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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2021 Tiwari looking at his accounts,finds he is in financial crisis. Angoori gets kadha for him and says this gives strength, Tiwari drinks it, Angoori says you drank it all, you didn’t relish it, Tiwari says i am tired let me sleep, Angoori says i gave you kadha that gives strength lets have romance. Tiwari says im tired go to sleep, Angoori gets angry and sleep.

Vibhu walks ti Angoori next day, and says it doesn’t look like you had good night, Angoori says Tiwari doesn’t love me, Vibhu says all arent like me i love Anu, Anu and Tiwari come jogging, Vibhu tells Anu look at Angoori bhabhi, Anu asks whats wrong, Angoori says he doesnt love me anymore, Tiwari says i do, who else will i love, Vibhu says you must have found someone else, Anu gets call that her NGO is certified, Vibhu gets very happy, Anu says i will imprison all men eho trouble their wives through my NGO, Tiwaris congratulate Anu, Anu says to Tiwari better take care of Angoori or else i wont be good for you and Angoori call me if he troubles you.

Anu checks her account sees 1.5 lakh missing, Anu tells Vibhu about it, Vibhu says i withdraw 1.5 lakhs, I invested them with Prem, Anu asks what idea, Vibhu says i invested in Ghamandi enterprises, Its a blue chip company, Anu checks about the company on internet, Anu shows to Vibhu that shares are fallen to 1500/share to 1.5₹/share and yells at Vibhu, Vibhu says i wont spare Prem, Anu says get my money back or else i will torture you.

Saxena walks to TMT at tea stall, TMT tell them that they are thrown out by landlord, Saxena says get to work, TMT say him you look weird, Saxena says im no more mad im fine, Teeka ays you look good mad, Tilu tastes him by slapping, Teeka asks Saxena for help to get job, Saxena says okay i will ehat is your education, Teeka and Malkan never went school and Tilu failed 3rd class, Saxena says may god help you.

Tiwari in bedroom, Angoori gets gajar halwa, Tiwari says im.not in mood, please dont annoy me, Angoori warns him if he behaves like this she will complaint to Anu, Tiwari scolds her, she gets angry and leavea. Tiwari gets a call from Amaji, Amaji tells him that Pandit Rampal said you are in financial crisis has asked him to see a unknown woman midnight and drink with her atleast one quarter, and Angoori shouldn’t learn about it, Tiwari says i am in crisis and will do it.

Anu on call with Meenal telling about Vibhus money mistake, Tiwari walks in, he sees Anu irritated, Tiwari says you are a precious and inspiring woman, Anu asks why are you here, Tiwari says dont mind but till you have Vibhu around you won’t be happy person, Anu says what should i do shoot him, Tiwari says there are other ways, Anu asks like? Tiwari says like when I’m stressed iakes myself 2 pegs, you should try too i will give you company tonight, Anu says this is your suggestion become alcoholic, Anu asks Tiwari to leave.

Vibhu walks to tea stall and seea TMT, tilu says when i see Vibhu i feel better, he gives hope, that theres an unemployed like us, Vibhu says look i am already upset i lost 1.5 lakh because if Prem in share market, and plus got looted by some thieves, Malkan asks who did this to you, Vibhu says a woman and three men, this is new pact for theft, a man dressed a woman crying and when you walk to her, she starts shouting please help, and men gather around and theft thats the strategy, Teeka says what an idea, Vibhu says i thought same, and i have to pay Snu back her money, Tilu says we will become police and Teeka woman.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari tells Vibhu about Pandit Rampals solution to follow, Vibhu says you will find a woman near the light pole. Vibhu dressed as woman.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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