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Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2022 Karan asks Preeta if she saw Natasha anywhere then questions if she did anything to her when Preeta mentions she feels Natasha could have run away, Natasha coming mentions she cannot go away because her heart is close to karan and he replies that he feels she looks absolutely stunning,

Natasha explains Preeta should at least once ask her to not get engaged with karan as she might not do anything then, Preeta thinks she feels Karan should do what he feels like doing, Preeta exclaims how she is going to end the engagement when Preeta is sure that Karan would not marry her as she knows him,

Karan asks Preeta if she really wants him to be happy and doesnot care about anything else, she remains quiet so he explains his happiness is in this, Karan requests Natasha for a dance to which she agrees and they both walk to the center stage, Preeta standing with Shristhi looks angrily at him.

Karan starts his dance with Natasha, just to make feel Preeta really jealous, he is performing only such moves that bring them both close to each other even then he is not able to take his eyes of Natasha,

Preeta is not able to bear it so removes Natasha, she herself holds the hand of Karan starting to dance with him, meanwhile Shristhi manages to change the song to a more romantic one. Preeta and karan start their performance that leaves everyone in shock and he even starts teasing her during their performance when they both feel as if nothing has happened between them.

Preeta starts smiling and even Karan is enjoying it a lot. Mahesh enjoys seeing them both together. Natasha however is really frustrated to see Karan so close with Preeta as she wants to marry him. Preeta is left shocked when he suddenly gets really aggressive in the dance and she is not able to believe it,

Prithvi and Kritika are also really angry. The dance performance ends when they all start clapping, Natasha tries to call Karan but he stops questioning Preeta, she is about to reveal her feelings when the Pandit jee enters the party, she gets really frustrated asking if he even called he Pandit jee when he questions if she has a problem with it all but Preeta replies she doesnot care,

Karan walks over to Natasha who exclaims they are doing great as Preeta is getting really jealous, Shristhi questions what is she going to do now, as is she going to stop it when Preeta replies she will himself refuse. She stands in front of karan when he looks at Preeta then advises the Pandit jee to start the rituals,

Pandit jee starts reading the Mantar then asks Karan to make Natasha wear the ring, he gets shocked as Preeta did not stop him, he doesnot know what to do meanwhile Karina asks him to perform the engagement, they all are really shocked when she walks beside him opening the box.

Natasha also forces him but he still looks at Preeta, who doesnot say anything so he picks the ring from the box, Prithvi is about to clap as karan takes his hand forward to Natasha, he puts it down when she once again signals him however, he throws the ring on the floor, everyone gets shocked when the ring lands in front of Preeta,

she is delighted but he then asks her to give him the ring. Preeta looks to angrily at him, then walks picking the ring she opens her hand in front of him. He looks back at her with the same notion while picking it from her hand.  Karan turns back to Natasha, he is hesitant when suddenly the police enter the house calling Natasha Khurana, they question who is she when Preeta points the finger at her, they explain she is under arrest which leaves everyone shocked.

Natasha questions what has she done since she is not a criminal, Preeta pulls the ring from the hands of karan, Preeta explains they are the police and not her relatives who have just come to make a scene out of her, she might have done anything wrong because of which they have come to arrest her,

Natasha even turns to Karan for help when he questions what has she done, Shristhi replies that she believes the law of this country and so Natasha would have done something really wrong, Karina gets angry questioning how many times should she warn Shristhi to not say anything in their family matters, Shristhi questions Karina mam why does she not ask Natasha what has she done,

the police explains that they have come here to arrest Natasha for the accident which she committed a few days ago Natasha replies that she has not done anything when she rushes to Sherlin warning her to make sure that she gets the bail at the earliest tomorrow because she wants to have the coffee in this house,

and if this doesnot happen then she is surely going to reveal their secret infront of everyone, the police take her away. Natasha’s mother cries requesting them to help her daughter but Dadi informs she must not be worried as the lawyer would get the bail tomorrow morning.

Preeta is standing when Karan comes asking if she had anything to do with what happened today, Preeta replies he is getting really jealous because this was the police and not her relatives whom she can call and they took her away, his fiancé would have done something wrong which got her arrested, Karan replies that it is just for one night as he is surely going to bring her back tomorrow morning. Preeta leaves saying he can do whatever he feels like but not expect any help from her.

Preeta is walking when Prithvi stop her from behind blaming that she is the one behind it all but she tries to leave saying she doesnot have time to talk with him, he questions where does she want to go so urgently because she is the one who got Natasha arrested so must reveal the secret, she used to come and challenge him on his face but why is she quiet., she replies he must not teach her the ways of a war as he usually attacks from behind but she knows of his desires so is always prepared,

he requests her to be clear as he did not understand anything when Preeta replies that he along with Sherlin and Natasha are the same, this engagement was also his plan but it got ruined as he knows that she and karan are made for eachother but even then he tries his best to get them separated,

but even then brought Natasha between her and Karan, she is sure he would take it to the wedding so asks if he learned the truth then why is he looking at her like this when she revealed anything, he replies he asked the simple question of what she is thinking but she revealed the entire Ramayan, he is himself going to suggest that the police that came to arrest was not the real police but fake, Preeta gets shocked hearing Prithvi.

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