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Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2022 Prithvi immediately starts to open the package however is not because it is really slippery so he hands it to Sherlin who manages to tear it, they take out a CD when she asks him to read what is written in it before she herself goes to the laptop, Prithvi after reading the note asks Sherlin to play the Cd.

Preeta enters through the door calling Sherlin but she is not in her room, Preeta sees the window glass that was broken and recalls how she saw the person throwing something in her room, she was right to suspect that the person threw something and it landed in her room, she recovers the grees marks like the ones which the person made on the wall, she thinks that the person threw the thing which Sherlin took with her, and is now not in her room when Preeta decides to find Sherlin.

Natasha is in the car with karan explaining how she must not say it but feels he is really tensed and she feels he must at least go to talk with Preeta as it might cause the problems to be solved between them both, she is really worried for him. Natasha requests him to stop drinking because ever since Preeta came back,

he had stopped drinking and really changed a lot for the good, she was genuinely really happy but he started drinking once again. She asks him to drive carefully when Karan exclaims he really loves her a lot but she always breaks his heart, he loved her the most but she is the one who broke his heart the most, Natasha gets tensed when he is driving really rash,

Natasha suggests they should get out and talk when she yells after seeing the temp, karan gets out of the car in anger going to the temp asking if he did not get hurt, the tempo driver starts yelling at Karan who asks if he is fine, the temp driver exclaims he might have died but Karan still questions if he is fine, the tempo driver calls the police lodging a complaint against Karan exclaiming there has been an accident, the crowd mange to notice that he is The karan Luthra who was in jail, the tempo driver blames that he would be in jail if he is drunk and still driving,

Natasha starts to quarrel but the tempo driver exclaims she must not talk in between because it is what women do and if he says anything, she will start a protest, she asks if karan would not defend her but before he can say anything the police arrive, they question what happened but Natasha tries to defend Karan, the tempo driver exclaims that he hit his tempo when they take both Karan along with the tempo driver.

Natasha and Prithvi are shocked to see the video from the jail when the police are talking about Rishab Luthra who is in jail. Sherlin explains he assured he has handled everything but the entire family is still waiting for Rishab even when he is not present but if they find that he is still alive then her plans would be ruined.

Preeta walking in the hall thinks where did Sherlin go when someone threw something in her room, she exclaims that Sherlin would have surely gone to Prithvi so she must go and check his room.

Prithvi asks if Sherlin is thinking bad because they are only going to do bad for others, she must never think wrong for herself. Sherlin sits down after locking the door, they both manage to hear that the criminal is asking why was Rishab Luthra thrown in the jail when they reveal he was found guilty for smuggling drugs, the prisoner mentions he is their oldest prisoner so would not tell anyone their secret, the inspector informs he has been given the death penalty which is going to be executed after seven days, both Prithvi and Sherlin get shocked after hearing this news.

The reporters are in the police station talking how the celebrities have really a habit of marriage and they do not know about their marriages, they hear that the tempo driver is insisting on filing the case when they exclaim that he got released but is now back in the police station, they plan to stay and find out about the truth from staying behind, who knows they might a story which will cause their promotion.

The tempo driver exclaims that he might have died but Karan questions how could he have died when he was in the tempo, Natasha interferes revealing she was the one who was driving because Karan was sitting beside her, the tempo driver doesnot believe her and even Karan questions what is she saying, she insists she was the one driving and just as they got in the accident, both she and Karan got out to check him. Natasha starts making a story to help their case.

Sherlin questions what are they going to do when she asks what was written in the letter, Prithvi reveals that there was a number and written that he must answer it when they get a call, Prithvi receives a call when the person mentions the boss said he is not going to deal such small cases but if they are not able to give the money within six days then they are going to hang him to death. Prithvi yells replying that he doesnot have the money when the person exclaims that if he can give the money after

yelling then should yell, Prithvi ends the call, Sherlin questions what happened when he throws the glass breaking it revealing they are asking for fifty crores when Sherlin questions why did he not tell them that he doesnot have that money when he replies that he told them but they just need the money, and he has to give them otherwise without the signs of Rishab he would not be able to get the property in Dubai which he really needs.

Natasha is with the Karan in the police station who replies she is not his wife, Natasha says that she knows he is angry with her but this doesnot mean that they should keep fighting, she clarifies that they are about to get married and so requests the inspector to not file any charges when the inspector agrees on the condition the tempo driver agrees.

Natasha requests the tempo driver to come to the side when she requests him to take back the complaint as she was fighting with her future husband and is like his sister whom he would not like to spend a night in jail, but he to her surprise replies he would like it. She gets shocked so hands him the ear rings and bangles, but he also demands her necklace which she gives him, they both go to the inspector when he assures, he has taken back the case, Natasha and Karan leave the police station. Karan while walking asks why did she call herself his wife when she knows he is married to Preeta, Natasha replies she only said it because the fight between a husband and wife was the only way by which they could be saved.

Prithvi calls Saurabh apologizing for calling so late but there was something urgent, Preeta tries to peek into the room and wonders what is Sherlin looking at, prithvi explains he needs some money but in fact a lot of money like fifty crores, should Prithvi tell him the time when Prithvi questions why do they need to ask from Preeta,

Saurabh replies because she has taken the overall signing authority of the business, hearing this Prithvi gets shocked exclaiming why does Preeta always come in his way, Sherlin asks him what happened when he signals they would not be able to arrange the money. Preeta manages to see Rishab jee sitting in the jail cell, she is shocked to see him there and even has tears in her eyes.

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