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Kundali Bhagya 28th September 2022 Rishab appreciates Arjun for coming, Preeta leaves after excusing them both when Arjun mentions Rishab is looking happy, he replies that Arjun might be the reason for this so thanks him. Arjun also leaves taking an excuse.

Bi jee and Janki are sitting when Arjun goes to take her blessings, she replies how there are very boring boys in this party and she is glad he came here, Arjun with a smile kisses Bi jee but Anjali is not at all delighted to see him laughing so walks away, Arjun also follows her when Bi jee explains she feels Anjali is not at all suitable for Arjun,

she has made him fall for her trap and so he always follows her. Anjali replies that she doesnot think he is doing what he came here to do since he said he wants to take his revenge but whenever she sees him, he is either showing his love of a brother to Kritika or is laughing with Shristhi or Preeta.

Arjun in frustration says she can think whatever she feels like as he showed her the pen drive and it contains the proof which would ruin the image of Rishab. Anjali requests him to calm down when Bi jee exclaims she wants to talk with Anjali.

Bi jee taking her to the side questions if her mother has not taught her anything, Anjali replies that she is her elder but she would not hear anything against her mother, Bi jee replies why can she not say anything, inquiring if Anjali is not aware of her relation with Arjun, she threatens to slap Anjali in the future if she is anywhere near Arjun, Anjali gets tensed when he leaves with a smile on his face.

Bi jee is walking while Shristhi stopping her questions why is she leaving the party like this, as she knows that her Dadi was fighting with Anjali, Bi jee replies she knows she doesnot like her but was just having a conversation with her which got heated so she thought that they were arguing, but she is a peace loving even then doesnot like Anjali and knows she is not at all suitable for Arjun.

Rishab with a smile comes to kiss Bi jee explaining it feels as if his mother has given the responsibility of her marriage to Bi jee, who replies she is willing to take his responsibility. Rishab assures he feels they both would be a good match as Anjali is a nice girl and really punctual. Shristhi also disagrees with Rishab explaining Anjali is not suited for Arjun and there is still enough time so they would be able to stop Anjali before she makes him fall in love with her.

Rishab with a smile says that if Bi jee said then it would surely happen, he however turns to find Anjali standing there so asks if she heard their conversation, he explains that Anjali should know that they are good people and whatever is on their heart is also on their mouth, she must not be worried. Anjali explains she thought Rishab was not a good person but now has been proven wrong, Rishab with a smile mentions he is glad that her view changed about him since sometimes what they feel is wrong.

Arjun is sitting when he takes the starters but then Preeta walks from in front of him, so he just stares at her as she goes to the guests, he is not able to eat anything and starts staring at her. Preeta after meeting with the guests walks past him but suddenly feels as if she was with Karan, she in shock turns back to see him standing there so goes in front of him, he also looks angrily at her but then points to her face,

she cannot understand what has happened when Arjun slowly tries to correct it but she feels nervous, he then picks the eyelash from her face, placing it on her hand. Preeta turns to look at him but feels irritated, she is turning away closes her eyes recalling about Karan which brings a smile on her face as she remembers him before blowing the eyelash. Arjun seeing her also starts smiling, Preeta gets a little restless, he bringing the starter offers her, but she refuses to eat any, inquiring if he had any.

Sherlin thinks she would sit down and drink tea since she is not feeling good ever since Rishab left the house. Sherlin is trying to turn on the television but the remote doesnot work, she is stunned to see that the reporter reveals they are in the Luthra Mansion to have the biggest collaboration, the viewers must stay tuned to hear the news.

Sherlin is stunned to hear them say that both the Luthra Industries and the Sooryavanshi industries are going to work together. Sherlin thinks Prithvi vowed to correct everything in fifteen days, she blames her life as everything is going wrong. Sherlin exclaims that he just knows how to run after girls but cannot do anything in his life.

The inspector is transporting Prithvi and the lawyer to the other girl, he warns that they must not think since the jail is small then they would be able to do anything because the jailer is short tempered. The inspector sees something has happened and so goes to check when Raja along with Vishnu point a gun at them, Prithvi with a smile exclaims the lawyer must thank him for helping as he did in the jail. The lawyer exclaims that Prithvi is mistaken to think only he has a problem with the Luthra’s.

Vishnu demands the keys to the handcuffs from the inspector who tries to warn him when they are threatened to be killed along with the constables, Raja manages to release Prithvi, who comes saying that he is wrong to be angry at the men when he yelled at them saying he was innocent but the inspector did not believe him so now he has come to correct it, Prithvi exclaims the inspector is really clever so before they can do anything,

the air in their cars tire should be removed. Prithvi mentions they indeed are best, but he is even better. Prithvi once again instructs them to take out the sim cards before they can call for backup. Vishnu angrily demands the mobiles, and he hands the sim cards to Prithvi before giving back the mobile. The inspector tries to take them back, but Prithvi exclaims now it is time to leave. Vishnu gets back on the bike while Prithvi in the meantime runs, the inspector threatens to catch them before instructing the constable to find the sim cards.

Preeta turns to walk away, Arjun exclaims she is looking really beautiful so must not get the evil eye of anyone, Preeta questions what sort of misbehavior this is but Arjun exclaims it is not wrong. Preeta replies he publicly took out the Kajal from her eyes and applied it to herself.

Preeta questions why he is giving her so much importance when Arjun replies how many times he has to say he has no interest in her, Preeta calls Rakhi complaining about Arjun of how he applied the Kajal, Rakhi replies anything done with a good heart is not wrong, Arjun tries to act cool while Preeta is really furious.

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