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Kundali Bhagya 21st October 2021 Prithvi is in th office, there is a knock on th door, he immediately places the envelope and then asks the person to come in, the employee comes and sits down, Prithvi asks him to transfer eighty lacs to this account number,

the employee explains it is a very big amount so he would need the signature of his boss, Prithvi mentions that he is the big boss and is the son in law of the Luthra’s, Prithvi explains that in India son in laws are considered Bhagwan so he is denying them, the emplpyee once again refuses when prithvi explains one of them is ill and on the bed while Rishab is in jail and Karan has went out of city,

Prithvi mentuons he is only asking to transfer the money because he needs to hire a good lawyer so they can manage to help Rishab, otherwise how would he be able to come out, Prithvi mentions Mahesh is ill so he is the one who has the responsibility of the entire family, but the employee is coming in between his work,

the employee still is nervous but agrees as Prithvi threatens that if he doesnot agree then Mahesh might get mad and will surely destroy his life since the Luthra’s have a lot of contacts, the employee leaves assuring that the money would be transferred.

Prithvi calls Sherlin, she immediately quesitns where he is, he replies he came toi bring Lakshmi, Sherlin asks who is she, prithvi replkies he meant money, he explains how he is in the office of the Luthra’s and is going to get eighty lacs in his account, Sherlin questions if he got it as this is a big amount so it might take time, Prithvi explains she must also see who is stnaidng in front of them,

his name is Prithvi Malhotra so he was able to convince the employee, Sherlin is also amazed, Prithvi exclaims she would be thinking how clever is he because they are now millionares but soon would get crores, Prithvi once again gets the call Sundeep,he thinks how iriating is the person so answers it, Sundeep immediately asks when will he get the money, Prithvi asks if he thinks he is some sort of a pathetic goon when Sundeep exclaims that he also said he would come from the front but did not do anything,

Prithvi asks him to come at three pm, he then dials asking for the accounts department but then receives a text and is amazed to see that eighty lacs have been transferred in his account, Prithvi in excitement exclaims that only twenty lacs are left when he would be a crore Pati.

Preeta is talking with Shristhi when she exclaims, she has just dropped off Pihu in her school, Preeta then sees Sundeep walking, she feels that this cannot be her suspicion, so she decides to follow him, Shristhi wonders what happened that Preeta ended the call like this, she never does this, Sameer asks her to not panic and call Preeta once again, Shristhi agrees so decides to call her once again.

Sundeep while walking calls Prithvi questioning where he is, Prithvi explains that he is stuck in traffic, Sundeep however warns him to not make a fool out of him as it would not be beneficial for him, Prithvi however explains that he will not deceive him, Preeta is following Sundeep wondering what is he really up to, Sundeep ends the call when he hears the ringtone of the mobile, he turns to look but Preeta hides.

Shristhi asks Preeta what happened, Preeta explains that she saw Sundeep walking on his feet, she is now following him, Shristhi asks her to not go after him because she is with Sameer so will come to her help. Sundeep walks into the factory, he thinks of how Sudeepa said that he must take the money soon otherwise they would not have anything for themselves, Sundeep once again calls Prithvi, he is driving the car so gets tensed wondering why Sundeep so restless is, Prithvi hits another car from behind.

The car driver comes out in anger questioning what did Prithvi do, he demands Prithvi to come out however he scolds the driver ordering him to leave, the driver hits the door which anger Prithvi who comes out, the driver demands money from prithvi for the damage which he caused, Prithvi exclaims they both hit each other’s car so the quarrel has ended,

however the driver doesnot let him leave, prithvi once again receives a call from Sundeep, he answering it asks what does Sundeep think of him as he promised to give the money so is surely going to come but because of his constant calls he got in the accident, Sundeep doesnot believe Prithvi mentioning how he will now go and reveal the entire truth to Preeta as they all know she is desperately looking for the culprit,

he will inform her how he used him to get his revenge on Rishab, Prithvi asks why is Sundeep getting so frustrated, he said that he will give him, the money so is coming to him but while driving he got in the accident so he was saying to the driver that he will not give him any money, so he was saying to him that he will not give any money, Prithvi assures him that he is coming.

Preeta is standing when Shristhi and Sameer come to her, Preeta explains that she heard Sundeep talking with someone on the mobile and they were arguing about money, she is sure that he was answering to the mastermind, they will wait for him until he comes.

Prithvi is arguing when he receives a call from Sherlin, he also shouts at her, she questions why he is so angry asking if got in an accident, Prithvi exclaims why would he not get in the accident because everyone is calling him at the same time and is arguing which angered him, Sherlin asks him to not waste his time and give money to the driver, prithvi agrees to hand the money as he doesnot want to go to the police station,

Prithvi opens the briefcase, seeing which everyone is shocked, he asks them to take the money and leave, prithvi while driving the car exclaims everyone is really greedy as they always demand money, Sherlin replies she is seeing how he is getting angry over small things these says, prithvi mentions it is because he is really worked up as he has to take care of a lot of things not like Sherlin, she asks if he is trying to say that she doesnot do any work, prithvi exclaims he feels she does work as she gets dressed and then always look really beautiful, Sherlin in anger ends the call, Prithvi exclaims he is glad she ended the call otherwise he would have done it by himself.

Sundeep in the factory drops something, Preeta seeing the opportunity asks both Sameer and Shristhi to come, they also head inside when Sameer also drops something which alerts Sundeep, he comes to the gate where he sees the wire moving so understands someone has come to the factory,

Preeta while hiding behind the boxes starts recording Sundeep walking, Sundeep sees Prithvi coming, he thinks why did Prithvi create such a scene if he was actually going to come but he must now stops him from coming inside because if the person who is hiding sees him then the truth will come out, Preeta kneels informing he is texting someone, Shristhi exclaims it would be the mastermind, Preeta stands up thinking what must she do now.

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