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Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2022 Sameer tries to inform Karan that Preeta Bhabhi did her best and gathered all the proofs, Karan replies it is really strange because he thought that Natasha was the one who gathered the proofs,

Kritika explains she was not able to ask Prithvi jee what happened, he mentions he will never forgive Preeta because he got in an accident with her car but she dragged him to the police station and he did not know that she will blame him for everything,

Preeta also arrives when Karan looks at her, he then demands the key from Sameer but just when Preeta is about to sit in the car, he prevents her saying this car is full and so she can come in the second car, Karina asks Sherlin to drive both Kritika and Prithvi to the clinic.

The luthra’s leave in the car when Kritika replies she has never a shameless woman like her in this world and thought that she would have at least a little shame but there is not even one percent shame, Sherlin leaves with a smile,

Shristhi stops the auto when she asks him to take them to the Luthra mansion but Preeta stops her saying they will go to Chambur, Shristhi gets worried wondering why Preeta not going to the Luthra mansion.

Karan is driving the car when Karina appreciates Natasha because she managed to save Natasha, she questions how was she able to do it when Natasha informs she believes that actions speak louder then words and so did what she could even if it meant risking her life, this is the difference between her and Preeta who just pretends that she cares a lot but she did not do anything, Natasha mentions she did not even care for her own life but is really glad that Karan is safe.

Sameer also tries to defend Preeta explaining she did a lot of effort to gather the proofs, Karan gets frustrated questioning Sameer what did she do to save him, he doesnot want to even listen to anything in her defense, Karina is delighted thinking that Karan has finally seen the true face of Preeta.

Karan stops the car at the signal when the auto also stops beside their car in which Preeta is sitting, he looks to her seeing that she is really tensed and she seems depressed sitting alone, he is not able to take his eyes off her but then once again turns to look at her,

Shristhi realizes that Karan is the one beside in the car, they all also look at him but he quickly drives off breaking the signal, the traffic warden clicks a picture of their car. Sameer questions what is he doing but Dadi consoles him.

Mahesh is sleeping when karan stands beside him, the nurse informs he was really tensed so she had to give him an injection so he will wake up soon, Karan sits down apologizing that he was not able to fulfill the promise so he must forgive him, Kara mentions he also promised to always stand by him but he must get healthy as he needs his father a lot and so starts weeping.

Preeta is sitting when she asks Dadi what happened as it seems she is not happy to see her, Bi jee replies that this cannot ever happen that her Dadi is not happy she came back but she is not happy that Natasha got all the credit,

Preeta replies that she must also think good for what happened, it is their good luck because Natasha was also working to save Karan otherwise the entire proofs which they gathered were stolen. Preeta questions if they would not give her any tea or water, Janki exclaims why not because she thought she would distribute the sweets to the entire society but now doesnot feel like it, Preeta also leaves to wash her face.

Bi jee mentions Preeta is trying to show she is really happy but the light tension in her eyes is revealing there is a storm in her mind regarding her relationship. Karan walks into the room and is really tensed, he slowly starts walking to the side tables while Preeta entering the room sits on the bed wondering what will happen, karan sees the wardrobe and recalls the time spent with Preeta, he starts taking out all the sarree from the wardrobe completely emptying them when he starts putting them in the suitcase.

Preeta walks to the window crying recalling the love that existed between them both, meanwhile karan is restlessly filling the suitcase to the extent that it is not even able to close which angers him so he throws it on the floor, he then hangs his own clothes in the wardrobe.

Natasha is in the kitchen when Sherlin entering exclaims she finally found her alone, Natasha replies that she is really busy because no one is letting her stay alone as they are happy because she managed to bring back Karan, because of which Sherlin would also be really impressed. Sherlin replies her time in this house has ended since she requested yesterday to allow her to stay one more night but she must leave,

Natasha questions if she is mad when Sherlin warns Natasha to stay in her limits, Natasha exclaims if Sherlin believes the story of Prithvi that his car banged into Preeta’s because of which she brought him to the court room but she will reveal the real story, she informs that Prithvi realized Preeta is trying to find the proofs which will prove karan innocent and he realized that she indeed managed to find those that will prove Prithvi as guilty, yet she is the one who took the proofs that not only saved Karan but also prithvi from being thrown in jail,

so now she must never blame her or try to harrees her because she will leave this house but then her Punnu baby will also be thrown in the jail, so now from on Sherlin must not even think of throwing her out of this house, Natasha turns to leave when she asks Sherlin to take the bag back to her room, Sherlin thinks she would now even have to fight with Natasha.

Preeta is standing when Janki comes explaining that she has bright the tea when Shristhi enters explaining Bi jee is still not believing her, Bi jee explains that she is getting suspicious of Natasha when in fact they should be thankful that she helped save Karan but how did she manage to gather all those proofs, Shristhi replies the plan which Preeta executed cannot be done by anyone else.

She managed to save Sameer when his plan was about to flop, Shristhi exclaims the confession which they recorded was natural but the video which Natasha showed in the court Sandesh is sitting saying as if he was ordered by someone, Preeta asks them to not talk like this when Shristhi is still thinking something has happened,

Preeta tries to stand up but her head starts aching when she once again sits down, she assures she is fine. Shristhi mentions she is sure something is wrong, Preeta gets worried thinking what might have happened.

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