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Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 morning, Sameer is getting ready in the room where he applies the perfume, Srishti entering questions where is he going, he informs she can see the files and bag so he is going to the office, Shristhi takes the bag mentioning he would not go since there is a Pooja in the house today, Sameer replies he has to leave since even Rishab bhai is not going so he must go otherwise it would effect the company. Shristhi mentions he is the first husband who wants to leave when his own wife is asking him to stay,

Sameer replies however he wants to go away from her as it makes him feel nice, she angrily gives him the bag explaining he can go anywhere he wants, Sameer sits beside Shristhi explaining that he never wanted to make her feel so bad so is sorry however she says that he can go to the office if he likes, Sameer tries to pull her closer but she walks away however he assures he would not go asking why is she so causal when she would before ask him to go, Shristhi replies she cannot tell him the reason. Shristhi leaves explaining he can do his work while he can look at her from a distance. Sameer exclaims she is really clever but he can go to his office.

Arjun calls Preeta who is trying to leave, he mentions it was just a slip of tongue as he forgot to say that she is the wife of his friend, Preeta replies he forgot the most important word, Arjun advises her to not take the life so lightly since she might have gotten injured or lost her life just for this purse, Preeta replies she cannot lose it as she loves the purse most. Arjun asks what is so important but Preeta asks why should she tell him as he is getting really personal, Arjun says she is the one who made him so intrigued about it, she turns to leave when he exclaims even he knows how to end her attitude, Arjun offers to drop her but she replies he must not think they have forgotten everything that he did however she is thankful that he saved her today, Arjun exclaims he was not planning to drop her as he wishes to bring her back to his house that too with Kavya, vowing it would happen really soon when Dadi calls Arjun asking if he got the medicine, he replies he bought it.

Snedha enters the room calling Anjali, but she is no where to be found, Snedha calls Arjun who refers to her as Snig, she is left baffled when Arjun calls her but she putting the phone to her ear explains that she just wanted to inform that she has returned, he assures they would meet really soon when Snedha wonders where is Anjali however she thinks she would only talk with Arjun.

Pandit jee asks Rakhi to call Shristhi and Sameer to the pooja so they both would also get the blessing, Rakhi replies she has already called them and they will arrive, Preeta enters the house in a hurry, Bani Dadi questions why did she get so late, pandit jee replies she is still on time, asking if she brought the leaves since it is not present, Preeta assures everything is here in the bag, Karina questions if Preeta invited all the guests so she replies she indeed invited them, Karina is worried why has no one arrived when Mahesh explains that guests tend to arrive late in such Pooja.

Ganesh comes mentioning Rishab sir has been panicking since he is not letting him do anything, Preeta leaves explaining she will help Rishab jee.

Rishab is really panicking in the room about which dress he should select, Preeta asks what is he doing when Rishab replies he is glad she came since he was not able to select the dress, she questions what has he only taken out the white dress when Rishab mentions he thought he would wear such clothes which they all like, Preeta goes to take out a pink dress from the wardrobe suggesting it will look good on him, Rishab asks how does she do it, mentioning he feels she has some sort of magic. Kavya also enters the room when Preeta questions her regarding the dress, she suggests Rishab should only wear it, he apologizes to Preeta je for causing the mess and tries to help her, but she insists he must go and be ready as everyone is waiting for them, Rishab leaves appreciating her, Preeta starts smiling.

Dadi is with Shekar jee while Arjun comes back with the medicine, he is shocked to see Shekar jee so replies he was not sure they had a meeting, Shekar jee explains he came to talk about the drama that happened yesterday, Arjun is baffled when Snedha comes so Arjun advises her to give Dadi the medicine. Snedha is staring at Arjun when Dadi makes her sit down beside her.

Arjun questions what has happened when Shekar explains that both Rishab and Anjali fought bad yesterday, Arjun replies he doesnot feel that either Anjali or Rishab can do anything, Shekar mentions they both should have seen the way both were fighting. Shekar explains he came here to discuss about the project details advising Anjali can also come but Arjun must always be present in the meeting. Snedha asks Dadi what has happened to Arjun as Preeta is married when Dadi replies she feels Arjun really cares for Preeta.

Rakhi is angry with Mahesh mentioning he just behaves like a child, Shristhi standing behind her mentions Sameer is also like Mahesh Daddy jee and is lazy. Rakhi starts smiling asking why she complains so much about Sameer as he is nice.

Karina brings the guests saying they want to meet Rakhi, Karina pulls Shristhi to the corner questioning where is the Parshad, Shristhi swears she did not eat them when Karina advises her to act mature since she was just asking if they have made the Parshad. Shristhi apologizes to her, Kritika tries to leave after informing Karina, but Shristhi asks her to stay for the pooja, Kritika questions why she talks like this since this pooja is for the couples and she doesnot have a partner, Sameer comes to her aside explaining that nothing is left in the court of Bhagwan as she will surely find someone who loves her a lot. Karina questions why is Kritika behaving like this since she will attend the pooja.

Rishab comes out of after changing while Preeta is searching for the cloth used to cover the thali, Rishab is trying to ask Preeta how is he looking but she is busy, he finally questions after gathering a lot of strength when she replies she assured he would look really nice, she finds the cloth in the wardrobe and is about to leave when her saree gets stuck in the door, Rishab manages to help her when she leaves suggesting he must also come down as soon as possible.

Pandit jee is performing the rituals when Karina asks him to also bless her daughter and tie the string, Rakhi places the thali when pandit jee questions where are the things required for the pooja, pandit jee starts checking it however he doesnot find it, Rakhi offers to search when she mentions Preeta indeed went to the market but how did she forget, Karina says Preeta was not even able to fulfill this one duty. Rakhi asks Pandit jee what other way do they have, he mentions the pooja cannot start without all the necessary things, Rakhi thinks first the storm last night and now the hurdles in performing the pooja are signs of evil, Rakhi is really worried.

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