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Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2022 terrorist brings all of the children to the room, prithvi exclaims they did the right thing by bringing Kavya to this room as this child would help them a lot,

Shabir asks what next when Prithvi informs they have to teach the guest a lesson, Raja and the terrorist start whispering in each others ears when Prithvi questions what are the talking about and not telling him, Shabir replies that he doesnot have to worry and must also look in the bag,

Prithvi praises himself saying he is the most intelligent person in this room at which everyone starts laughing, the new partners of Shabir open the door, prithvi immediately raise his gun however is told to calm down, the partner informs shabir how they must make a new plan since there are a lot of people standing outside, prithvi laughs at him asking who made him a terrorist,

he reveals the Luthra’s are standing outside as their daughter Kavya is with them in this room, the terrorist replies to prithvi how not every game is played and if they have gotten a chance to be a bad man then what is his problem. Prithvi explains if they all get in any sort of trouble or even fell to the ground he would not help them, the terrorist explains this dream of Prithvi would not be fulfilled. Prithvi questions Shabir to tell them what who helped the children’s get to the students. Shabir informs Raja and Vishnu they must do something for him.

Rakhi seeing the police going slowly questions why they are not walking fast, when Mahesh tries to inform that they must show patience in this situation however Karina replies that this is not the way to work, the lady constables try to send the parents back when the reporters reveal the police is taking very caution.

Inspector Waghmare seeing the situation rushes back questioning why the parents are not supporting them as they are here to help them and would surely bring back the students, Inspector Waghmare explains they have to follow certain protocols and asking the reporter to turn of the camera explains he is sure they will bring back all of the students, inspector Waghmare goes back to join everyone in the operation.

Shabir instructs everyone to prepare themselves, the teacher requests him to let them go when prithvi goes to her explaining she can leave as no one is stopping her, he informs she did not come into this world by his permission nor would she leave by it, Shabir questions if he got mad as if they let them all go then no one would remain safe,

Kavya exclaims she is still here with them so they can let the teacher leave, Prithvi exclaims she is very brave and proved she is the daughter of the luthra’s, he calls her cow which angers kavya, she replies he must only call her as Kavya. Prithvi sitting demands to know the name of her mother when Shabir exclaims, he must prepare themselves since they are about to be attacked.

Prithvi thinks there are only two ways first he would leave with the money while the second is to protect Kavya from the rest of them, he thinks it is the best way to gain the trust of Preeta je.

Shristhi is searching for kavya when she hides from Raja and Vishnu, Arjun seeing them requests them both to come on his side assuring he would give them all the money they desire, Shristhi thinks she has seen them both somewhere so recalls they were at the party, Shristhi goes to Arjun when he is tensed but she doesnot want to talk with him, Vishnu exclaims that Raja was forced to join hands with the terrorist because of Arjun as he refused to pay them.

Rishab also sees them so rushes to fight with Raja who threatens them with a gun, Raja explains Arjun is all to blame when revealing that Kavya is with the terrorists and she would surely die, Arjun and Rishab both start fighting when Shristhi starts firing the bullets warning Raja to run away, Preeta blames Arjun for all that is happening mentioning he is at fault, Arjun explains he was trying to save Kavya but Preeta doesnot believe it, Rishab leaves with Preeta.

Shabir and his members all prepare for an attack mentioning that they must be ready for an attack, Prithvi questions why they were behaving like this as if the attack was just about to begin, he mentions they must prepare to shoot, the terrorist shoots at Prithvi’s feet which scares him and he questions why were they trying to hit him in the feet as he might have broken his feet.

Prithvi walks ahead to see and notices the police arriving, he is getting tensed calls the inspector explaining if he was the same inspector which they were talking to, Inspector Waghmare reveals he did not reveal his name but is now going to tell the truth, prithvi exclaims they would also see the truth of this Inspector when he comes to fight.

Inspector Waghmare meets the Luthra’s and Arjun, the other inspector requests them to go back and let them do their jobs, Inspector Waghmare however asks if there is any family member trapped inside, Preeta replies her daughter Kavya is with the terrorists, Inspector Waghmare requests them to fight alongside the police,

he is advised they can not put the lives at risk, inspector Waghmare reveals they are a lot powerful then the police since their children’s are trapped and the parents are the most powerful, Shristhi requests for a gun but Preeta refuses to take it however Arjun mentions he wants it, Inspector Waghmare hands a gun to Arjun and Rishab, Preeta points to the room where they are hidden,

Inspector Waghmare hits the door when the terrorists open fire, Inspector Waghmare laughs, prithvi replies he promised to show them all what they are made off. Preeta seeing Kavya assures they have come when the terrorist open fire at her, Prithvi seeing it instructs raja to put down the gun as they can fire at anyone except Preeta je.

Inspector Waghmare signals his team to disperse when the terrorist are stunned to see the smoke, this gives the police time to enter the room so they are able to safety remove all of the students from the room. Preeta and Shristhi go into the corner during the crossfire between the police and terrorists, Arjun hugs kavya quickly removing her ropes.

The fire between the terrorists and police increase, prithvi notices Arjun hugging Kavya so thinks he can hug her as soon as possible as who knows if they would be alive tomorrow, Prithvi vows to at least take the revenge of Sherlin.

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