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Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2021 Karan is on the mobile saying he always used to scold him that his room was messy soi now come and see its condition, he is really amazed after hearing what he is saying, Preeta enters the room with Pihu when Karan reveals the news hearing which Preeta is really excited, Pihu questions who is Rishab, Preeta says she should not say like this because he is an elder, she must call him Rishab jee, Karan says he is his elder brother, Pihu questions why does she not have any elder brother, karan responds it is because she is an the elder, Pihu then asks why does she not have a younger brother, Karan says that Preeta would answer this questions,

however she replies that all the fathers have the answers to such questions, karan explains that young child cry a lot so what would they do, karan exclaims he would not be able to and even Preeta would not do it so Pihu will have to take care of him, Pihu exclaims she would take care of him and will even take him to school with her, karan says that he would be young so would not go to school, she exclaims she will take him in the bag, saying that her friend’s mother gave her a child so when she would get a child, Karan says she would have a child when her mother gives him some time alone, Preeta asks her that she scolds Karan because he does such things. She now says that it has gotten really late so they should stop playing.

Sherlin enters the room but gets scared when Prithvi standing questions what is happening and why was he sitting in the dark, he exclaims they are in the Luthra house so have to meet in secret, Sherlin exclaims she feels that Sonakshi is playing a double game and is even fooling them, Prithvi says she cannot do anything as just injured however Sherlin doesnot feel the same, she receives a text seeing which she gets tensed, Prithvi questions what has happened so she informs that Rishab is coming back, Prithvi leaves in urgency mentioning how he must finish converting the business papers to his name, Sherlin in frustration wonders why does Rishab need to come back.

Preeta is cleaning the room which is filled with the toys of Pihu, he accidentally drops one so Preeta questions what is he doing, Karan immediately asks Pihu to see that her mother is once again scolding him, she says it is wrong asking Preeta to shake hands with Karan which she is forced to then Pihu asks them to hug each other,

Rakhi sees them both hugging so turns back, karan exclaims Pihu was making sure they both have patched up, Pihu asks Rakhi if Preeta scolds her, Karan says she does so Preeta even hugs Rakhi then Karan explains that this is how her teacher makes them patch up, Rakhi exclaims she now understands and just came to inform Preeta that tomorrow they have to go to the market and purchase all the Ganpati for the guests, Pihu exclaims she also wants a new dress, Preeta says that they would buy her a lot of new dresses, Sameer also comes and sits with Pihu questioning why is she still awake, Pihu exclaims he is also just like her, then asks if they can play a game so Sameer agrees.

Sonakshi in the other room hears them all playing so has a smile on her face, she tries to get up when the nurse stops her saying that she needs complete bed rest, The nurse says that the child Pihu is really cute because of which everyone is smiling and so asks what relations Sonakshi has with the child, she replies she is her mother.

Pihu is playing the game with everyone when Sameer is the first one to lose then Karan and Preeta both lose, they both start arguing over who was the first one because of whom they lost the game, Pihu exclaims they both have started fighting once again and should not because it is not right, she makes them both apologize and shake hands, she even asks them to hug each other abut they are hesitant however agree.

Karina entering the room explains she has called the nanny who would join them at the day of the function, Preeta asks why have they called her, Rakhi explains it is because Preeta would also be busy in the work so she doesnot want that Pihu stays alone even for a moment which is why she has called her however Preeta doesnot agree, but Karan says that it is alight then exclaims he is getting tired so they all should go to sleep, Preeta asks Pihu to say goodnight to everyone after which they sleep.

In the morning Pihu hides behind the curtain, coincidentally it is the room of Sonakshi and she doesnot her relation with her, Karan manages to find her, Sonakshi asks Pihu to come and meet her, she going to Sonakshi asks who is she, to which Sonakshi at first says that she is her mother but then clarifies she is the friend of her mother, Pihu asks if she is injured when Preeta calls her from behind, Karan says she must come as they also need go get ready for school, Pihu refuses to go to the school so Karan agrees, he asks her to go to Preeta, she leaves running saying she would kiss her, Sonakshi thanks Karan for allowing her to stay in the house however he leaves saying she is here because of Preeta so must thank her.

Sonakshi is being taken care of by the nurse when Preeta comes to the door, Sonakshi replies that Pihu was here but ran away to meet her, Preeta entering the room exclaims nothing like this should have happened, Sonakshi asks the nurse how long it would take for her to start walking, she relies she would have to take complete bed rest for two days after which she would be on the wheel chair then the walking stick. Preeta exclaims Pihu is calling her so goes outside where Rakhi also mentions that Pihu is searching for her downstairs, Preeta exclaims she is just going to her, Rakhi then stops Sherlin mentioning that Preeta has a lot of work so can she give her milk in the night.

Sherlin is in the kitchen thinking that she has become a common worker of the family, Prithvi tries to hug her however Sherlin stops him asking if he doesnot feel that something wrong is happening because Sonakshi is acting and she is not that injured, Prithvi however says that she is wrong and Sonakshi is just injured which is why she is in the house, as soon she gets well they would send her to London, Sherlin exclaims she used to think Sonakshi was innocent but now has realized she is really clever and so is sure Sonakshi would stay in the house because now she is just claiming of being the mother of Pihu and soon would start calling Karan as her husband.

Prithvi assures that Sonakshi is just an innocent girl, if Sherlin is the enemy of Karan and Preeta jee then must not think that everyone is also their enemy, she would is just staying here because of the innocence of the Luthra family, he says that Preeta je is the wife of karan and a member of the Luthra family, she is the Rani of this house and it is not that easy to ruin the Rani, Sherlin explains that a women’s eyes have a strength that they can see far away so she knows Sonakshi would surely stay in this house, she exclaims Prithvi is an idiotic person and should live in his own dream world while he must wait to see what she is saying is the truth.

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