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Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2022 Arjun looking at the backlight exclaims she broke his light, Arjun asks if this is the way to drive a car when Dadi says she said they would pay the price so he can send the bill, Preeta leaves with Bani Dadi who sits in the car, Preeta while reversing the car once again hits the car of Arjun, he is shocked that she once again bumped into his car, Preeta mentions Dadi said that he can send the bill so they both leave.

Rishab says he is saying so he doesnot get angry therefor they must not bring his wife into this matter, Anjali explains no one feels good while talking about his wife, Rishab recalls that Arjun refused to accept the restraining order they filed against Arjun. Rishab advises her to not go where she is heading and accept his suggestion to end it as this would be suitable for her,

Anjali ask why should she stop when they just started talking, Rishab getting frustrated questions what is her problem wen he said he doesnot have anything on her so she must maintain the decorum. Anjali mentions he wronged Arjun because he has done a lot for their family even then they filed a restraining order, Rishab requests her to not make it personal as that matter is theirs to solve.

Mr Shekar requests them both to calm down, Rishab blames him for all that is happening since he should have informed them about who is going to come so they can understand what would happen, Anjali asks why is he talking to Mr Shekar so must talk with her to her face because Preeta comes to say anything in his house,

Rishab says he is saying to her face that he is not interested in talking with her so she must understand it, Shekar requests them both to not fight when this is a professional meeting but they are getting personal, Rishab apologizes that he got personal, Anjali exclaims he must keep the fake sorry to himself, Rishab leaves angrily saying it was never for her, Anjali also follows him in anger.

Shekar asks his manager what he thinks happened, he informs Rishab and Anjali fought because of Preeta and Arjun and they do not even know where they are.

Shristhi is about to go and open the door when Rkahi stops her advising she must bow down to take his blessings but not be so causal, Shristhi kneels opening the door but it is Preeta who also blesses her, before asking her to step aside. Dadi asks why the Pandit would jee come, Rakhi reveals that she called Pandit jee who will come to inform about the things required for the Mandir.

Dadi sits down explaining that Preeta offered to take her to the Mandir and do they know what happened there, she informs Preeta got in the accident with Arjun’s car, Rakhi is worried asking if they both are fine, Dadi says nothing happened to them but Arjun got really furious when he saw his car and started creating a scene so she also asked him to send the bill of the damage.

Shristhi with a smile explains that it is just like Karan Jiju who would also get offended if something happened to his car, Shristhi noticing they all are worried explains that he is just trying to copy karan, Dadi says it is enough as she doesnot want to hear about Arjun. Pandit jee comes when both Rakhi and Dadi go to greet him, Shristhi inform Preeta how they have to take his blessings.

The pandit jee sits down when Rakhi reveals that she also wants to hold a pooja for her son and daughter in law so they both can live a happy and peaceful life, Pandit jee assures it will also happen. Karina calls Preeta who is forced to leave.

Arjun opens the door for Dadi who also enters, she is shocked to see the worker in the house and asks when did he come back because she fired him, Arjun sits with Dadi, the worker explains he was thinking where did anyone go, Dadi says she went to apologize to Bhagwan jee, the worker says but she ahs been scolding him for so many years, Arjun asks if this has been going on for so long,

Dadi replies she never felt bad and only felt it when Anjali made her think like it, Arjun advises her to apologize if she has accepted it, Dadi once again scolds the worker instructing him to go and work, Arjun explains Bhagwan will get furious from her, Dadi in excitement says then he can take her to the Mandir,

arjun replies he cannot but she informs he takes her then might even meet Preeta with her Dadi, Arjun in anger says he never wants to meet Preeta when Dadi says that he must know because she remembers the day he accepted the proposal of Snedha but he just loves Preeta, Arjun wonders why does everyone see their love.

Preeta asks Kavya to be with Shristhi aunt as she would surely come back after a while, Preeta gets scared when the milk boils so she calls Rishab jee, he is scared that Preeta je called so now would scold him. Rishab with a smile request her to not believe everything that Rakhi mom says since they should always not believe everything but Preeta advises him to drive carefully. Rishab is glad he was saved today.

Rishab sees Anjali standing beside her car, he gets out asking why she is standing here alone and if she called a mechanic, he asks if he can check to which she agrees, Rishab notices it so starts checking the car.

Shristhi and Kavya both are playing the game which Kavya loses so Shristhi starts to hit her, Preeta questions what was going one. Shristhi explains they both were playing the game and Kavya lost, Kavya asks why Preeta is being so possessive, Kavya also says they can handle the situation, Preeta cannot believe how Kavya lost however Shristhi explains she made the donkey fly,

Preeta explains they had a parrot where she used to live before her wedding and one day the parrot flew so everyone said the donkey flew. Preeta replies she doesnot want Kavya to lose any game. Preeta asks her to drink milk which she refuses, Shristhi explains they have played the game but now she must take care of her health.

Rishab tries his best to get the car fixed however is not able to do it, he requests Anjali to drive and start the car but it doesnot start, Rishab offers to drop Anjali if she is ready to go, she explains the place where she wants to go is twenty minutes away from this location, Rishab agrees to drop her so she locks the car.
Preeta is with kavya and Shristhi when it suddenly starts raining, she assures there is nothing to be worried about so she closes the window.

Rishab while driving the car exclaims, he feels a storm is coming and will arrive very soon, Anjali mentions she feels it has already arrived.

Preeta tries calling Rishab but is not able to talk with him, she feels tensed thinking something bad is about to happen as they say that it is not good if it rains suddenly, Rishab and Preeta both are worried.

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