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Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2022 Karan is lying down in the cell thinking of how he enjoyed with Preeta in the Holi party, he is not able to forget so sits up recalling how close they both got. Preeta is also restless in her room, she thinks when the police pulled her away from Karan the last time when he got arrested, both of them are very uncomfortable.

Karan walks to the end thinking the time which he spent with her, she thinks Karan asked her to accept him with all the problems that he has in him, she thinks that when he got angry with her then brought the flower saying that he is just like it having the thorns, Karan is the same as he doesnot know what he says when he is angry. Karan is still restless in the lockup.

Preeta goes to pick up the photo which has both Karan and Preeta including the entire family, she apologizes that he is mad with her because he doesnot understand what she is saying and her purpose behind it, she promises that he will understand it all really soon and will know that she loves him.

In the morning Preeta is walking out the house when she greets a neighbor who leaves without wishing her, Sameer is in the car and wonders where is Preeta going. Sameer is following her when he bumps into someone who asks if he is following someone but Sameer tries to deny it all when he mentions that to refuse him means that he is blaming his image which he doesnot like.

Sameer wonders where has Preeta gone. The person calls Preeta asking her to come and sit inside when they are going to talk. Preeta asks if she talked with her last night when the person says that she must not waste his time as he works undercover and knows the entire story of karan,

she must not be worried and just give the money if she wants him to start the work. Preeta pushes the packet of money seeing which Sameer is shocked. He leaves informing that she will start getting the evidence. Sameer is standing when he hears the person talking on the call that it is his job to make the truth seem as false.

Ganesh reaches the kitchen so gets worried wondering why did Preeta Bhabhi not come till not, he decides to call her.

A group of people sitting are talking how they never thought that karan Luthra would be involved in match fixing, they discuss there is a lot of money in it. Preeta hearing these questions why are they talking like this as they showed him so much love so why do they not trust him even a little bit, she claims that karan has not done any match fixing. Preeta walks out when she receives a call from Ganesh who asks if she is getting late then can he start cooking, she replies she herself is going to cook the food.

Sameer driving the car is thinking when he tried to negate Karan saying Preeta can never do anything like this but karan said that she just wants to retain the power. Sameer thinks he is not understanding what is right and wrong and what should he do, he prays that whatever happens nothing should happen to his brother, he must save Karan no matter what.

Shristhi walks into the kitchen asking Ganesh if he saw where is Preeta, Ganesh replies she is outside but is going to come straight here, Shristhi replies that she is also free so can help him when Ganesh asks if she feels he cannot cook but Preeta Bhabhi asked him to not cook. Preeta enters greeting Shristhi, she asks why is Preeta thanking her who replies that she knows the behavior of the family but even the outsiders are not supporting as their neighbor always used to greet her but today,

she turned when Preeta wished her. Preeta explains that someone is surely trying to ruin everything however she will not back out, Preeta explains this was really important for karan as he did a lot of effort for this match, she really wanted him to once again get back the formal glory which he had but it all turned for the worst. Shristhi thinks her sister is really caring for Karan but he feels that se is just money minded,

Shristhi wonders if she should tell her the truth however then stops wondering she might feel nervous. Preeta exclaims that she must not be worried as she has to fight out the entire world, it is really strange as she cannot show that she cares for them all.

Preeta reveals Prithvi got suspicious that she cares for the family and so would try to harm her, she exclaims they have to fight someone like Prithvi who is a devil and if he suspects her decision then he would also find that the papers because of which she is roaming here like the owner, Mahesh papa never signed them. Shristhi signals her to stop.

Shristhi standing thinks that her sister is doing a lot for Karan but she would be really hurt when she finds out that he has started hating her, Preeta asks if Shristhi is thinking something when Shristhi replies that she must not take the food by herself because then Prithvi would get suspicious so she must send Rakhi with the food as then he would be able to meet his mother while she will also get relaxed.

Preeta explains her sister has gotten really smart so this is the best idea, Shristhi think that she always cares a lot for her sister so she doesnot her to see the hate that karan has for her, if it was anger then matters c9ould be sorted be he has gotten the feeling that his career is being ruined because of her, she feels that Bhagwan takes the test of some people because he knows they would pass it.

Rakhi is praying in the Mandir, mentioning she doesnot know when her son would return but today a helpless mother is sitting in front of him so he would have to answer when her son will return because her son has gained this entire popularity by his own self, why is everything wrong happening with Karan as well as Mahesh who has never done wrong with anyone, this house gets a little happiness which is then ruined.

Her entire family is in ruins and is getting dispersed which she has no idea how to cure. Preeta slowly places her hand on the shoulder but Rakhi seeing her gets tensed, asking if she is really feeling bad that she came here or is this another drama, Rakhi exclaims she is herself mad that she used to defend Preeta in front of everyone but she was wrong,

what she heard yesterday in the media that Preeta said and even when prithvi came she refused to say anything, she advises her to not do this drama anymore as a hope is created but when it breaks then everything ruins,

Preeta replies she is not acting but came here to give this tiffin as Ganesh said if she takes it then they are going to let her go inside. Rakhi immediately takes the tiffin assuring she will take it. Rakhi comes to Shristhi mentioning how she is a really nice girl so must always remain like this and not change herself like her sister during any part of her life, hearing this Shristhi gets tensed while Preeta is stunned.


Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Karan says to Rakhi Maa, Preeta is greedy, she asked me to play, so that I can earn money for her. Preeta and Shrishti hear him.Lawyer says to Preeta, in two days we have hearing, you have to come to the court with all the information you get in two days.Prithvi hears the conversation on his phone and says to himself, you can try your best, but this time that cricketer Mr. Luthra will not come out.

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