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Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2022 Preeta is crying profusely while Rishab turns back, Preeta exclaims he is lying as this child belongs to her and karan, Rakhi hugging Preeta mentions she must not cry and remain happy because they are not going to believe anything this man is saying as they all know how much both karan and Preeta loved each other,

Dadi mentions that they all know about the truth but how are they going to close his mouth, Karina explains that she doesnot care about what he says to anyone else as they all trust her, Kritika explains there is a need as now that stupid man might do something wrong,

Mahesh assures they are going to surely close all of their mouths, Mahesh questions Dadi if she recalls how they did the ritual, Dadi mentions when a women becomes a widow in young age and she is also pregnant they have to face a lot of difficulty in it all.

Rakhi also agrees with what Dadi is saying as they must do it in order to protect their family from all this trouble. Mahesh mentions they need the help of Rishab in this situation, Rakhi exclaims they even need the help of Preeta in this all.

Rishab questions what this ritual, Dadi mentions that in their family is a girls gets widowed in a young age then an unmarried boy from the family marries her. Rishab is shocked hearing this questioning what are they talking about as this is not a good situation to talk about her second marriage, Preeta rushes away crying while Rishab blames them all.

Preeta is crying in her room when the Luthra’s are trying their best to stop her, Rishab blames them saying this is the worst time to talk about her second marriage because it is wrong, Dadi insists this is the best time but Rishab requests they should stop talking, he calls Sameer so they break the door sitting beside Preeta,

Shristhi and Bi jee are with her when Preeta exclaims they are going to take her away from Karan and she only belongs to him, Rishab assures her that no one is going to pull her away from karan, they all care about her which is why they suggested it.

Prithvi is sitting drinking when Sherlin hits him with a cushion causing the glass to break, she questions what was the need to go as she tried stopping him but he has lost his mind, he exclaimed the child belongs to him, does he not understand because the Luthra’s are aware of his entire truth so she gets worried if he gets arrested,

Prithvi asks if anyone is arrested for blaming someone. Prithvi mentions everyone in the Luthra house was sad and their faces were also sad, she could have seen how Preeta was walking like a dead person and even Rishab was traumatized but he would have to take control of himself as he must take the responsibility of the family,

Sherlin replies that he must not be so overconfident since the Luthra’s would get Preeta and Rishab married, he replies she should have seen the face of Preeta so she will never marry Rishab, Sherlin replies she will marry him for her child,

Prithvi still doesnot believe her but she explains that Preeta loves her child the most now and so would marry Rishab, he leave threatening to break the bottle on her head, Sherlin thinks he acts as if he really smart when in reality has ruined everything.

Preeta is resting her head on the wooden stool thinking about the moment when Karan died, Rishab meanwhile also sitting in his chair recalls the love karan showed when he finally came back, they both are really traumatized when Rakhi requests her to not cry, Bi jee asks if she loves karan, Preeta starts weeping a lot when she replies she indeed loves him.

Rishab is sitting when Mahesh accompanied by Shristhi and Sameer enter the room, Mahesh goes to hug Rishab who apologizes for everything that happened, he stands up hugging his father explains he knows how Mahesh would be feeling but even if he cannot end his pain,

he can at least apologize for what he did as his way was wrong, Rishab sits explaining they know Karan is the only love of Preeta so how did they think she can marry her as it is not right. Rakhi maa asks if she doesnot love her child,

BI jee mentions that she doesnot want Preeta to live this life alone when Preeta explains she can indeed live but Bi jee says that she has closely watched her mother live this life, everyone had an eye on her whenever she left the house so Sarla had to pick the dagger, Preeta replies she will also be like the mother.

Rishab exclaims he cannot do it since he knows Preeta is the love of Karan and he can never take his place, Dadi entering mentions she is feeling he is trying to run away from his responsibility, she doesnot know where has karan gone to since it is not worthwhile when Rishab explains that he would surely fulfill his duties towards this family and might even give his life but doesnot have to marry Preeta jee for it.

Rakhi questions why not, she explains their elders are the ones who have made the rituals of getting married and they also made the ritual because it is really a problem for the widowed girl to live her life so the person marries her so that the outsiders do not throw stones at their house, she requests Preeta to agree holding her hand when Preeta requests Rakhi to not say anything like this as she cannot give the place of karan to anyone,

Bi jee exclaims she should live with the memories of karan but her relation with Rishab is for all the time. Rakhi explains both her sons love her a lot and she cannot stay away from them for a moment but even then,

whenever they are in trouble, they both rush to their father since he is strong. She questions if Preeta would not give the love of a father to her child, she knows Rishab can give the love to her, Rakhi requests Preeta to accept their desire but Preeta just places her head in front of the Mandir crying, Rakhi consoles her.

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