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Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Rishab and Anjali reach the farm house, she thanks him but he replies there is no need, Anjali offers him coffee but he replies he has to go back since Preeta ji is waiting and even asked him to not stop anywhere but he thought he should help her,

Anjali replies she is sorry for what happened in the conference room, Rishab replies that such things happen when they work so he is okay, she says he must come and have tea which is when she would feel he forgave her but Rishab mentions it is a little bit more complicated since Preeta ji is waiting and even Kavya doesnot sleep without him.

Anjali while trying to get out of the car acts as if she has hurt her ankle, Rishab immediately goes to help her but she replies she can manage by herself so he should go back to rest but Rishab offers to take her inside the house however Anjali tries to assure she can go by herself, he takes her inside when she stares thinking now her plan would succeed.

Rakhi walks down the hall when she sees Bani Dadi sitting on the couch so asks if everything is fine, Dadi explains she felt she needs to spend some time alone so came here, Rakhi asks why did she not call her as they both could have talked but Dadi says Rakhi did not hear when she said she desired to spend some time alone,

Rakhi turns to leave but Dadi making her sit down explains that she is really glad to have a daughter in law like her since she has always care for her as her own mother, Rakhi mention she should be thankful as Dadi never made her feel like a daughter in law but always treated her as her own daughter. Dadi and Rakhi, both hug each other.

Rishab and Anjali reach the door which the worker opens, he helps Anjali sit down on the couch before turning to leave but she forces him to have at least a cup of tea, Rishab is forced to sit down when Anjali requests if he would like to help her since there are some legal papers which she would like him to check as they are of the dissolving their collaboration.

Rishab explains he himself gives his legal team the papers, Anjali request him to help her once again as they need to go to the study, Rishab goes with Anjali, he requesting her to stand by the door starts checking the papers and exclaims there are not the correct one, Anjali forcefully throws herself over him but he manages to get away from her,

Rishab then sees the files on the floor, saying Anjali can mail him the files. Anjali immediately offers him drink but he replies he doesnot drink and even has to go back home since Preeta je would be waiting but Anjali forcefully pours out a drink for him which he takes, she thinks he cannot go back tonight until he goes to her bed.

Rakhi is walking with Dadi when she sees the Diya as it goes out of flame, Rakhi gets tensed mentioning it is not a good sign but Dadi thinks if she agrees with her then she would start panicking so Dadi replies it is nothing to be worried about however Rakhi knows she is just saying to calm her down, Rakhi sits down to try and light the Diya once again, she prays to Ganpati that everything should remain fine in their lives.

Rishab compliments the painting and tries to leave but Anjali asks if he is still angry with her as they both have become friends so he cannot leave like this, she says he would have to make the drink this time. Rishab requests her to let go of his hand when he starts making the drink, she points to the ice cubs.

The worker brings the tea for them but Anjali replies they are having a drink however Rishab replies he feels he would have the tea, they have another peg when Rishab replies he feels he would check the papers, he walks to the other side while Anjali gets really close to him.

She says she feels he is really handsome; he gets nervous explaining he thinks he should leave. Anjali however stops him holding his hand saying there is a storm outside, but Rishab says everything is fine and he can manage it however Anjali acts as if she has fallen on the floor, Rishab rushes to help her but she pulls him close to her asking if he feels anything for her.

Rakhi stands up when Dadi assures everything would be fine, Rakhi replies she has gotten more scared after Karan died but in the past few days Rishab has suffered a lot, including the kidnapping of Kavya and whatever else has happened,

she knows Rishab grew before time but has gotten lonely, before they were two and each of them shared everything but now Rishab is alone. Dadi says she is wrong because Rakhi is with Rishab and even Preeta always stands beside him, so they are always going to stand with Rishab. Rakhi replies however Karan is not with Rishab and they really miss him.

Rishab questions if she has lost her mind so he instructs her to get off him, Rishab answers the call of Kavya when she asks why he has gotten so late because they really miss him and need him to come and give her a good night kiss.

Anjali goes to Rishab asking if he feels for her since she knows he cares for her so why is he behaving like this, she tries to put herself over him however Rishab manages to push her away asking if she has lost her mind as he is already married, he leaves in anger while his clothes are ruined, Anjali starts smiling.

Dadi is searching for her medicine in the room and not able to find it, Arjun knocks on the door asking what has happened when she explains that she is not able to find her medicine which is off gold color, Arjun explains the medicine is not in this medical box so he requests her to give the prescription as he will bring it right now but she says he can even bring it tomorrow,

she requests him to go and bring it from the medical store outside the Mandir, Arjun refuses to go but she mentions she needs him to bring a ring as she gets nightmares, Arjun starts smiling however she gets furious saying he must not make fun of her, Arjun assures of bringing the medicine tomorrow.

Rishab enters the house, he sitting down think why would have Anjali done such a thing and what is the cause of it, he decides to go and inform Preeta ji about the entire truth since she is his wife however he refutes the thought thinking she would get really worried about him when she is already really tensed these days, Preeta calling him from behind asks if he is fine, Rishab apologizes to her thinking he cannot tell her the truth, he is really tensed.

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