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Kundali Bhagya 12th September 2022 Preeta after trying her best exclaims that her hands have gotten tired, she walks into the bathroom so Arjun stands from behind the bed but seeing she has returned once again hides, Preeta standing in front of the mirror wonder why is she not able to find any band,

Arjun asks Preeta to at least have a pair of glasses for herself if she cannot find it, Preeta turning back says she doesnot want any glasses, she wonders why did she feel as if Karan is around her, Arjun from behind the bed exclaims she still misses him and he feels as if it breaks her but then says it is all deception.

Prithvi apologizes to Kritika who is unconscious, he exclaims that he did not do anything wrong with her but is all the doing of Sherlin, Prithvi mentions he is really amazed with the innocence of her as she forgave him even when he deceived her a lot of times in the past, Prithvi wishes if she would be at the post of his current wife,

he informs he doesnot love her as Preeta or Sherlin but still loves her a lot, Prithvi realizes he is getting late so informs he has to settle a score with Arjun so is going to leave but they would surely meet on the path. Prithvi seeing the cupboard picks Kritika in his arm, before putting her in it, he exclaims he has done the exercise of the entire year.

Arjun sees Preeta crying while sitting so raises his hand as he wishes to wipe of her tears, but he still remains hidden, recalling when Preeta would get emotional so he was always there to comfort her. Preeta stands up to walk towards the bathroom, but he holds her from behind, she feels as if it is someone else so doesnot make any noise, she is just crying while he is also emotional.

Preeta closes her eyes, so he makes her turn, he places his head with her forehead while she is continuously crying and is not able to control it, Arjun suddenly wakes from his dream only to realize that Preeta has gone into the bathroom while he is still in the room, he places his hand on the glass of the door.

Preeta while standing on the other side feels as if she is with someone, she starts smiling not knowing that it Is Arjun standing. Preeta recalls of the moment when she used to enjoy with Karan, he was always there to protect her from any problem. Arjun turns back to stand also thinking about he was with Preeta during their first encounter.

They both sit beside the door, constantly thinking about their beautiful life, Preeta starts weeping remembering how she would hug Karan. She is not able to calm herself, Arjun is also emotional sitting constantly thinking about Preeta.

Preeta standing walks to wash her face, Arjun standing in front of the mirror wonders why is he not able to control himself after seeing Preeta and is really saddened seeing her cry even when he hats her a lot, prithvi rushes into the room when Arjun recognizes him so calls him as Prithvi Malhotra,

he exclaims he should be praised as only two people recognized him in this house and so he is also special like the first one, prithvi explains he was not able to talk with him yesterday but now would say it clearly, Arjun orders him to get out of this house as it doesnot belong to him,

Arjun threatens to call the police so prithvi says even he should do it, Arjun shows him a number of the police but then Prithvi replies even he is going to show Arjun something which he would enjoy, Prithvi plays the video of Arjun from the police station, he is stunned so then throws the mobile. Prithvi questions what he has done, then mentions he expected this behavior but should know he has a lot of copies.

Prithvi realizes this outcome so he throws the phone of Arjun, demanding fifteen lac rupees, Preeta hears the sound so arjun orders Prithvi to leave but he says he would not go before taking the money, Preeta also opens the bathroom door so Arjun and Prithvi both are tensed.

Kavya opens the door of a room wondering where Mr handsome is so she tries to find a place to hide, she is not able to find it but then opens a locker, thinking she would turn on torch from the mobile.
Preeta coming out wonders why the door is open when she closed it, Prithvi hiding behind the curtain wonders why is arjun also hiding when he walks with everyone in the Luthra Mansion.

Kavya hiding in the locker wonders why Mr Handsome has not come to find her and she also tries to open the locker but is not able to so she in panic calls Preeta, she seeing the call of Rakhi maa answers it when is not able to hear her properly, Kavya informs she is trapped so Preeta must come in a hurry,

she rushes away when even Arjun also wonders what has happened to Mom, Prithvi stops him questioning where is he going as he must give him the amount otherwise he would tell everyone, Arjun asks if he really thinks they would believe anything that Prithvi says to them.

Arjun notices the papers on the floor so tries to pick them, prithvi hides hearing someone come and it is Rishab, Arjun is stunned seeing him as Rishab asks what is he doing here, so Arjun informs that he saw them so came here to place it in some safe location, Rishab takes the document from him,

Arjun asks what is it about, he informs it is the birth certificate of Kavya. Arjun wishes to see it but Rishab informs it is personal, so he is forced to leave, Prithvi wonders why did Arjun get so panicked seeing Rishab, he feels there is surely something going on between them both.

Preeta is calling Rakhi maa while running in the hall, she reaches the room where kavya is trapped but she is not able to locate her, even when Kavya tries her best to call Preeta.

Arjun is walking, Anjali stops him questioning if he even knows what is going on in this party, she informs him Prithvi wishes to meet him Arjun replies he has already met Prithvi who is threatening him by showing the video of when he was talking with Raja and his men at the police station, Anjali is also tensed thinking how did he reach the police station, Bi jee calls Arjun from behind questioning how does he know Prithvi, Arjun is stunned.

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