cannot diffuse the bomb since it is not their job, Rishab witnessing it agrees to help since Kavya is his daughter.

Rishab kneels in front of Kavya assuring everything would be fine, everyone is worried. Rishab starts trembling with fear when Preeta requests if she can come to her daughter as she might calm down if she is with her, but the individual says that it is against protocol however Rishab tries to convince them informing Kavya might remain calm if her mother is by her side, Arjun also defends her but Preeta rushes saying she doesnot need his permission.
The official requests Preeta to control her emotions as he is going to need him to separate the wires because if cuts another wire it might cause a lot of problem, Preeta requests Rishab to calm down since she knows he can do it as this matter is relating to their daughter, the bomb disposal official explains they would have to cut two more wires, suddenly a terrorist comes out from hiding targeting the official who gets hit by a bullet. Inspector Waghmare asks the official if he is fine requesting for the medical box, they start applying the bandage.

The official explains they should not worry for him since it is important, they should cut the wire otherwise it might cause a lot of problem for them, Arjun agrees to help but Preeta replies that she doesnot want him to come near her daughter as she feels her daughter would be in more danger then safe around. Arjun questions why are they not trying to talk some sense into Preeta since he also loves kavya a lot and would never try to harm her, he explains Preeta is trusting Raja who is a contract killer, Arjun assures he cares a lot for her but Preeta is not convinced.


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