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Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2021 Preeta enters the cabin, Karan asks what happened, she replies that maa told Shristhi she is not pregnant so she was crying, Karan gets tensed, the nurse comes saying they are ready, the doctor asks Preeta to come with her as they need to take some tests of her, Karan starts wandering in the cabin, he decides to call Shristhi, she entering the house is tensed when karan calls her asking if she is still mad, she replies she was mad but not anymore and is really happy with the way they both handled the Sonakshi situation, Karan replies that he doesnot want to talk about it, he sees Preeta entering so ends the call, she asks who was it when he mentions it was Shristhi.

The doctor sitting on her chair explains that she has urged them to hurry up with the tests so they will get the reports very soon, Karan and Preeta both stand to leave.

Sherlin standing outside thinks she has set such a plan which Preeta would not be able to save herself from, Karan and Preeta walk outside, she is very nervous so he asks what has happened, Karan explains that they would tell the family but she must not worry as he would himself tell the entire family.

Sherlin enters the cabin explaining she is Sherlin Luthra and came with Karan and Preeta but he is outside and forgot something, the doctor is shocked explaining she did not think that they also told her, Sherlin replies that they all hid the truth from the family, Sherlin explains if the doctor recalls when in Lonavla Karan mailed her the reports of Preeta, doctor says that he sent her them for consultation about why does she need them now, Sherlin replies Preeta desires to make a file and so she needs them, Sherlin walking out thinks that she must not be happy because Preeta would never be able to conceive as she will be at her mother’s house.

Prithvi sitting at the coffee shop wonders what is happening as everything is wrong, he even feels that whatever will happen would be wrong, prithvi sees Kritika walking in the shop, he is shocked so she comes to hug him, she appreciates what he has done thanking him, Prithvi asks who did she get here, Kritika asks if she has been able to shock her husband, Prithvi mentions he is indeed shocked to see her, he orders one hot coffee for him while a cold one for himself and makes her sit.

Prithvi asks how did she know he booked a table at this shop, Kritika explains she came to his room as she wanted to talk with him but when she was about to leave, she saw that his mobile rang and when it ended she saw it was some manager, she answered it so the manger told her about the entire plan without even listening, the waiter comes giving him the hot coffee, Prithvi asking about his name explains that Kritika ordered the hot coffee, he apologies so Kritika takes it, he helps her in drinking it so opens it, Sherlin then opens the door and is shocked to see Prithvi enjoying the coffee with Kritika, she leaves in anger, Prithvi gets nervous asking her to wait while he will come back really soon.

Prithvi tries stopping Sherlin but she doesnot listen, he asks why is she angry because she herself asked him to call Kritika, so he was enjoying the coffee with her, Sherlin questions if he listens to everything that she asks as when she asked him to stop fighting with the vendor, he did not listen to her, as if he listened then would be involved in her plan but she needs to fight, Prithvi exclaims he cannot understand what is the problem asking if she is angry because he fought with the person or was having coffee with Kritika, she replies she has a problem with him so tries to leave taking her purse.

Prithvi stopping her mentions that when he called the manager to fix the table and then informed her he would meet her after being fresh, he explains after that he went to the washroom, leaving his mobile on the bed just when Kriti entered the room, she answered the mobile and the manager told her that he has fixed the table, Kriti then thought that he has set the table for both of them, Sherlin replies she is angry as he is calling Kritika as Kriti and then also must take care of his mobile because if she calls him telling him about her plan and Kritika is the one to answer it, they both would be thrown out of the Luthra house, Prithvi asks if she thinks he wants to be with Kritika because he doesnot want to as he is only using her, he asks what was she talking about, Sherlin replies that she is going to prove that his Preeta jee is not pregnant, Prithvi replies that he has heard it five hundred and fifty five times, Sherlin replies it is because she did not have any proof but now is going to prove it and then Preeta and Karan would not be able to live happily as she will take a big revenge so that even Sarla hears it.

Karina is talking with Sanjana asking why she not came to their house as it has been a long time, she ends the call seeing Maa coming from the pooja, Mahesh is sitting asking Bani Dadi to give him the Parshad, she asks him to come after washing his hands, but he asks her to feed him, Karina also exclaims she is her own daughter.

Preeta comes with the lemonade for Mahesh, Rakhi comes asking what is happening in this house because she asks Preeta to rest however she doesnot listen to her, she is busy in making food for some while bringing drinks for others and they also take them, Mahesh replies he did not ask for it, Rakhi asks him to remain quiet, Rakhi then asks Dadi why did she also not ask Preeta to rest as Preeta doesnot listen to her, Preeta then replies that they all ask her to rest however she does what she likes to, Rakhi helps her sit.

Rakhi then standing asks they all know she is pregnant and doesnot know what she needs to eat but they all should take care of her, Dadi asks why she is being so hyper, she sees Sherlin coming so asks if she would bring an orange juice for Preeta.

Mahesh also asks her to sit saying that she is being hyper, but Rakhi denies that Dadi also says that she must not be hyper as it would cause high blood pressure, they all assure that they will take care of Preeta because there is nothing to be worried about, Sherlin comes with the juice, Karina asks Rakhi to see that they are taking care of her.

Sherlin is standing in front of Preeta who asks what happened, Sherlin sitting mentions that she would have heard it is said that if they desire to find a truth it comes to them, she says that Preeta went to the hospital and also because she desires go get what she doesnot have, she went to get her child, Preeta is shocked but Sherlin says that she has found out the proof that Preeta is not pregnant by getting the reports which Preeta sent to the doctor. She has the proof and would now reveal the truth, Preeta leaves her rushing to the room, Rakhi and Karina ask what has happened, Sherlin stops them.

Preeta entering the room asks Karan to come with her, they need to reveal the truth to everyone, Karan questions what has happened because he told her they would reveal at the proper time, Preeta replies this is the proper time as if they don’t say anything now then Sherlin would say the truth before them.

Sherlin explains she has found out the proof that Preeta is not pregnant, Dadi scolding her questions what is she trying to say, Sherlin replies she was herself pregnant and knows how does a women walk which cannot be seen in Preeta, Rakhi even scolds her asking what does she mean, Sherlin replies she had her suspicion on Preeta but did not know anything for sure and so in Lonavala told Karina about what she felt and thinks about, Rakhi says she must not do anything which will force her to take any serious step.

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