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Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2022 Sameer comes running informing Rishab that she is coming, he replies that she was about to come late but then he says she is about to arrive, Rishab calls Shristhi explaining that she is about to arrive and she in excitement also tells Rakhi, Shristhi questions why is he being so shy,

Rishab mentions that she is his crush. Rishab rushes to greet her appreciating how she managed to reach the party, she replies it was because he invited her with such warmth that she could not resist it. Rishab introduces his entire family one by one; he explains Shristhi is the wife of Sameer, he immediately tries to joke about it so confesses that he is her biggest fan when Shristhi replies she is his crush.

Preeta seeing Tapsee tries to walk to her and stumbles into Arjun as they are walking, Tapsee thinks they both are a couple so mentions they are made for each other. Rishab explains that he got a little late as she is his wife, Arjun also comes explaining had he knows she was also coming then would have prepared something special, he clarifies that she is the crush of the entire India.

Anjali coming explains the cake is ready so they all should come, Tapsee bumps into prithvi who is wearing a disguise, just then the lights start to flicker so Mahesh instructs Ganesh to check what is going on. Tapsee is stunned but gets a notification on her mobile, Prithvi seeing the opportunity runs away.

Preeta going to her requests that she come with her as the storm has created a mess of things, Tapsee explains she just got a notification that this storm would bring the change in a life of someone by once again repeating the incidents that have happened, so they can either take it as the work of universe or coincidence.

Tapsee notices Arjun staring at her so explains that she felt something weird and if Preeta doesnot mind her saying, she has a feeling that someone is about to return in her life and something would happen with her again that has happened before, she must be careful. Rishab calls Preeta and Tapsee to come as they need to cut the cake.

Tapsee stands beside Arjun as Preeta and Rishab cut their anniversary cake. The celebration continuous when they make each other eat the cake, Arjun doesnot feel nice seeing them both enjoying their life, Tapsee thanks them all for having her in the part, she wishes them a happy married life before leaving.

Preeta also tries to make Kavya have the cake but she starts to tease her, they then smile.

Bunty calls them to come as the jewelry is here, Sherlin at once starts to search for them when she hears the footsteps so they all immediately hide, Rakhi entering the room opens the lights before picking the gifts, she gets worried wondering how did she leave the wardrobe door open, Bunty starts praying that if his prayers are fulfilled then he would give Parshad. Rakhi turns to leave when Bunty hits his head so she gets curious.

Preeta is walking while Arjun following her asks why did she not make Rishab has the cake first, as he is glad to be with him since the past five years. Preeta questions what does he mean by it and why did he not get married till now,

Arjun exclaims she seems to be really interested in it all. Preeta question why does he have this misconception that she wants to talk with him, he replies because she is the one standing here while he was leaving and is still going away, Preeta thinks how Bi jee asked her to not show her love for Rishab but just stay beside him otherwise people would start to think otherwise.

Rakhi questions who are in the room, she warns that if they do not come out then she is going to call her son who would make them pay, Sherlin gets worried thinking that if she calls Rishab then her plan would be ruined, she signals Bunty to take out the chloroform, he at first is not able to understand it but then realizes what she has been trying to say. Sherlin hides behind the wardrobe.

Rakhi slowly starts pulling the quilt to check if someone is hiding under the bed but before she is able to, Shristhi rushes into the room asking her to come with her since there is a lot of problem, she doesnot listen to anything that Rakhi has to say and just pulls her out of the room.

Sherlin coming out sits on the bed crying, Bunty asks for the reason so she replies how she used to live in this house like a queen and would wear the jewelry which she has come to steal, Bunty also starts crying hearing which she asks for the reason, Bunty replies because she is crying and he cannot see her pain,

she slaps him warning to remain quiet as this all happened because of Preeta so now she is not going to leave her, Bunty also agrees to not let her go, Sherlin questions what problem does he have with her so Bunty replies that he really likes her and would stay with her, she instructs him to go and bring the bag.

Prithvi sees Raja leaving so goes to question where is he going since the gun is real and where was he leaving, Raja replies that he went to set a device which would stop all the mobile signals. Prithvi replies that he should have asked him as he is going to take their mobiles,

Raja asks what if anyone has a second mobile so what are they going to do about it, prithvi praises himself for being such a clever person that his team is so intelligent. Prithvi gets a call from the band so he asks them to come inside as they all love to dance.

Arjun goes to the bar ordering a drink when Anjali comes and stops him from drinking, she mentions he should only stay as Arjun since she likes him in that personality where he hats Preeta, Arjun however replies that he always loves Preeta,

she asks why is he saying this even after all that has happened, he assures he no longer loves her. Anjali gets frustrated asking him to say it clearly as she cannot understand what his intentions actually are, he replies that she knows what he wishes. Arjun goes back to the bar from where he looks to Preeta, Arjun thinks if she is so satisfied with Rishab then what was the need to ruin his life.

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