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Kundali Bhagya 2nd September 2022 Rakhi enters the room asking Arjun if he feels there is something changed, Arjun looking around mentions there is a different feel about it so Rakhi replies how she knew he would surely feel something is changed, Arjun questions then what has happened,

Rakhi informs she knew he would be able to feel it, she mentions that she felt the room was filled with certain aspects that caused it to downfall so she asked Pandit jee to perform some Mantar because of which Preeta would get all the love which she deserves.

Arjun questions why does she always talk about Preeta, Rakhi explains that her relation with Preeta is not just of a mother-in-law but she cares for her as a true mother, Arjun warns her to not trust Preeta that one day she does something which causes her immense grief.

Rakhi reveals Karan was the one to bring Preeta into this house and if he was alive today then would get in a fight with her but she knew he would be glad that his mother is standing by his wife.

She reveals even then he would try to hid what was in his heart, she notices Arjun doing the same so points to him explaining just like that, Arjun explains he doesnot hate Preeta, she coming from questions what does he mean so Arjun is stunned.

Anjali is standing when Sameer coming asks if she is getting bored, Anjali replies it is not the case since no one would get bored on this auspicious occasion. Shristhi seeing them together comes from behind,

Sameer assures he is not involved but Shristhi instructs him to stop talking pulling Anjali with he wonders what has he done in the past that caused him to have such a wife. Shristhi taking Anjali in front of Ganpati asks if she was involved with Sameer, but Anjali replies that she doesnot have a crush on him since she loves someone else, Anjali leaves when Shristhi wonders whom does she have a crush on.

Preeta asks Rakhi what was she talking about, Arjun questions why does she want to know everything they are talking about when she is not interested in telling her, Preeta replies she wants to know what they are talking about her, but would not have been interested if it was relation to him, he replies he is glad that he got saved,

Rakhi requests Arjun to not tease her, he replies that he is the guest here and she is the one teasing him while Rakhi is standing without saying anything. Preeta mentions he acts as a family member when he wants to be close to her family but is now pretending to be a guest.

Arjun says that she would surely drink the bitter courd juice in the morning. Preeta getting furious warns him to not talk with her like this and get out of her room, Rakhi coming asks Preeta why is she talking to him in this manner, Arjun mentions she always behaves like this.

Preeta informs the only one who understood her was Karan, she realizing it explains she meant why is he talking rubbish as it is clear he acts very differently in their house, but why does he not invite them to his house so they would behave the same after which he would understand how weird he behaves,

Rakhi sitting questions why do they both always keep arguing. Arjun leaves the room in frustration; Rakhi tries to stop him but Preeta explains she must sit down since her head was hurting.

The guests praise Mahesh Luthra for always having the best Ganpati function, Abhishek greets Rishab mentioning he has brought the contract so Rishab first asks him to go and perform the ritual first, Sameer comes informing Abhishek is about to come so Rishab replies that he has already arrived,

Mahesh says he must not get late in calling Arjun, Sameer turning bumps into the guests so apologizes saying that he did not do anything wrong, Mahesh questions why is he getting so scared, Rishab explains because if Shristhi saw him bumping into another girl then would surely scold him, he reveals she would not get scared before their wedding but now manages to scare him.

Preeta is constantly explaining how Arjun is very bad and always trying to argue with her which she doesnot like, Rakhi starts smiling which worries Preeta so she sits beside her questioning why is she so nice with him as he is really not a nice person,

Rakhi replies because she also fights with him just like she used to do with Karan, Preeta doesnot understand it and assures of bringing tea for him since her head was hurting, Preeta sees Arjun on the door, she keeps staring at him in anger but he walks into the room after making some weird faces,

he sits beside Rakhi taking out the cup of tea, Arjun explains she would feel really nice after drinking it, Rakhi recalls how Karan would also bring tea for her assuring the same, Arjun mentions she has started feeling nice just by the scent of the tea, Rakhi replies it is because of him so he hugs her, Preeta is constantly looking at them both when he asks her to have the tea, he assures he himself made the tea for her.

Prithvi comes to the main hall but wonders where are the most wanted people since neither Arjun nor Preeta are with the guests, he sees Karina scolding one of the waiters for not serving the guests properly so explains that he must make sure that no glass of the guest is empty.

Prithvi thinks that she would never change her ways as she is always scolding the workers, he bumps into Prithvi asking why is he not performing the pooja, he replies he was just going there and so asks her to first take his blessings, she kneels but he is just thinking of how he can ruin the Luthra’s.

Prithvi then sees Mahesh and Rishab along with the guests so wonders if he can also give his blessing to the entire Luthra family as they have ruined him, he sees Arjun walking with Rakhi and Preeta down the stairs so starts smiling.

Dadi takes arjun to the center explaining that he must start the performance so Arjun along with Rishab and Sameer start the performance which stuns everyone, Preeta doesnot however feel the same and gets tensed, she smiles when Rishab is also dancing.

They all are really able to showcase their talent, in the end arjun starts performing the ritual seeing which Preeta starts getting restless. She prays to Ganpati but is still tensed.

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