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Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2022 Natasha explains that those people who love each other madly then after a certain point their heart and mind stops working which has happened with karan and Preeta, this is the opportunity she has been waiting for as the longer Preeta is busy,

Karan will become a part of her life, her mother exclaims she prays that Preeta remain busy in the work she is doing because the engagement doesnot have any meaning so she should work to get married with karan, Natasha assures she has a rocking plan and is working on it so that Karan marries her.

Preeta is writing something when Shristhi questions what has she been writing, Preeta shows them the notebook informing she is writing the questions which she is going to ask Sherlin as if she answers all these questions then they would get the proof,

Preeta explains they should leave at 9 pm when Sameer replies if it would get late, Preeta agrees explaining they should leave half an hour early while she is going to come after getting ready, Preeta sees Karan peeking through the window, she immediately starts praising Sameer and Rishab explaining they both are really intelligent and she doesnot know why Karan is like that because they do not have to tell them both anything twice but karan needs to be told things repeatedly,

Karan leaves when Shristhi questions what is she saying, she doesnot understand it all when Preeta informs she changed the topic as karan was looking at them from the window so she decided to change the topic and call Sameer and Rishab jee smart, she knows he would get really jealous that she praised them because she knows he would cannot even bear a little compliment which she gives to anyone,

Sameer asks what is she going to do about his engagement when Preeta replies he himself said karan is doing this all just to tease her so she doesnot have to worry about anything, they really need to focus on the success of their plan.

Karan enters the room of Rakhi exclaiming he cannot believe it all, Rakhi asks what can he not believe when Karan informs that he is getting engaged to Natasha and the entire family knows it but Preeta is not bothered as she is talking with Sameer and Shristhi, Rakhi replies that she knows them both and is aware of the fact that their ego is really big because of which they get in a fight,

Rakhi explains that she feels Karan might break the heart of the other girl, karan doesnot know what she is talking about when Karan explains that nothing like this can happen to which Rakhi doesnot understand but karan informs that he has already talked with Natasha who is aware of the entire truth,

she asks even then Natasha doesnot have any problem. Rakhi suggests that he should himself let go of his ego if Preeta doesnot come to stop the engagement because she cannot watch their couple get destroyed, Karan doesnot agree mentioning Preeta would have to stop his engagement, he rushes to get ready asking Rakhi to also come to the function, she tries to stop him explaining he is really stubborn.

Prithvi is in the room getting ready when Sherlin rushes inside questioning what is he doing, Prithvi doesnot understand when she explains what if the blackmailer manages to reveal the truth to the Luthra’s.

Prithvi explains there is no need to be tensed as he is not going to let anyone know the truth about their secret, she must be sure of it because he has not learned to lose, he questions what time has the blackmailer given her, she replies 9:40 when Prithvi explains the engagement is at 8:40 and after that he is going to go and ruin the blackmailer so he will beg for his life.

Preeta is getting ready when karan enters the room asking if she is not worried that he is getting engaged, Preeta gets frustrated so turns back, he picks upto the clothes exclaiming he will look really good in these clothes, it is necessary as he must look nice with Natasha because they would get engaged and then married,

staying in this same room as a couple so she is going to take care of him and not like her who is not even bothered, Preeta turns explaining she is really angry that he is getting engaged but he always does the opposite of what she advises him, Preeta explains he wants to know if she loves him even after so many years so she is not going to comment on love as he doesnot even trust her,

he did not think she did anything to help him come out of the jail, Rakhi maa enters the room when karan asks her to see how Preeta thinks he is not as smart as Rishab, Shristhi comes running asking if Preeta has any clothes which she can wear, Karan says he is really happy so Preeta replies that even she is going to get ready. Karan rushes to the bathroom when Preeta also replies she is going to get ready in the guest room,

karan replies she must stay there. Rakhi gets really worried so requests Shristhi to convince Preeta that she must not let this engagement happen when Shristhi explains even she doesnot want it but doesnot know what to do, Shristhi requests if they should leave to get ready but Rakhi gets worried.

Preeta walks out of the guest room after getting ready, prithvi stops her from behind explaining she would be really sad because her husband is getting engaged to someone else, he questions how does she manage to remain so calm even when her current husband is about to become an EX,

Preeta with a smile replies that nothing of the sort will happen because she is sure the engagement would fail and she is the owner of this house, so will enjoy the party because of the guests but wants to dance with her husband. Prithvi explains she is the first girl who is smiling on the engagement of her husband as he is not marrying her again,

even then she is smiling when Preeta replies this is just a laugh which she has on the thinking of people like her, Natasha also comes with Sherlin when she explains that she doesnot want any problem because today is her engagement, Preeta leaves informing that she must be mistaken so nothing like this will happen.

Natasha leaves instructing them both to keep an eye on Preeta when Prithvi starts smiling explaining that now these people would also instruct them, Sherlin replies they will surely order them since they have the proof against him, Prithvi explains everyone has gone downstairs so it is time for the engagement,

Sherlin questions why does he try to talk with Preeta when he replies that he feels nice after teasing her, Sherlin replies Preeta is really confident now and not the same scared girl, he blames her for becoming a coward when she questions why should she not get scared after knowing that someone knows the truth about Rishab.

Mahesh is with Rakhi who says that he is going inside but she asks him to stay he is fine and would really like what is about to happen after a while, Prithvi walks into the party with Sherlin, Kritika starts teasing him from behind. Shristhi seeing her explains she feels worried about her because what will happen when she finds out the truth about him,

Preeta replies she knows it will be a shock but she has a really nice family to take care of her. Shristhi sees Karan coming so informs Preeta who then looks at him, Karan walks over to them questioning if they saw Natasha, he asks if Preeta got her kidnapped when she replies why would she do it,

maybe Natasha ran away but she comes to karan questioning why will she leave when her heart has connected with him. Preeta gets really jealous seeing Natasha come so close to karan, he notices that Preeta is getting jealous, she doesnot say anything but just stares at both Karan and Natasha.

Precap: Natasha warns Preeta to think as it is the last time so even if she says then she might leave Karan, Sherlin crying exclaims that Preeta is really torturing them to which prithvi replies that she is going to torture them even more in the future until she manages to reveal their secret.

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