Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Preeta comes to sleep. Shrishti asks if she met Karan. Preeta asks who Karan. Shrishti understands this means she met. She asks if Preeta went to same place for work where Karan does the practice. Preeta didn’t want to speak about Karan.Shrishti says it won’t end any matter. Preeta says yes she met Karan, the meeting was the worst; but there isn’t left anything to even fight. She thought Karan was a nice man who couldn’t control his temper, but she now understands his moves and actions are all pre-planned. She is sure he still has some planning in mind. Shrishti was worried if Preeta has known about Maira and Karan’s wedding.

There, Karan was annoyed that he doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind. He can’t marry anyone else, to make Preeta’s life easier. It will also pave way for men like Prithvi and others awaiting Preeta. He can’t let anyone marry Preeta, else he won’t be able to revenge her.

Preeta says Karan didn’t let her marry Prithvi because he had to revenge her, her mother is ill because of Karan only. She will now get rid of him. She will divorce him. Then he may move on in his life, and she will move on in her own life. Shrishti is left stunned at what she is hearing.Karan disagrees mentioning that he will never divorce her, she would have to remain with him even when they both are not together, and he is adamant that he will not let her move on in her life.

Karan walks down the stairs, he greets Karina who stops him by saying that his shoe laces are not tied, he kneels to tie them she takes the portion shake out of his bad, Sherlin is left wondering why she did it, Maira also arrives to meet Karina, she gives Maira the bottle explaining that she must give it to Karan so that she has an excuse to spend some quality time with him, Sherlin is relieved that Karina is planning that Maira marries Karan.
She comes apologizing that she heard all of their conversation when she was passing by, Sherlin starts to boast for Karina mentioning that she is the true caretaker of the family and is worried for everyone’s wellbeing, she explains that it was because of her that she was able to marry the person of her dreams and it is Rishab, Sherlin mentions that this situation calls for a celebration and so goes to get the sweets from the kitchen.

Karan is preparing for the training when the captain comes to the room, he greets asking him if he sees any changes, Karan recognizes that he is wearing his lucky shirt, Karan asks what the special occasion is, he explains that he wants to look good and when Karan insists, he explains that it is because of Preeta, Karan gets really mad asking him to not go after her but he does not listen, Karan gets really aggravated and is about to hit him, he then calms down requesting that they both focus on the match as it is really important, the captain gets mad at the situation, he leaves to get ready for the match, Karan sees the frustration so goes to assure that he will arrange a meeting with Preeta, The captain again hints that she does not like Karan, he turns saying that it is because he is friends with her husband and supports him so she does not like him, he threatens him to stay away from Preeta till Karan says so otherwise he will leave the match.

Preeta is walking in the hall, Ranuka stops her from behind, she asks if Preeta is settled in her job, Preeta explains that she is really excited to be at this new job, Ranuka asks if the excitement is because of Karan, she explains that she felt that they have a connection when they were trapped at the hotel, she feels that they both have a relation but differences at the same time, Preeta explains that she was in a relation with him but it has ended and now she must not waist her efforts on such baseless things, Preeta walks leaving Ranuka worried.

Karan is with Shiv in the locker room, Maria comes saying that she has bought protein shake which he forgot at the house, Karan says that she should not have entered like this as it is a boys Locker room, Shiv is constantly staring at her, Karan asks the reason explains that she is the friend of her sister, they both greet her, Shiv also invites her to watch the game, they both walks when she is about to fall, Karan catches her explaining that she should stand still otherwise he will drop her, she is not able to stand as she gets a blister, Karan leaves to get an ointment, Shiv runs after him explaining that he feels she has started to lobe him.

Sherlin is in her car saying that she will use Maria’s to get to Karan’s mind and so will destroy the Luthras, she is adamant to use her as a pawn.Karan enters Preeta’s office asking for the ointment, she asks him the reason he explains that Maira has gotten a blister, she feels worried as to what is she doing at the ground, Preeta leaves the office going straight to Mariam, she asks the cause and is about to take out the blister, Maira is left wondering why she is trying to take Preeta love when she is such a nice person.
Karan is about to walk out of the office, when Preeta’s phone rings, he looks at it and is shocked to see Prithvi’s name, he wonders why he is calling her.

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