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Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Shristhi mentions they all worry about Di, Rishab replies but they donot care about her like him as he cares the most about Kavya and Preeta, Shristhi explains they have to take care of the terrorist otherwise it would cause a problem, shrishti and Rishab are shocked when the terrorist is not there, Rishab wonders it might create a lot of problem if Preeta je gets in any trouble, they both rush to protect her.

Prithvi calling a terrorist asks if they can call someone for back up explaining some people are coming and think they would treat them as guests, the terrorist explains they are surely going to teach them a lesson.

Prithvi mentions they must never underestimate the enemies as it would cause problem for them, the terrorist calls his men who are sitting outside in the car instructing they should come inside. Prithvi then explains the terrorist should go and ask Shabir to bring the girl kavya here as then she would be of use to them.

The reporters mention that Inspector Waghmare is going to arrive, he has always been able to solve all of the cases, seeing his car approaching they rush to take his Interview, Inspector Waghmare is standing quietly, he leaves asking them to move without answering their questions. Inspector Waghmare asks what is the demand of the terrorists, he starts looking at the school explaining this cannot be their plan as they are just trying to delay any action but asks the other inspector what is their plan,

he is informed the commissioner called him saying they would not go against the will of the terrorist, inspector Waghmare explains he doesnot listen to anyone since the students are trapped there and he feels they should attack the school, he is opposed however the inspector Waghmare mentions he would do what is right not what they have been told, the police start wearing the bullet proof vests. Rakhi requests him to bring her Granddaughter when Inspector Waghmare explains he is surely going to bring all of the students safety.

Preeta is searching for Kavya when she hides hearing the terrorists talking, Arjun notices Preeta is hiding there s thinks she made a mistake to keep him away from his own daughter, Arjun notices she is not able to hide so mentions she cannot even do it properly, the terrorist notices Preeta so demands that she must come out,

Preeta stands there raising her hand when the terrorist threatens to fire a bullet but Arjun exclaims it is not possible until he is here, Preeta mentions she would go out with her daughter and has n concern with their plan, Arjun hits them with a ball which causes the gun to fall in front of Preeta, she picking it fires a bullet which scares Arjun, he asks if she might have hurt him. Arjun manages to run away with Preeta.

Arjun questions Preeta why is she yelling since they would be caught but Preeta replies she just cares to protect her daughter, she blames him for being the reason Kavya is in trouble as he came here so Kavya wanted to be with him, Arjun however replies she is the one to blame as she almost managed to kill him and kept his own daughter away from him,

Preeta recalling about the incident with the gun exclaims why is he saying this for a mistake, she mentions he did not die and once her daughter is saved, he will never come in front of her because then she would surely kill him. Preeta warns him to not follow her making him swear on his mother, she leaves while Anjali comes to Arjun asking what happened, but he follows Preeta.

Inspector Waghmare is with the inspector who says he feels he should have told the terrorist he has arrived, the inspector hands Waghmare the phone. Prithvi starts laughing when Waghmare exclaims his voice is nice however Prithvi demands to talk with the same person, Waghmare mentions he did not think they were telling the truth,

Waghmare mentions there are a lot of things to eat but he must not do this to him since it was all a joke, Waghmare suggests he must hand over the kids while spend the rest of his life in peace. Prithvi asks his name when Waghmare assures he would tell when they meet in person.

Waghmare asks the other inspector if they should go inside, he breaks the lock after firing at it and heads inside with the police team.

Preeta is constantly searching for Kavya but Rishab notices her, she asks him if he was able to find Kavya but Rishab explains he was just searching for her, Preeta starts getting emotional exclaiming she would die if they are not able to find Kavya, Rishab leaves assuring he would find Kavya.

Arjun standing beside the pillar recalls when he and Preeta decided to call their daughter by giving her the name of Kavya, Arjun also thinks he informed Preeta they should give this necklace to their daughter. Anjali coming asks Arjun where did he go and what has happened, Arjun tries to inform Anjali but she takes him aside asking what happened, Arjun hesitantly exclaims

Kavya is his last memory and she is his daughter, Anjali is shocked when Arjun sits down with tears, asking if she knows the first time he saw Kavya, she touched his heart but his hatered for Preeta prevented him from loving Kavya, he used to think she named her and Rishab’s daughter kavya but it was not the truth as Kavya is his daughter. Arjun explains she always used to ask him why Kavya does have so much attitude because she is his daughter.

Anjali asks if he can listen to his heart as Preeta wanted to keep his last memory with her, since it would make sure she stays in the Luthra mansion and is the reason she got married to Rishab. Anjali requests him to not pay attention to the words of Preeta, she is glad he found out Kavya is his daughter and she saw it in his eyes.

Arjun mentions Preeta would have to pay the price for keeping his daughter away from him, Arjun exclaims he has to save his daughter from the terrorist, Arjun thanks Anjali for standing beside him, she is worried thinking what would happen if Nidhi finds out about the truth.

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