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Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2022 Karan us looking at the photos of Preeta on the projector, Anjali enters the room and turns towards the projector, she takes the name of Preeta, he mentions the beautiful face with the biggest deception.

He asks if she has any questions, she asks if he loved Preeta so karan starts thinking about the moment when he mentioned he loves her the most, karan exclaims he used to love her but not anymore, his relation had problems right from the start. Karan recalls when he told her that he hates her and it is his revenge,

they both were never on the same page, he used to love her with all his might when they were together but their fights were also intense, he mentions it was all extreme without any balance. He used to love her but now hates her the most, he feels like take revenge from her.

Karan asks Anjali if she knows the emotion that he is most problematic and it is of hatered, she asks at what time does he have to leave for the auction. He mentions it is eleven pm sharp, she prays that he gets to meet all of his enemies so when Karan reveals there is one more enemy, Prithvi Malhotra who he hates the most and so recalls the time when prithvi used to challenge him,

he reveals there is also Sherlin in the list of his enemies, she tried to warn him a lot of times but he did not listen to her and so feels as if he should have listened to her, he feels that the crimes of Rishab and Preeta are way bigger as compared to that of Sherlin and Prithvi. Anjali leaving wonders how much wrong they would have done to make such a nice person filled with such hatered.

Prithvi knocks on the door when the women rushes to open the door questioning what is he doing, she asks if he doesnot know that she would be busy doing some work, he sitting on the chair asks for some water, she sits beside him instructing the workers to bring some water for Prithvi,

she questions if he has gotten mad since she is his wife and not the maid of the house that she would always bring the things that he desires, prithvi getting frustrated stands exclaiming he will get it himself, he however drops the money seeing which Sherlin feels joyed, she rushes to pick some of it for herself but he warns her to stop saying that it all belongs to him,

she replies that she would buy rice from it since they are not in the house anymore, Prithvi replies he will go to the auction tomorrow and buy the bat and hat of karan which the Luthra’s are auctioning, Sherlin questions what is he going to do with it, so Prithvi inform, she will burn it in front of them so they would feel really grieved. Sherlin asks if he has lost his mind

, Prithvi questions why can she not see him happy. She asks where did he get the money from so he informs it is of his hard work, she blames him from stealing, he questions why does she think so low of him when she requests him to give back the money otherwise police would arrest him.

Prithvi questions what is she doing since she is just asking for some peace but Sherlin demands the money so he runs away. Prithvi thinks whenever he tries to move ahead, she keeps pulling him back, Sherlin knows he wants to take revenge from the luthra’s and for that the best time would be when he buys the belongings from auction.
Prithvi sees the neighbor coming with the police, he manages to hide and so calls her informing she must come back tomorrow and only when he calls her.

Sameer sits at the table when Shristhi tries to see what is he doing, however before that Rishab calls Sameer so he leaves, Shristhi thinks that he is having an affair with someone, Rakhi comes with Mahesh when Shristhi explains that she feels something is wrong so would tell her but she will not do anything, Karina comes questioning why is she giving importance to her as she would never be serious in her life,

Dadi sits beside Rishab asking if they know how mischievous Kavya has got and she doesnot listen to anyone, Dadi gets frustrated when Rishab asks what happened, she replies kavya wants to take selfies with everyone and feels as if she is star so Shristhi suggests she would surely become a model but Sameer explains they are going to send her to the women cricket team.

Preeta comes with the thali asking everyone to take the Parshad, she even stands beside Rakhi maa who asks if she went to the mandir, Preeta reveals she decided to go and hold a pooja for her, she even donated some things amongst the poor, Preeta apologizes for not telling anyone when Rakhi replies they say that one should never let the other ear know what amount did she donate.

Rishab asks Preeta jee if they should leave but Rakhi also starts going with them. Rishab asks it is for just the bidder but Rakhi mentions she has even sold her jewelry for this purpose. Rishab standing in front of Rakhi explains that the best moment would be when someone else from his fans buys the things that belong to him otherwise what is the purpose of it,

Rakhi explains she would also buy it and then keep the things for herself so Rishab replies that karan loved her a lot and would never like to see tears in her eyes which she would have if she buys them, Rakhi agrees to not go in the auction so Preeta leaves with Rishab and Sameer.

Prithvi while walking towards the entrance of the hotel, is glad that he finally came back to the location where he belongs, he is about to enter with excitement when the guards stop him requesting that he come to one side, Prithvi however asks if he doesnot know who he actually is, the guard replies he doesnot feel prithvi has the wealth to participate in the auction hearing this Prithvi shows him the money.

The guard leaves to talk with Sameer and informs him of the entire situation how there is someone at the entrance who doesnot seem worthy but has the money, Sameer advise him to allow the person, prithvi asks if he is sure as otherwise, he can still consult them all but Prithvi is glad that he would be able to see Preeta jee.

Preeta walking in the hall is joyed seeing the posters of karan with all the belongings, she recalls when in the room she would tease karan and he managed to pull her, she is smiling thinking about all the mischievous things that he used to do when they were together.

Preeta is lost in the memories that she has with karan when Rishab jee comes to stand beside her, he exclaims it feels really nice. She mentions that she is glad thinking if karan was with them then would have felt really nice, Rishab replies he would have felt even better seeing her smile. Preeta starts smiling.

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