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Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2022 Preeta asks Rishab if everything is fine, he questions if he looks tensed from his face, Rakhi also comes asking if he is fine which worries him so he questions why are they all so tensed, Preeta informs a lot has happened today which is causing them tensions, Rkahi reveals the Diya in the Mandir went out and it is not a good sign, Preeta explains even the milk boiled and the thunder caused a lot of tension,

Rishab exclaims they all really love him, Rakhi hugs Rishab who then also hugs Preeta, he holds their hands explaining that until they all love him, nothing wrong can happen to him. Rishab leaves so Rakhi is glad that he came back, Preeta mentions that too safe and sound. Rakhi informs Preeta the time for pooja is eleven in the morning and can she give Garesh the list of something which are required for the pooja, Preeta assures she will herself go and bring the things.

Rishab comes out in the room when Preeta comes and is about to pick the towel but Rishab exclaims he can do it himself since she is his wife, Preeta replies even then she has not done anything like that for him, Rishab explains that they can just build a house but it is upto them to make sure they are able to make it into a house,

Rishab says that he feels Preeta has done a lot for their family since she made sure to keep the house as his mother has done for so many years. Preeta replies she does this all out of love but has not done a lot for him as an individual. Rishab assures she does enough, he turns back after getting a call and is checking his neck. Preeta wonders what the mark is.

Preeta goes back to bring the list of things from Rakhi maa. Rishab meanwhile lies down thinking what had gotten into Anjali, he falls to sleep when Preeta comes and so thinks about how Arjun blamed that she loved Rishab even when she was married to Karan, Preeta thinks Rishab jee is really an honest person while on the other hand Arjun is his complete opposite, she after covering him with the quilt goes to fall asleep.

In the morning Arjun reaches the market, he wonders why does he always come to these markets when he hates him, he notices women carrying the umbrella so starts thinking about the day when he met Preeta in the market during the rain and how they always tend to come before each other,

Arjun thinks why doe he still always think about her even when he has started to hate her, he prays to Bhagwan that he doesnot meet Preeta today in the market, however he notices her standing in the market from his side mirror, Arjun is left stunned so gets out from his car as Preeta walks over to a stall from where she starts purchasing, he is just staring at her.

Arjun keeps standing before turning to recall how she blamed him for trying to take the life of Rishab, and when the lady blessed them in te market thinking they both are a couple. Arjun once again starts looking at Preeta who walks away with her belongings, he gets tensed when he is not able to see her,

Arjun therefor starts following her while the vendor questions what he wants to purchase, Arjun asks for some flowers, but is constantly noticing Preeta as she walks away, he explains he forgot to bring his wallet from the car, the vendor agrees.

Preeta is counting the money in her wallet when the thieves notice her so they both run away with her purse, Arjun rushes questioning what happened when she informs they stole her purse, he getting furious rushes to start beating them both, Preeta notices how one of them is trying to run away but Arjun follows the person, he even starts beating the thief who is not even able to fight back, everyone is stunned as he is beating the thief along with Preeta. Arjun questions how the thief dared touch his wife, she is stunned to hear him call her as his own wife., Preeta gets furious.

Rishab walks down the stairs, he greets Karina when Rishab asks how beautiful is the preparations looking, she also asks if he is fine when Rishab questions why everyone is asking, Karina explains Mom told her how the Diya burnt out so he knows they all get really tensed and even she loves him a lot, he replies he is made of steel and would always be fine until they are by his side.

Rishab informs Rakhi maa to not be worried as he is fine, he asks her to go and see their father since he never takes any problem, Rishab exclaims he is coming back after playing cricket, Mahesh replies he never goes alone so Kavya rushes inside with her bat, Rishab starts smiling then explains that she must remain like this all the time and remain happy.

Karina asks Mahesh to go and get ready for the pooja because the guests would come to the pooja and the family members would not be ready, Mahesh asks what the hurry is, she turns to Dadi who replies she is going to scold both her son and Grandson, Rishab asks where is Preeta je, Rakhi replies that she went to the market in order to purchase the things for the pooja even when she said Garesh would go but she insisted to purchase it herself, he then immediately leaves to get ready.

Rakhi is standing when Mahesh asks her to go and help him, Karina explains her brother gets really confused when it is time to get ready for the pooja, Mahesh says his sister know him the best but she should talk a little, Dadi requests the Pandit jee to pray that all the couples live like Mahesh and Rakhi. Karina mentions she ahs to even show him a kundali, he replies he would see it after the pooja. Dadi questions whose kundali is it, Karina replies it is of Kritika as she remains really depressed these days.

Arjun is beating the thieves when Preeta rushes to him questioning why he said she is his wife since it is really wrong, but he mentions he was right since she is his wife, Preeta asks how did he dare since she is the wife of Rishab jee and her name is Preeta Rishab Luthra, but Arjun replies her name is Preeta Karan Luthra. Arjun realizing it immediately starts apologizing but she instructs him to shut up explaining she warned him to stay away from her family, she orders that he never take the name of Karan.

Arjun asks why, questioning if she loves or hates him but he once again apologizes. Preeta questions how he dared say she is his wife, Arjun replies he was angry so did not knew what he was saying because he just did not say that she is the wife of his friend, but what is the need to create such a drama. Preeta replies his Hindi is really weak but Arjun assures they are all fine, she was never able to understand him, Arjun is really furious.

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