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Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Preeta warns Arjun must stay away from those people whom she asked him to, he asks what does she think of him as is he a goon but the truth is that he is a respected businessman, she must not make a fuss out of this situation because he feels she knows he can never hurt Kavya,

or the entire Luthra family but she blames him so he doesnot come near her because she feels something whenever he is around, but she doesnot want to feel it so changes the topic, she asks if he has lost his mind but she mentions she has lost it. Snedha is listening to their conversation, Arjun explains all the evil thoughts become a reality so if she keeps thinking about it, he might actually do it,

Preeta once again warns him to remember what she said and stay away from her family, explaining he is just here because of Bhagwan jee, Arjun recalling the night when he was thrown in the dam says that she is right to say he is here because of Bhagwan because she had left no stone unturned to kill him, Arjun notices Snedha so asks if she was looking for the bathroom, he leaves.

Preeta asks Snedha that is Arjun like that ever since she met him, but Snedha exclaims she likes him, Preeta wonders what has gotten into people but Snedha warns Preeta to stay away from him when she replies that has filed a restraining order against Arjun so he stays away from her family but even then he still comes to their family.

Snedha leaves angrily when Shristhi comes, Preeta doesnot know what is happening when Shristhi mentions it is just because she likes him so was not able to bear them both talking, Preeta replies she was not talking but fighting with her, Shristhi questions if the Kalawa is ready as Pandit jee is asking, Preeta takes Shristhi away with her.

Arjun reaches the hall when Mahesh notices he is feeling comfortable so asks him to sit down but Arjun replies he is fine, Rishab asks what his problem is as he was even refusing outside but when he has finally come here to the pooja then must behave properly. Preeta also instructs him to sit down explaining that she is only saying because he has been invited to the pooja so he must sit down and even leave with the Parshad,

Pandit jee asks both the husbands to apply the Sindoor on the forehead of their wives, Arjun stops Rishab angrily and they both start fighting while Arjun is just asking Preeta to remember who he was since he is the same person, he finally explains he is the same Karan but she doesnot believe him, he tries to leave with her however she mentions she would not leave without her husband,

Arjun realizes it was just a dream so thinks he cannot stay here otherwise it might harm them all, Dadi tries to stop him but he leaves explaining his head is aching, Dadi also leaves with Snedha when Rishab asks Preeta if she said anything to him, she replies she did nothing of the sort.

Arjun is angrily walking to the car, he is about to sit in the car but Dadi stops him explaining Snedha would drive the car today as he is ill, Arjun refuses explaining he cannot risk his life by letting Snedha drive, Dadi assures she is a sensible driver but Arjun is not convinced, he mentions he can even offer her job in his company, Dadi still manages to make Snedha sit in the driving seat of the car, Arjun angrily sits at the back.

Pandit jee performing the rituals of the Pooja, both the couples are following him and he explains when he mentions they both should throw the Samaghri in the Hawan, he recites the Mantar when Shristhi and Sameer are not able to throw it properly, she questions why is he taking his hand away as she cannot strengthen it anymore, he asks what problem does she have as she tends to get angry even at small things, Sameer questions what did she want to say in the hospital,

she recalls what Preeta di said in the kitchen that they should express their love when they have the chance, she is about to inform when Pandit jee once again signals them. Preeta while performing the pooja recalls the moments spent with Karan and how she was really happy, Rishab turns asking her what is the matter but she replies she is fine, Rishab also starts thinking of the moments spent with Karan and how they both were really close, he thinks if there was a way by which he could bring karan back then would have done it, he exclaims he knows Preeta is really tensed wherever he is and even she is also tensed.

Arjun sitting in the car is thinking about what he saw with Preeta and Rishab and how she said she would not even go if he was also karan, he is frustrated thinking about the situation so he asks Snedha to stop the car but she is worried even then he gets out of the car so Snedha apologizes mentioning he can drive the car but Arjun exclaims he has never tried to harm kavya,

The Luthra’s are performing the pooja when there is a sudden change in the weather, they do not know that the police have arrived at the Luthra Mansion along with Anjali. They are unaware of the fact, but she comes to stand in front of the house, Shristhi notices the Akhund Jhot which is about to end so informs Preeta, she along with Rishab rush to protect it.

The police enter the Luthra house while the entire family is busy in the pooja, Kritika and Rakhi see Anjali standing at the door so are stunned, they get shocked when the Inspector comes asking about Rishab, Anjali points to him while he is in the Mandir, the inspector explains they have come here to arrest Rishab Luthra, Shristhi questions what he has done, Rakhi also asks the same question.

Rishab informs them all to calm down so questions the inspector what he has done, Anjali says they all are acting so innocent but all them are evil, she explains truth be told they all are animals, Rishab warns her to not even say a single word against his family, Preeta also questions what is she saying, Anjali blames that Rishab has molested her, which shocks the entire Luthra family.

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