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Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2021 Mr Harshvardhan is sitting in the room with a glass of wine, he recalls how he tried to convince Sonakshi to say the truth that Karan kidnapped her but she refused to accept his proposals, he once again tries to call her but she doesnot answer, he wonders why is she not even answering his call because she doesnot even understand that her life is getting destroyed because of Karan who did not even knew that she was going to give birth to his child, he recalls how it was a blessing that he saw Sonakshi rushing to her room with an aim to attempt a suicide,

Mr Harshvardhan remembers how Sonakshi questioned him for ruining her life, he replied he did not know anything but she insisted he was lying as he first told her that her child was born dead, when she got to know that her daughter is alive, he refused to reveal the location and then gave her for adoption, Mr Raichand said he doesnot understand anything but Sonakshi asked him to not act as he knows everything,

he questioned what has he done, Sonakshi said how she planned to leave India tomorrow but was not going alone because she found out about her daughter and when she went to meet the Luthra’s she found out they adopted her daughter and now both karan and Preeta are parents while she is left alone, she has now decided to make sure he doesnot even get anything because she lost all her love and daughter, Mr Raichand says he had to make sure that she got all she desired.

Sonakshi enters the room questioning why is he constantly calling her, he replies she is his daughter and he gets sick seeing her on this wheelchair, he helps her stand when she once again sits down exclaiming he must let her as she really likes this act because it is because of this wheelchair she is getting all this sympathy from the Luthra’s.

Mr Raichand replies had he not saved her from attempting the suicide, he recalls how he saved her while she was trying to cut her vein, he then promised her to get back her daughter but she then demanded him to bring her Karan, Mr Raichand asked her if she loves Karan, Sonakshi replies how she loves him the most and after meeting Sophia at the hotel she thought that when she will come back to him with their child he would accept her, but Mr Raichand told her that her child was born dead so she moved on in her life, she was happy but after coming back found out that he has married someone else,

but then going at their house she once again had the same feeling for him which she though he would also realize after seeing she is marrying someone else, he would accept his love for her but nothing of the sort happened, she saw how much he loves Preeta, she then accepted Preeta as her sister so this way she would be able to meet Karan, Mr Raichand explains he would always stand with her but why did she not reveal about this to him before.

Sonakshi standing up from the wheelchair mentions she needs to have some water, Mr Raichand asks her about the update what is going on in the Luthra house, he also warns her to be careful about Preeta because she is really clever, Sonakshi explains she doesnot have to worry about her because if someone cries in front of her, she starts informing how she would surely be with Karan who is her love, Sonakshi says she is only worried about Sherlin but will take care of her, Sonakshi mentions she is glad he hit her with the car but now she would not take any step back because she will surely get her love back, Mr Raichand exclaims he was not with her but now would make sure she gets her love.

Pihu signals Rishab to stop, she asks who he is, Rishab says the name Pihu, who gets worried asking how his name can be Pihu as it is her name. Rishab exclaims it is a really beautiful name, he comes to sit in front of her exclaiming his name is Rishab, but her name is even more beautiful then his, he asks if she knows who he is and then explains he is the elder brother of Karan, she can therefore call him as uncle or elder father, or Rishab, Pihu asks how does he know her name, Rishab replies it is because she is really famous and is famous in London, Turkey and the US, he has even brought a lot of gifts and a big chocolate for her so they can be friends, Sameer is excited to see Rishab so hugs him, Kritika is also excited to see him but then hits Sameer with a pillow, Pihu mentions they should be stopped because they are breaking the belongings of the house.

The entire family comes, Rishab takes the blessings of Rakhi asking how could he miss any of the event then goes to Karina, who says she was sure he would come back, Rishab replies how could he not come to see her in such a perfect condition, Karan from the back shouts the name of Rishab and comes to hug him but Rishab questions if he has practised and performed the duties, Karan hugs Rishab then mentions he would not perform the duties as Rishab must take care of everything,

Rishab exclaims how can the duties end now since they have to bring the Murti and since they have to arrange the function in the lawn, Dadi asks if he has invited Jitu jee, Rishab questions how could he not invite him and the gave him the first invitation, Dadi says she would wear the best dress, she asks Kritika to help her select the matching jewellery from the modern times, Kritika asks if she should really choose modern jewellery, Dadi explains he is still a lot more handsome then most of the heroes, Kritika and Dadi leave, Rakhi exclaims they all should also get to work as even if the function is in the lawn they still need to perform the arti in the house.

Rishab and Karan are standing, he hugs Preeta congratulating Preeta on becoming a mother, Karan questions why Rishab did not congratulate him, Rishab says that Preeta is his Bhabhi so why he is not letting him talk, Rishab leaves with Karan, Prithvi standing thinks that now since Rishab has come back it would be a lot difficult for him to meet Sherlin.

Rishab in the room is angry with Karan asking why can he not be normal as every time he comes back there is some matters related to him being involved with another girl, he takes the name of Monisha and Santoshi, he asks Mahesh if he has ever heard Rishab is involved with anyone else other then Sherlin, Mahesh replies he knows Rishab is really brave but as a father he can only advise him to be careful with his wife since he would not be able to save him from her.

Sherlin is walking when she sees the door of Sonakshi’s room is open so goes inside wondering where could she have gone, Sherlin thinks if she has went to keep an eye on Karan and Preeta, Sherlin turns to check when she hears the bathroom door opening, Sonakshi walks out sitting on the wheelchair, she asks what is Shelrin doing here, Sherlin replies she came to ask if Sonakshi needs anything since the door was open, Sonakshi assures she is fine so asks Sherlin to go after closing the door, Sherlin suspects that Sonakshi is playing a really big game, Sonakshi sitting on the wheelchair thinks the room is best since the bathroom window opens straight outside so she can leave just like today after closing the bathroom door.

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