Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Maitra is wondering that karan is a really wonderful person, Karan is also thinking what Preeta said that he did not have a heart and was not a gentleman but in his scene is a wonderful person because he is helping Maira who is in trouble, he is about to sit in the car but he runs back asking her to wait, Maira feels that she has gotten him, she gets excited and so hurts herself.

Preeta gets really frustrated and is abo0ut to break the bat when Shiv comes, she gets really amazed at seeing her, then she explains that she just wanted to know how it would be to handle a bat, she leaves the room.Preeta is walking outside when Karan stops her, warning that she should stop saying any sort of thing regarding him to anyone, Preeta asks if Mira came to know about how he really is, enquiring if she is fighting with him, Shiv comes mentioning that he is thinking of a new strategy, Karan gets harsh with him saying that he should not disturb them, Shiv feels offended so warns him to remain in huis limits, Preeta explains that he doesn’t know how to remain calm and is always frustrated, she ;eaves.

Karan says to Shiv that he has now witnessed how rude and uncivilized she is, Shiv does not share the same feelings so leaves as he doesn’t want to hear anythi9mng bad from karan for Preeta. Karan vows to make sure Preeta stays away from his friends.
Prithvi comes to the Auroras house he sees Bi jee so greets her explaining that he came to meet Sarla as she was not well, so he came to ask if she is also alright, Prithvi asks where sarla is, she explains that she will come back very soon, Prithvi thinks that he ahs to make sure that becomes everyone’s favourite at their house and so will not let karan come back to their house, Sarla also comes, he immediately asks how she is feeling forcing her to sit with him, she asks Janki to make some tea for him but he explains that he will not let her make tea as he wants to do something that a son does, he forces them to let him make tea for them as he is a very good chef.

He goes saying that no one should come in the kitchen.Sarla is very shocked to see Janki, Bi jee explains that the reason is she was not feeling well from the morning but is now really happy, Sarla answers that she did not eat anything because her mouth had a very sour taste from the medicine so she did not want to eat anything, Prithvi listening to everything thinks that he will make sure that he becomes everyone’s favourite which will stop karan from entering the Auroras family again.

Prithvi brings the tea, when everyone takes it and there is not a cup left for him, Bi jee asks the reason, he explains that he just wanted them to drink the tea which he prepared, he asks for their leave because he has a lot of work to do which is still pending, he lefty his office work, Sarla gets tensed, he explains that he can do something for her, he asks her to text him if she likes the tea.

Bi jee says that she feels she was wrong and he might have been the right choice for Preeta, Sarla says that she had chosen him for Preeta but life had something else planned for them and Preeta had to face such extreme circumstances, Bi jee advises that they should forget everything that has happened in the past and forget about karan, Sarla mentions that she wants to but cannot when Preeta is not forgetting anything, she saw a photo of karan in her wardrobe, Janki consoles her wishing that everything gets alright really soon,.

Rakhi and Karina come to the hall, Rakhi calls Ganesh, Sherlin responds by saying that he has gone to get water, Karina asks where she was as they were calling her Sherlin mentions that she was with her mother but karina asks how it can be as Sanjana was with her the entire day. Sherlin says that she went to meet her but her mother did not come and so she went for shopping, Rakhi asks to show them what she bought, Ganesh brings the water, Sherlin takes the glass and is wondering what she will tell them about what she bought, Karan brings Maira to the house by holding her in his arms, they all asks what happened, he explains that she twisted her leg but she is fine now and was also checked by the physiotherapist at the ground, Sherlin wonders why he did not mention Preetas name so she has to take advantage of the situation, Karina asks Rakhi if she ahs seen how caring karan is towards Maira, Rakhi says that Karan is the same with everyone, she leaves mentioning that she has to give Mahesh medicine.

Sherlin asks karina to come with her as she to talk with her regarding Preeta.
Shristhi si really yearning for food, she asks Preeta to hurry up, Sarla ask that she also help everyone, Shristhi explains that why should she work when everyone is happy, Sarla says that she has a surprise for her in the room, Shristhi feels hesitant but Sarla takes her by force.Preeta is really happy to see how happy to see Sarla smiling, Janki explains that she is just pretending and is really worried for Preeta, She hearing the truth bows to make Sarla understand that she has moved on ion her life, janki gets curious asking if she is pretending to move forward.

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