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Kundali Bhagya 31st May 2022 Natasha in forms karan would not understand for the next three hours so till that time they both would be married, she asks if they should make the entry to the wedding, Natasha exclaims she will need the support of Sherlin as she would also become rich after marrying Karan, she will be able to give her rewards.

Karan stands up to get ready when Shristhi exclaims that she feels he would surely get married today but she suggests they should do whatever they are able to stop this wedding.

Rakhi is sitting with Mahesh mentioning she was really sure that both karan and Preeta would always remain together but she doesnot know what Preeta wants to do as she keeps everything hidden, Mahesh informs her to trust Preeta, Rakhi asks if he can understand what she is saying, Rakhi stands up seeing Natasha walking down the stairs with Sherlin.

Karina and Dadi stand to welcome her mentioning she is looking really pretty, her mother also praises her when Karan walks down the stairs, he feels a little dizzy but then calms himself down and so sits in the Mandap. Prithvi stands behind them smiling when Dadi questions Rakhi what is going on, she doesnot understand when Dadi questions where is the Pandit jee.

Shristhi is with Sameer requesting the Pandit jee to not go into this wedding but he replies that he cannot do it since they all are waiting for him and he is even getting a lot of calls but Shristhi gives him some more money informing it is equal to three weddings,

he then leaves after informing Karina that he got in an accident so would not be able to come to the wedding, Natasha texts Prithvi mentioning she needs a Pandit on the standby, Prithvi informs that he forgot to tell them that he has already arranged a Pandit and his friend is bringing him now,

he vows that this wedding will happen when Natasha thinks she is glad Karan took the pill as now he would not react. Sameer gets worried asking what will happen now as the second Pandit jee came,

Shristhi suggests they would destroy the Mandap, he gets shocked when she replies they would have to take care of the situation until Preeta arrives, and he knows that any wedding cannot happen in a broken Mandap. He asks if she called Preeta, Shristhi replies her phone is turned off,

when the pandit jee mentions one part of the wedding has ended so now the groom would put forward his hand, Karan doesnot move even a little bit, Natasha explains there is nothing to be worried about because when Preeta would come back,

she will surely stop this wedding from happening so he must just focus on their plan, Natasha’s mother asks karan to put his hand forward, the rituals once again start but karan feels really dizzy, he starts weeping while performing the rituals, the pandit jee asks both the bride and groom to stand up for the Varmala.

Rishab stands at the gate of the Luthra Mansion, the guards immediately open the door meanwhile Preeta is with the taxi driver, she turns to see him standing in the parking lot, she gets emotional so walks in front of him but he doesnot move even a little bit, she consoles him so he wipes of his tears. Preeta runs ahead while he is slowly walking behind wiping off his tears.

The Pandit jee explains both of them would make each other wear the Varmala, Natasha hurriedly places it in the neck of Karan, while the guests are throwing the flowers at them both, he looks shocked before once again turning to look at the door,

Prithvi whispers to Sherlin how he assured they would win and he vowed to make sure everything turns of the way they decided, prithvi exclaims karan and Natasha are getting married while the blackmailer is also out of the way and even Preeta is thrown out of the house, he congratulates her when she exclaims he must go to Dubai and get the signatures from Rishab so they will become the owners of this entire property,

Pandit jee asks Karan to make the bride wear the Varmala. Karina asks him and just as he is about to do it, Preeta enters through the door shouting his name, he immediately stops and everyone else is shocked, he takes a step back, Shristhi and Sameer both smile seeing Preeta.

Sameer is constantly searching for Rishab, Natasha asks him to complete the rituals as Preeta did not say anything about the wedding so he must make her wear the Varmala because only then would she come to stop this wedding, he thinks she must say something but Preeta is standing there quietly. Prithvi is not able to move his hands.

Rishab enters through the door following Preeta seeing whom Dadi along with everyone gets excited but Prithvi in shock drops the petals, he stands beside Preeta, Mahesh also gets excited seeing Rishab.

Karan has tears in his eyes so drops the Varmala. Rishab looks angrily at him but karan is not even able to move. He takes off the turban from his head when Rishab walks over to karan, asking what is he doing, Karan questions he came back when Rishab asks what is happening here,

Rishab questions what is this all, he asks if karan got mad and so in anger slaps Karan he still hugs Rishab who asks if karan is in his senses, mentioning he got married then this wedding cannot happen, karan questions where was he all this time, he starts weeping. Rishab and karan both hug, he questions Dadi and Karina what are they doing and why did they not slap Karan,

he questions where was Rishab all this time and so they once again hug each other, Mahesh also asks where did he go, Rishab threatens to leave them forever if he think of doing it again. They all hug Rishab, he assures he would not go anywhere, Rakhi is also crying, Prithvi’s friend thinks this wedding will not happen so now he should also leave.

Prithvi thinks Rishab is in this house and he was in Dubai, about to get hanged so how did he manage to come back, Prithvi and Sherlin both are stunned while Dadi along with Rakhi have hugged Rishab, Karan exclaims if he is trying to show he did a big thing but questions where did he go after leaving him,

karan demands the reason he left, Rishab asks if Karan thinks he is really tensed, Rishab rep[lies he went to handle the business in Dubai and wanted to come back to all of them but was not able to, karan questions the reason so he asks of karan really wants to know it, Rishab in anger informs they trapped him in a fake drug case, hearing this both Prithvi and Sherlin are stunned that he knows the truth.

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