Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2022 Shristhi emotionally reveals that she sometimes feels he is Karan, she apologizes so Arjun appreciates her for loving him so much explaining he is sure that Karan would have considered her as his favorite since she is actually a darling,

he apologizes to change the topic like this but is sorry for coming to her room without a notice, she replies he can come since he is her favorite but she requests him to not be mad at her sister as she doesnot hate him but just remembers Karan after talking with him, she would feel the vibe of Karan from him,

Shristhi explains her sister is not bad and evil but just little cold because of how she is feeling, she requests him to not hate Preeta for her sake, Arjun leaves with a smile when Anjali also tries to leave but Shristhi holding her hand warns that she should not try to be comfortable with Arjun, Anjali recalls how Shristhi also started arguing with her blaming she was trying to befriend Sameer.

Anjali replies Shristhi can think whatever she likes as she is not doing anything of the sort. Shristhi says she is not the best match with him, Anjali starts questioning then who is suitable for Arjun. She immediately takes the name of Preeta mentioning she is the best match with Arjun,

Anjali asks if she even understand what she is saying as Preeta is already married, Anjali leaves when Shristhi requests her to not say this to anyone, Shristhi gets worried in the room wondering how can she say it since Preeta is already married to Rishab,

she wonders what happens to her after seeing Arjun as she feels just as she did with Karan. Shristhi exclaims it should not happen as Arjun is not Karan, she thinks of helping Sameer and Dadi, as she even must give the Parshad.

Rishab rushing to the room starts searching for the keys but he is not able to find them, wondering where did the keys to the locker go, he thinks someone would have come here since he cannot find the keys, Arjun sees Rishab searching the room frantically so tries to go inside but is stopped by Anjali, Arjun explains that Rishab is not like this generally, he gets in an argument with Anjali,

he entering the room asks Rishab what is he searching for he replies that he is not able to find the keys of the locker, Arjun assures of finding the keys so picks it from the bed side table, Rishab is stunned so starts staring at Arjun, he replies they were just there but Rishab would not have seen them, he rushes when Arjun also stops Anjali from saying anything else, she vows to not let him come to the Luthra Mansion in the future.

Sherlin is standing in the hall when pandit jee also calls her to take the Parshad, she prays but then requests the Pandit jee to pray for her and give the blessings as everyone is equal for Ganpati, she sees Shristhi walking so rushes to the other side, but is forced to run towards the door as Sameer is walking down the stairs,

Sherlin gets worried wondering why is everyone walking in the house, she runs away after bumping into Janki but doesnot give any sort of reply, Shristhi asks Janki aunti if she took the Parshad, who replies she bumped into some girl so they both leave to get the Parshad.

Prithvi sitting thinks he was right to suspect as Arjun doesnot reveal his true identity as the last time he met Arjun, he did not even want to hear the name of Preeta but when today he asked why did he hurt Preeta,

so what does it mean as what concern does Arjun have with her or is it that Arjun has fallen in love with Preeta but if this is the truth then his heart would be broken since she got married to Rishab because of his stupidness, but he is her only true lover so would not let Arjun come near her, as he has the relation of P with Preeta since both their names start with the same letter and even Pyar is also the same. Prithvi hearing someone approaching rushes to hide behind the pillar,

Anjali warns Arjun to not come here for a few days as he has ruined everything, but Arjun replies she must not interfere in his matters in the future, she replies she stays with him so is associated with his every personal matter. Arjun leaves mentioning he is going to take out the car, Prithvi coming out thinks he was right as Anjali is in love with Arjun but he is falling for Preeta, Prithvi warns to teach him a lesson if he comes near Preeta.

Rishab rushes to the safe while everyone is trying to console Kavya assuring, they would surely bring her out safety, Rishab tries to turn the key but is not able to open it and then he breaks it, Preeta questions why he do it as now they must put a password in it to open the safe, Rishab starts panicking when Mahesh asks him to call the key maker. Preeta blames Rishab but he leaves to bring the key maker.

Dadi comes to witness both Karina and Janki fighting, she asks what has happened when they both start blaming each other. Karina calls Janki an old woman but she replies that she still looks younger then Karina, but after a while Janki leaves as she is fed up with the situation.

Sherlin is walking in the hall wondering where Prithvi has gone to as she is sure he would be caught today, she stops seeing Arjun he wonders what is she doing here. Sherlin tries to leave but he hits her in the leg to make her fall, Anjali saves her apologizing on behalf of Arjun, Sherlin replies that no one has taught him to apologize when he replies he only apologizes to the honest people.

Sherlin leaves when Anjali questions why he do it, Arjun explains she doesnot know this women as she married his brother Rishab while having an affair with prithvi all along, she ruined his entire life. Anjali explains he should not forget that he came to take revenge from both Preeta and Rishab for killing him,

Arjun refuses to leave explaining if Prithvi and Sherlin are present here then they would be upto no good. Shristhi gets tensed thinking both have returned to the Luthra Mansion.
Preeta assures that everything would be fine as Kavya is a brave girl, Rishab returns in panic explaining he cannot find his car keys, Rakhi rushing out brings back the keys for him instructing he should return as soon as possible.

Rishab rushing down the stairs explains his problem would be solved if he comes to them, Arjun asks what has happened when Rishab explains that the safe got locked and there is only one password which they donot remember so he doesnot know what might happen, Rishab rushes when both Arjun and Shristhi also follow him.

Preeta explains she is siting right beside her but she must not be worried, Kavya explains she loves both her and Dada but is not able to breathe, Preeta replies she should not talk like this. Mahesh asks Rakhi jee to not cry as then Kavya would lose the strength and confidence. Preeta explains she would order all the ice creams for her and will even go shopping with her, Preeta also starts crying.

Rishab is in the car driving when Arjun sitting beside exclaims something big might have happened as Rishab never gets hyper like this, Rishab on the call asks Vijay to come out on the main street since there are a lot of possessions so his car cannot come inside, Rishab even breaks the signal in panic which worries both Arjun and Shristhi, they keep questioning him which irritates Rishab who requests them to let him drive as he is really tensed, he reveals his daughter has been locked in the safe, Arjun gets shocked.

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Kundali Bhagya Details

Kundali Bhagya is an Indian romantic drama television series which broadcasts on Zee TV. It was premiered on 12 July 2017. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura and Anjum Fakih portray the lead roles in the series. Abhishek Kapur plays the parallel lead role. Kundali Bhagya is a spin off of popular show Kumkum Bhagya.


Manit Joura
Sanjay Gagnani
Shraddha Arya
Supriya Shukla
Abhishek Kapur
Anjum Fakih
Dheeraj Dhoopar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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