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Kundali Bhagya 24th December 2021 Pandit jee is performing the pooja, there is a sudden gush of wind which starts blowing through the entire house, everyone is shocked about what is happening, Prithvi asks what is happening, he orders to close the windows, Sherlin stands to leave when he orders everyone including Kritika,

Ganesh and Mona, they turn when the Pandit jee says that Devi is about to come as the sudden change of weather proves the Lakshmi of this house is once again returning to them, Prithvi and Sherlin are shocked, Preeta is walking towards the Luthra house, she holds her gate.

The Pandit jee exclaims that he is telling the truth, Prithvi mentions he is not at all interested to hear the stupid things from Pandit jee who says that he was asked to perform the pooja for the betterment of this house and now it is all about to change, Rakhi questions what is he saying when everything wrong which could have happened to them has already occurred,

Pandit jee says that of things are going to change for the better since the Lakshmi is coming back and with her arrival everything would change for the good, Sherlin and Natasha both look excited when Sherlin sitting down exclaims she is Lakshmi of this house and is still standing with her family but even then nothing has changed, Pandit jee replies her acquaintance with the family cannot change anything, Preeta is entering the house when the guards start running because of the wind, they are not able to stop Preeta.

Natasha sitting in the pooja starts smiling thinking that now she will go and tell Sherlin that she is the Lakshmi of this house however when she stands she accidentally hits the bowl of ghee which causes the hawan to end, Prithvi asks what has she done since he told her that he doesnot like smoke, she apologizes when the light suddenly goes off, Prithvi orders Karan to go and check, Sameer exclaims he will go but Prithvi stops him, he tries to wake up Karan however he doesnot respond,

Prithvi getting tensed mentions that he is getting an awkward feeling that something wrong might happen, Rakhi exclaims that what is wrong for him might actually be good for them all. The thali of Kumkum drops when Preeta walks through the front gate, performing her GrehPerwash with the Kumkum, she comes to stand in front, but they are not able to recognize her, the entire family is shocked when she sees Preeta standing in front of them.

Mahesh after being locked in the room exclaims that she has finally come back, he tries to go out but falls because of the chains with which he is locked up.

Karina and Dadi both questions how she dared come to this house, Kritika explains that she was the doctor in the clinic where she went with Rakhi, Dadi asks if it was the only clinic which they were able to find, Kritika explains that Rakhi was in a lot of pain so they went to the only clinic where she requested for the physiotherapist, she got the message today and did not before that it was doctor Preeta Aurora, she assures them all that now Preeta is just a doctor for her.

Rakhi goes to hug Preeta, mentioning how it feels really nice to see her after so many years, Preeta walks past them towards the mandir, she after turning exclaims how nice it would have been I she could also say she felt really good to see them while looking at Prithvi, Rakhi asks her how has she been, Preeta mentions in the past two years she has worked a lot on herself for her well being and now she can say that she is really happy, Prithvi says she should stop using the free air conditioner,

she should complete her work and leave, Preeta questions what is he doing here, prithvi exclaims she must have been feeling really worried to see this changed behavior as she must stop being about him since he doesnot care about her, Prithvi mentions that she has gotten more stupid then before because she desires to ask but even is not going to do so however he is himself going to tell the truth that he is now standing in front of her as the owner of the Luthra Mansion. Preeta once again tries to answer him when Rakhi requests her to come inside with her, Preeta turns to look angrily at Prithvi.

Rakhi entering the room exclaims she doesnot know where the first aid box is, Preeta requests her to sit down as she will bring it, Preeta starts applying it, she says to Rakhi that it will hurt for one or two days, Rakhi blesses Preeta mentioning that she never wanted Preeta to hear to any awful things which Prithvi might say since they all are forced to hear them, she says that Mahesh ahs given Prithvi the right to make the decisions of this house so he handles each and everything,

Rakhi explains she doesnot know what happened two years ago, but everyone said whatever they felt like and even she asked her lucky charm to go away from this house, and ever since she left the entire Luthra house went in turmoil, Preeta requests her to wipe off her tears since she has finally come back to them.

Natasha asks Sherlin why Prithvi hates Preeta so much, Sherlin says that it is a long story and she will tell her some other time, Prithvi signals Sherlin to send Natasha with Karan, Sherlin asks her to take karan into his room when Sameer also requests Karan to wake up, Natasha takes Karan with her, Karina exclaims how she desires that Preeta should leave as soon as possible, Kritika explains that even

she has no place left for Preeta in her heart since now even she believes that everything wrong that happened with them was because of Preeta. Rakhi comes out with Preeta who is looking at the decoration of the house, she exclaims that it has been fine when he could have saved some money. Prithvi mentions his money would now be wasted, he throws some money asking her to take it an leave, Preeta replies his money is getting wasted even now since had he sent Rakhi je to the clinic he could have saved five hundred rupees, Prithvi mentions in the past two years she would have seen a lot of poverty, she only got hatred after marrying Karan so what could have she achieved had she married him, everyone is stunned and frustrated to hear it.

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