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Sameer says to karan that Rishab doesnot live here so what if he has some other relation, Rishab gets mad so then is about to hit Sameer with his shoe, Karan also says how he never thought with this angle, Karan sees Sherlin entering the room and apologies saying it is her room, Karan asks Sherlin if she asked Rishab about any girlfriends that he has in London, Karan leaves exclaiming he would hear about his stories in the morning, Mahesh says that his younger brother has the habit of hitting sixes on every ball so now Rishab must not be mad, Sameer also leaves but Rishab is really frustrated, He turning to Sherlin exclaims he came after a long time so this is why they are just messing with him.

In the morning Preeta is with Pihu when her mobile rings, she asks Pihu to answer it and she questions who the person is, Sarla replies she is the mother of her mother Preeta, Sarla mentions she should call her a Grandma but Pihu explains she would call her as Nena, Preeta taking the mobile exclaims she has understood it was Sarla on the call, Preeta hears that Rakhi is talking with someone on the mobile, Preeta gets worried when she realizes that Rakhi is worried, Rakhi ends the call exclaiming she would find some other way, Preeta questions the reason when Rakhi explains that the person to whom she had given the order of the ladoo cancelled it since his shop burnt so now she would have to find some other way, she asks if Preeta is talking with Sarla so taking the mobile requests Preeta to give her the number of the person who made the ladoo since her order has been cancelled, Sarla says that Rakhi forgot how she told her that she herself prepared the ladoo for Karan so Rakhi must not be worried since she will surely prepare all the ladoo for the pooja but Rakhi refuses saying that she would get tired but Sarla insists she is not alone and would make all the ladoo because they are really large in quantity, but Sarla insists on making them so Rakhi accepts, after ending the call Sarla orders Janki to go and bring a lot of the boxes since they have to prepare the sweets.

Sherlin is really frustrated thinking what if Rishab is actually having an affair in London when she thinks he is actually working, Rishab comes out of the room, she gets stunned, he questions if she has something which she wants to ask him, she is not able to say anything when Rishab leaves, she wonders if he going to talk with his girlfriend so plans to keep an eye on him, Sameer is sleeping when Rishab enters the room saying that he would now sleep with him, Sameer asks if he was thrown out but Rishab replies he himself came, they both lie down when Karan also enters the room saying even he would come and sleep with Rishab, he doesnot even take off his shoes, he leans on Rishab who is not able to lie down mentioning it is his jet lag so he needs some sleep and how would he be able to bring the Murti in the morning, karan exclaims he doesnot know anything so insists on being with him, the three of them are not comfortable when Mahesh also enters the room the questions who is it, Mahesh replies he is their father as per the relation, Mahesh also jumps on to sleep with them all, Rishab questions how can the bed bear their weight as it would break, Mahesh replies he has a lot of money so would buy a new bed, Rishab decides to go and sleep in the living room but Mahesh stops him, they all agree to sleep when Mahesh exclaims no one is allowed to snore except him.

In the morning Prithvi while entering the Luthra Mansion, calls Ganpati Papa and they all reply Moria, the drums start beating while Mahesh along with Rishab, karan and Sameer bring the Murti to their house, everyone in the house starts dancing with immense excitement, they are dancing when the Pandit jee stops them all mentioing now it is time for the Pooja so the one who is the eldest in their house should come forward, Mahesh and Bani Dadi come to remove the veil from the Ganpati papa, both of them take their blessings.

The guests arrive and Karan along with Rishab and Preeta turn to greet them, they both are really happy to come here, Karan exclaims they have arrived on the best time, he asks if they are late when Preeta assures they are just on time since papa has also arrived so after a while it would be time for the pooja, she asks if Jeetu jee has arrived, Karan points to the gate mentioning he has arrived, Jeetu jee in the dressing enters when Karan along with all of them take his blessings, karan exclaims that it was their honour that he came to their pooja, Jeetu jee mentions that it is his honour as the arti is more auspicious since they do not have their dear Sushant Singh Rajput with them, it is also special because they all are a family from Pavitra Rishta to Kumkum Bhagya and now Kundali Bhagya, he exclaims now they must perform the arti so after taking off his shoes he walks towards the Mandir, starting the ritual of Pooja, everyone is performing the arti after him when Sonakshi also comes in the wheelchair, they all start clapping singing the auspicious song of Ganpati papa,. The pooja continuous, everyone has a smile on their face, while Jeetu jee performs the pooja, he hands the thali to the Pandit jee before taking the blessings of Ganpati papa. Jeetu jee turns that he prays from his heart that Pavitra Rishta connects with each and every household and so prays that just like has made the household of Kundali Bhagya blessed with so much honour, they all must remain the same, he turns to seek their blessings before leaving.

Preeta turning to Ankita asks how is her journey of Pavitra Rishta going, she replies she is not able to express it as they have been given a lot of love and their life was filled with so much things, she mentions that when she met Shaheer at the first day she knew he had the love, Shaheer mentions it is a story of a simple family as they do not have big cars but are a loving family and even if they cannot go to Switzerland they are still a strong family, Preeta explains it is true since the true love stories don’t need any sort of money but just emotions, Rishab also agrees with them when Preeta explains that just as Kundali Bhagya is really loved so Pavitra Rishta would also get the same response since it is already so close to the hearts of the audience. The pandit jee comes to give them the Parshad, Karina is really worried when she gets a call, she questions why it is taking so long as where are the ladoo.

The performance starts which Preeta and Karan are watching along with Pihu, the performance starts with the traditional drum beaters, it is saying in the background that love is not found and if the love has the kripa of Ganpati papa then nothing can stop them which is why has once again to them with the love story of Manav and Archana, she desires to once again live it, she starts he performance which is really mesmerizing, they all really enjoy it and she even performs the pooja before taking the sticks, beating them together to create a mesmerizing tune, Rishab also enjoys the performance, Archana finally ends it with an immense applause.
Karina exclaims she told Rakhi there was no need to give Sarla such a big order, she mentions the guests have arrived and they have even performed the pooja so what would she give to the guests when they leave, Rakhi exclaims Sarla jee made the order when their cook was not able to at the last moment, Preeta comes asking what happened, Rakhi however refuses to say there is anything wrong, Karina mentions Rakhi is getting worried as she cannot say anything but it would have been better if they had given the order to an unknown person, Preeta says there is nothing to be worried about since she would call Sarla just now.

Sarla is ordering Janki to hurry up as she was not able to get the tempo so has to go out and hire it herself, she asks Janki to place all the boxes outside the gate, she leaves when Janki is worried wondering how she can place all the boxes by herself.
Sarla asks the tempo driver where did he go because she was waiting for so long, she is driving with him when they are about to hit another driver, the people in it start shouting at Sarla, she gets worried wondering how are they driving, the people exclaim they need to deliver the order, there is someone in the house when he gets a call from those in the car asking if they were able to deliver the goods, the people exclaim that the police is searching a lot and now they would have a lot of difficulty in delivering them but the boss warns them to deliver the goods since he has taken the money, the person asks the driver to reverse the car when the constable notices and asks them to check the car.

Karan is taking a selfie when Karan asks who is he searching for, Sameer doesnot reveal the name when Rishab also asks what has happened, he then explains that he noticed that something is wrong with Sameer and Shristhi because when he went Sameer was really happy but now they are looking weird, he makes Sameer sit down mentioning how he saw Shristhi hugging some other guy, Sameer gets tensed questioning who was the other person, karan coming to them says he told Rishab that Sameer would not reveal the name so easily, a waiter brings the bat for Karan seeing which Sameer tries to run away, he then asks Rishab to come as it is time for their performance, karan questions who are they performing with, Sameer mentions it is a special guest and he must also come.

Risab walks down the stairs after performing the arti, he starts the lead dance, they all are really shocked to see Rishab perform so well, Karina and Rakhi really enjoy his performance, he takes the celebration to another level, he ends his performance with a pooja, Sameer continues the pattern so he also starts with a pooja then taking the center place, she begins the dance which is also really good, the inal person who is actually the guest also starts his performance, he leaves everyone in shock with his performance, both Rishab and Sameer join him fo a trio performance after he scream Ganpati papa moria.

The worker asks the boss if he can massage his head, the boss warns him to not speak otherwise he would kill him, a person comes and the boss exclaims he is glad Robin came, so Robin questions why is he so angry when the boss says that they have been delivering the good since a long time but no one knew about their operation so he only has to find the name of that person as then he would himself kill that person, Robin is about to touch the guitar which angers the boss when Robin asks him to not worry and play the guitar as it would calm down his nerve while he would in the meantime find out about the informer, he gets on the call asking the person to reveal the name of the informer.

Prithvi is walking in the hall, he thinks how it has been long since he got to spend some time along with Sherlin so would go and hug her hard from behind, he is about to enter the room when Rishab opens the door, Prithvi turns when Rishab questions where is he going, Prithvi comes saying that he ahs a compliment for Rishab and Sameer because they both gave a really good performance which was filled with entertainment, he asks if they had been practicing in secret, Rishab replies he is getting jealous, Prithvi exclaims it would be a joke, Rishab coming to him says he was not joking as if Prithvi comes near his room ever again then he would make sure Prithvi pays, Rishab leaves with Sameer when Prithvi exclaims it is good he is now in front of his eyes, as he came into their house.

The dance performance of another star begins, karan starts to smile seeing him dance because of the awesome performance which he is giving, the star turns back, another women star takes his place to mesmerize the entire audience with her dance moves, Shristhi then comes to the stage for her performance, she makes the performers dance at her desire, she ends her performance with a bang.
Sonakshi is sitting in the wheelchair wondering how boring is this wheelchair since she is alone in the room while everyone is enjoying downstairs and Karan is downstairs, she hears Preeta and Rakhi waking by the hall so purposefully drops the wheelchair and starts screaming, Rakhi and Preeta both come rushing to her help, they make her sit back on the wheelchair questioning why was she trying to walk when the doctors have advised her to rest, Sonakshi sitting mentions she needs to try to walk as she would have to leave this house one day, she finally starts walking then exclaims she was able to walk now, she then says Pihu would forever be the child of Preeta because she was never able to give Pihu the love of a mother but Preeta was the one who gave her love, she knows Preeta would forever be her mother, Rakhi exclaims that after all that happened relating to Pihu it is the first time she feels nice with Sonakshi being in this house. Sherlin standing outside the window wonders what kind of a women Sonakshi is as she so easily called other women as the mother of her daughter, she has no interest because she needs to enjoy the patty as there would be performances going on.

Ranbir starts his performance on a classical song with a guitar, seeing which Prachi gets a smile on her face, he even comes to her table during his performance to make her dance with him on the song, they after that also start performing on another classical song seeing which even prithvi starts smiling, both of them are in complete sync with each other because of the immense love which exists between them both. Their performance is based on love while being childish, representing their young age along with the wild emotions which are depicted by the modern generation.

Sarla exclaims they got really late so she is glad Janki brought them, she asks where are the rest of them so then explains that these are less, Janki replies she was alone so did all she could, Sarla also helps Janki place them in the truck, the van stops near the tempo and the person is really mesmerized to see that their boxes are the same as those which are with the women, the person asks his men to change the number plate of the van so they lose the police officers who are chasing them, he then orders his men to mix his boxes with those of the women, they see that Sarla and Janki have went in the house so he goes to divert the attention of the driver meanwhile his men manage to place the boxes, Sarla comes with Janki, she orders Lakshman to start the tempo as they really need to hurry.

Abhi and Pragya start their fairy-tale performance, depicting the love which they both have for each other in their hearts, they share a really romantic bond between them both which can also be seen in their performance, Sherlin while being with Rishab really enjoys the performance. Abhi and Pragya both once again stat the dance on another song, Preeta is looking stunning in her dress, Abhi goes to dance at the stage while Pragya leads the dance, she goes to be with him who excites even Karina and Rakhi, Abhi lifts Pragya high before their performance ends.

Preeta comes to pray in front of Ganpati papa, Dadi asks what happened, when Preeta replies she was just praying to Ganpati, Rakhi explains that Sonakshi for the first time called Preeta as the mother of Pihu mentioning how Preeta is the real mother of Pihu, Shristhi also comes to greet them all, Karina comes questioning about Sarla, Preeta replies that maa was just leaving the house so would surely arrive really soon, Karina leaves in anger, Rakhi assures Preeta that Karina is just really tensed, Dadi explains she would go and check on Karina while they all should take care of the guests, Rakhi also leaves to attend the guests, Karan questions Shristhi what is wrong but she refuses to accept anything, he explains he needs some time alone with Preeta to scold her since she is just worrying about Sonakshi, Shristhi replies she would not let him scold her sister. She exclaims he is the best Jiju and even loves her a lot so she requests him to find some one like him for her, Karan questions what is the need when she has Sameer, Shrishti leaves after getting nervous, Karan questions Preeta why is she acting like this as he knows about the affair, Preeta also refuses to accept she knows anything about the affair, karan leaves saying he knows this for a fact and would prove it, he leaves while Preeta smiles.

Preeta emerges on the stage followed by Karan, they both start their romantic performance, which is really magical, their performance finally ends, and it proves to excite everyone who is watching them.

Sarla is with the driver when Janki asks if his temp has gotten old as he is driving really slow, the people in the van mentions that he doesnot know why the truck driver is driving so slowly as he walks more fast then the driver is driving the tempo, the people in the van disguise themselves after applying the fake moustache, Sarla sees the neighbour who is performing the duty at the police barricade, the police constable wonders why should he waste his time checking the truck of Sarla aunti as he knows she is not a criminal, he asks the constable to check the van,

The people after passing the barricade, remove the fake moustache and then they search for the tempo, they see Sarla standing beside the truck and so try to take their boxes however Sarla sees them stealing so warns them to put the boxes back, the person assures he was not staling anything but Sarla exclaims there is no need to lie as she saw him, she explains if he was hungry then should have come to ask her as she would have surely given him the box but he opted for stealing, she asks if he knows what his mother would be feeling as she would be thinking he is working in the city but while he is actually stealing. She warns him to not show her his face after punishing him, she wonders where they all have gone and then realizes they would be watching a performance.

In the Luthra Mansion, another amazing dance performance starts which is really lively and the performer stuns everyone with her exemplary moves, which are not easily performed, she then rushes backstage while the drum beaters show their skills before she once again returns to take the centre stage, after seeing her performance everyone is forced to applaud for her.

The people are waiting in the van when his friends come mentioning that the women who was sitting in the tempo came back, she start scolding him and even said that he must not steal, he felt like crying thinking as if she is his real mother, they all plan to go to the house with their van, they see Sarla standing alone and Shaka mentions he should not even think that he would get scared. They after sitting in the van plan to take the boxes as she is alone, but just then Preeta comes to greet Sarla who is really mesmerized with how well Preeta is looking, Rishab also comes out, Sarla gets excited seeing him in India, she questions when did he come, Rishab replies he would have come on a plane if she asked him to, Karan questions why is Rishab hugging his mother in law, Rishab replies he is the first person who is so possessive about his mother in law. Karan says he can share Sarla with him, she mentions they both are her sons and she prays that they also get to live happy and content lives with their wives, the entire family comes to greet Sarla, then she explains they are her children, Sarla meets Rakhi apologizing for being late because she was stopped at the barricade, Rakhi assures she came at the right time, Preeta questions why did she not wear a sarree because everyone has a dress code, Sarla explains she forgot when Preeta replies she made all the arrangements so they leave.

Markos gets really frustrated after knowing that his drugs are in the Luthra house, they all plan how would they bring out their drugs from the Luthra Mansion as it is the house of a celebrity when Markos mentions they never go in any house as drug dealers but always wear a disguise so would this time opt for the disguise of the band members, he orders all of his men to take out all of the weapons which they have and divide them amongst each other.

In the Luthra house another dance performance begins which amazes the audiences as they enjoy it a lot, the dance is really systematic as both the performers perform it with a rhythm, their performance ends with a magic.

Rakhi along with Karina and Dadi bring some of the boxes to the Pandit jee mentioning that he can give the Parshad to those guests who come to him, she asks Mahesh if he has placed the rest of the boxes in the guest room, Mahesh mentions since there was no space left in the kitchen so they were forced to put them in the guest room, Rakhi prays that they get wrapped as soon as possible, Sarla comes dressed in the sarree when Rakhi praises for how beautiful she is looking, Bani Dadi also says that the ladoo which she makes are really delicious, Sarla explains this is the house of her daughter so how could she not make the ladoo for them, Karina explains she has made so many ladoo and it must be really tiering, Karina asks her to tell the amount which she wants for the ladoo as then she would go to bring it, Rishab and Karan are really shocked to hear what Karina has said.


Kundali Bhagya Details

Kundali Bhagya is an Indian romantic drama television series which broadcasts on Zee TV. It was premiered on 12 July 2017. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura and Anjum Fakih portray the lead roles in the series. Abhishek Kapur plays the parallel lead role. Kundali Bhagya is a spin off of popular show Kumkum Bhagya.


Manit Joura
Sanjay Gagnani
Shraddha Arya
Supriya Shukla
Abhishek Kapur
Anjum Fakih
Dheeraj Dhoopar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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