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Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Sherlin rushes outside of the hotel and into the car, Prithvi immediately questions what has happened, she instructs him to drive fast as the person knows everything about them, Prithvi gets shocked but she starts panicking, he requests her to calm down.

Janki decides to call them, meanwhile Preeta takes off the fake moustache, Janki questions if everything went according to plan when Preeta replies that they have asked for twenty crores and she is sure Sherlin would not be able to arrange such a big amount so she is surely going to tell the entire truth and they would have the recording. Janki then informs she is going to go back as Bi jee is constantly calling her and even Preeta exclaims they need to leave and she is going to get changed.

Karan insists but Rakhi is constantly denying it, Karan replies he is not sure what to do because he feels Preeta is not even serious regarding him as she no longer even fights with him but he wants her to be the old Preeta Luthra who used to fight with him with all her right but she doesnot even argue with him anymore, Rakhi suggests that he should go and ask Sameer as he would surely know the truth about Preeta but Karan replies that he is no longer their own as he spends most of his time with Preeta.

Dadi and Karina are laughing with Natasha when Rakhi questions what are they laughing about when Natasha replies how she was just telling them when they got trapped in the police station and also how they thought he was about to marry her but it cannot be the truth, Preeta entering the house questions what is she saying, she then asks karan to tell her the truth about what is happening.

Karan assures he is not going to assume anything so she must clarify, he thinks that she must just once say that she is not here for the money when Preeta thinks if he wants her to say it but she is not going to do anything like that. Karan stands up mentioning he wants to make an announcement which is that he is going to get engaged with Natasha tomorrow, Preeta in anger replies that she is not going to let him get engaged with anyone else, Karan also gets adamant when she leaves.

Sherlin and Prithvi enter the room, she is glad that no one saw them when Prithvi asks her to come and see what is the proof, she mentions that she is really nervous when they put the CD which plays the same recording, Sherlin exclaims she is really tensed as she informed him that the person knows the entire truth and so they must focus on him, Prithvi stands going to prepare the drink when Sherlin questions why is not tensed because they person has demanded money from them, he replies he is still not convinced when she hands him the phone number, seeing which Prithvi is shocked as this is the same number from which he used to get the calls demanding the money.

Preeta enters her room while Shristhi follows her and she explains that there is no need to take any tension as she is not going to let this engagement, Shristhi mentions they should tell karan the entire truth from day one, Preeta replies he knows the entire truth when Shristhi replies it might be that he is mistaken so they need to clarify,

Shristhi explains when a relation is formed then sometimes they have to make them remember, Preeta replies she even said she came for this family while crying but even then he did not believe her, she is not going to say anything as he must himself know what she feels for him. Preeta informs as for telling him about Rishab jee,

karan would go straight to Prithvi and start beating him, after which he will get to know they are aware of his desires and so the plan would be ruined. Preeta mentions they only have five days to make sure Rishab jee returns to this house and whatever karan is doing doesnot matter, Sameer enters assuring Preeta of his support when she replies that she also needs the help of Shristhi and the three of them would surely bring Rishab jee back to this house.

Sherlin asks prithvi what will happen as the person is now going to reveal the truth, prithvi suggests that she must stay back tomorrow while he is going to go and meet with the person, she must not come before anyone but always keep an eye on them.

Preeta explains tomorrow night they are going to record the confession of Sherlin, she knows karan said he is going to get engaged with Natasha, she is not sure if he is doing this to irritate her but she needs to take care of it, Preeta informs they cannot make any mistake tomorrow as they would neither lose the proof or it would get stolen. Shristhi suggests she can go to the hotel in her place as she can take care of everything else.

Sherlin is walking when Natasha bumps into her forcing her to congratulate her as she is going to get engaged with karan tomorrow when Sherlin says there is not any reason to be so joyed as karan is really unpredictable and he might not do what he says, Natasha says that Sherlin is really bad luck for her because she spoiled her mood, Sherlin informs she is really tensed, Natasha asks the reason but Sherlin doesnot reveal it, Natasha then blames she is just jealous of her victory, Natasha calls her mother informing about her engagement.

In the morning Karina along with Dadi and Rakhi are sitting with the mother of Natasha, karan comes when Karina informs that she has come after he announced his engagement with Natasha, her mother explains she was not able to stay after knowing that he is going to get married to her daughter Preeta is really furious seeing Karan.

Karan is in his room thinking about how Sarla maa said that she cannot see tears in the eyes of Preeta just when Natasha brings the clothes for him, he explains that he was just doing this to make Preeta feel jealous since he still loves her and wants that she must come back to him, Natasha replies that she has spent a little time with him be it in the police station or the warehouse she has realized he really loves Preeta but in this process she has also started to love him but knows he only feels for Preeta.

Karan questions who do he have to apologize in front of, when Natasha suggests that they started the plan to make her feel jealous so they should continue the same plan and get engaged in a fake manner but this would make Preeta come back to him as he really loves her a lot so she would surely come back to him. Natasha leaves the room.

Natasha is with her mother who questions what is she going to do because if she gets in a fake engagement then this would cause her a lot of suffering as the people in the media would write a lot of bad things when Natasha exclaims that she doesnot care about anything but wants to get married to karan even when she knows that he would never give her the same love yet she can live with that,

her mother explains she has finally understood the importance of money as one can live without love but not money, she can see karan as he is madly in love with Preeta but she is just running after money, Natasha replies it is not the case as she also loves him a lot but there is something going on in her life,

she is planning something big for the family which will be a big shock for them all but she doesnot care about it at this moment because she only wants to get engaged with karan, Preeta is sure he would not go ahead with it but if she doesnot come and talk with him then he is surely going to go ahead with the engagement.

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