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Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 episode starts with severe exchange of fire between the terrorists and the police who have the help of Rishab, Arjun, Prithvi in the corner thinks he has misbehaved with him but now he would not be seen in front of him,

he is scared after a bullet passes by his ear. Prithvi purposefully pushes Raj who falls on the floor which angers him a lot and he signals Prithvi, but he stares at Preeta who is with Kavya, Inspector Waghmare notices them so asks Arjun to move ahead but he fires at bullet, Rishab seeing this comes in front of them however they are shielded by a police constable.

Arjun getting furious jumps questioning why did he fire on a child, Preeta requests kavya to come out but she insists on staying with Mr handsome and doesnot want to leave, Prithvi manages to run away from both Rishab and Arjun.

The children rush out of the building when Mahesh along with all the other students rush out, he tries to search for Kavya but is not able to see her.

Prithvi is running with all his might while kavya is following her, the terrorist once again start a gun battle with the police in the ground. Preet along with Arjun and Rishab are searching for Kavya, Prithvi thinks she is not stopping following him and if she doesnot then might also reach his home. Preet along with her entire family are still searching for Kavya, she is following Prithvi. Preeta stops after witnessing the gun battle.

Prithvi advises shabir to take care of this child if he wants to get an upper hand, Kavya wants shabir to let go of her but he doesnot listen, Rishab then threatens him and they both start fighting, Arjun takes Kavya away while Rishab is still fighting, kavya says she wants to stay with her father as he is bleeding and so Arjun requests her to stay in hiding while he goes to battle Shabir,

Prithvi coming from behind hits him with a stone vase so Arjun falls unconscious on the floor, Rishab tries to wake him but rushes to search for kavya when they are not able to find her, Rishab runs to Preeta inquiring if she is fine, they once again start searching for Kavya in the entire school including the classroom but are not able to find her.

Arjun asks Rishab if he is searching for kavya since he left her with him, Rishab asks why did he leave his daughter since he can take care of himself and why did Arjun come to his help, Arjun replies Rishab can neither take care of Kavya or Preeta, Rishab gets angry warning that he should not take their names from his mouth,

Rishab replies he is still his biggest enemy so why is he acting since he is their enemy, Arjun replies he indeed loves Kavya as she is his daughter, Rishab getting furious warns him to never say she is his daughter since he can share anything except Preeta and kavya, arjun in anger exclaims she is his daughter and even Preeta was his wife, but he let her leave.

Rishab asks Preeta if she found kavya when they hear Raja threatening to harm the child if they come near him, Rishab also requests the police to put down their guns since he would otherwise harm the child, Rishab requests Arjun to talk Raja out of it as he is his employee, Arjun tries to clarify he doesnot have any relation with him and just hired him for one day, Mahesh also believes that Arjun is the boss of Raja but he is forced to clarify that he doesnot have any relation.

The police along with the Luthra’s are forced to walk out of the classroom, all of the parents leave with their children when Arjun asks inspector Waghmare why they are listening to them and can they not do anything, he informs he can understand his feelings but they must make each and every move with utmost caution. Preeta is furious so takes arjun to the corner,

she starts blaming him for being the reason behind it all, the Luthra’s are not able to understand it when Preeta informs Raja is the enemy of Arjun as he did not give him the payment for some sort of work. Preeta says Raja kidnapped kavya because Arjun refused to pay as he thinks Arjun loves Kavya, he replies it is the truth as he really loves her, Preeta holding her hand says they do not want his love since her family is facing a lot of problems one after another because of him, she threatens that he will have to pay a heavy price if she sees him near her family.

Rishab tries to assure Preeta he would be able to protect Kavya, Preeta not being able to control herself asks when it will happen because Kavya is alone with so many terrorists, she warns him to leave since he has caused so many problems. Rakhi also asks Arjun to leave, he angrily walks away. Rishab calls Shristhi to console Preeta.

Arjun in anger hits the bench wondering what does she think of herself as he will never put the life of Kavya at risk, Anjali coming questions why is he being so affected by whatever Preeta says because it is not worthwhile, Arjun replies why would he put the life of Kavya at risk, Anjali mentions he did not come here to cry so must focus on taking his revenge, she says she knows he is the father of Kavya and their relation is really strong,

she replies he must just focus on Kavya and not give Preeta un due importance. Arjun agrees replying he feels heartbroken after hearing it all, she replies she cannot do anything but would always stay with him even if he is selfish, Anjali apologizes but then Arjun leaves, Anjali thinks she would not be able to tell him how much she cares for him and wants to be around him, since her day starts and ends with his thoughts, she can feel his emotions so prays she could tell him that she cares a lot for him.

Inspector Waghmare is standing wondering why Raja has not come out till now, Rishab not being able to control himself warns Raja to come outside otherwise he would pay the price of being alive, Arjun rushes saying Raja can take all the money he desires but let him take kaya.
Raja walks out with kavya by his side, they all ask if she is fine when Kavya requests Preeta to not come near her, Inspector Waghmare instructs everyone to take a step back, Raja lifts the cloth revealing the bomb vest which Kavya is wearing, Preeta along with Rishab are stunned to see kavya.

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