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Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Rakhi asks Karan where he was as all the guests were asking for him, he immediately asks for Sherlin, Maira explains that he has gone upstairs to get Dadi’s medicine, she wonders what she must do as he has not even asked her what the matter is and then she wonders what she can do.

Maira calls Sherlin explaining that there is a serious problem, she comes to meet her to which Sherlin explains that she cannot meet Karan as if he come face to face with her then will demand to see her phone to see the video which is not the problem but if he send it to the forensic department then their entire plan will spoil so it is in their interest that she hide from them all, Sherlin runs towards the back where she bumps into Risahb who immediately asks her the reason for being nervous, she explains that she is going to give Dadi her medicine, then karina also comes with Dadi seeing whom she again gets scared then after that she tries to run away but Risahb stops her demanding an explanation as to why is she so nervous.

Kartika and Sameer are both seeing Sherlin from the balcony, Kartika explains that she did not believe him when he said that Preeta is being blamed but was shocked however knew that it might be possible, she says that she is relieved that Preeta has been released, karan comes from behind saying that she has been arrested again however they both must pretend that he ahs not said anything to them both, as he will be the one to make sure that she gets released, Sameer and Kartika wonder what she is saying to which he explains that he will make sure she gets released with all the proof.

Dadi tries to explain that Rishab must not treat his wife with such harsh behaviour as she is really a nice girl and wife, Rishab wonders why is Dadi talking like this to him, Rakhi comes explaining that Maira has suggested that they play a game, they all plan to play truth and Dare, Karan also comes to which Risahb advises that they play it with him, Maira wonders what she can do to make Sherlin not come face to face with karan, she therefor spills some chutney on her clothes so she leaves without saying anything, everyone is shocked to see her reaction.

Preeta is sitting in the jail, the lady constable comes saying that she said that Preeta’s case is different and there is something wrong, she saw how karan talked with her so she knows that he will make every effort to get her released, Preeta wonders that she only wanted to know if he trusts her but now thinks that he is doing all this just because she also helped his dadi so now she doesn’t need his love, as she knows that Sarla will do every effort to get her released.

Karan comes after Sherlin into her room and thinks of talking with her but then sees her phone so tries to unlock it but is not able to and then she comes out so he hides, She tries to correct herself in front of the mirror, he wonders what he should have done as he had come to talk with her face to face, he then slips so she suspects that there is someone hiding In her room, she thinks that it might be her baby ( Prithvi) who is trying to surprise her but it is not the case, she tries to look for him and is about to find karan but stops when she hears something dropping in the hall, Karan runs from her room as soon as she goes to check, she wonders who might be the one behind all this.

Karan is in the party wondering what the password will be, he decides to take the help of Risahb so he can find a solution. Sameer comes asking if he found anything, Karan asks what he meant by this, Sameer explains that it was him who dropped the vase in the hall so that he can run from the window, karan thanks him, then wonders why she said that she was looking for her baby, so he calls it and Risahb hears it, Rakhi along with Rishab try to pull his leg,

Karan takes Risahb aside, he explains that Preeta has been arrested one again, Rishab is not able to comprehend anything and so gets really mad, Karan also explains that he has a feeling that Sherlin is manipulating Maira against Preeta, Risahb says that he will take care of everything, Maira comes asking Karan to come with her as Rakhi is calling him, he assures her of coming in a few minutes but Rishab says that he must go immediately as otherwise the guests will start to wonder where they are,

Rishab walks into the room, Sherlin asks if he was looking for her, he goes angrily to her asking why did she sent Preeta to jail when he warned her to stay away from Preeta, Sherlin explains that she did it for the protection of her family and Maira as Preeta was against them all, Risahb explains that he is sure of Preeta’s character so knows that she is not capable of doing anything of the sort, he asks her to show him her phone as he wants to see the video, she refuses to accept his order saying that she cannot trust him as he always takes the side of Preeta, Risahb warns her of severe consequences, she threatens him of leaving the house as he would come back for the video which she has, he gets mad at her saying that he will make sure Preeta gets released without taking any help from her or the video, Sherlin is left speechless,

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
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