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Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2022 Rishab is on the phone when Sameer comes questioning what is the reason, he is so happy, Rishab informs Tapsee Pannu is coming hearing this Sameer exclaims that he really has a crush on her and so is going to get ready,

Shristhi sees him running so wonders why is he so happy, she is sure it would be relating to a girl. Shristhi is searching when Bi jee stops her questioning where is she going Shristhi tries to explain she is busy but Bi jee asks her to bring the cake now,

Shristhi starts looking for Preeta Di. Bi jee scolds her asking if she is still going to make her do the work on her anniversary but Shristhi tries her best to make an excuse when Bi jee tries to ask the reason she has become so lazy after getting married, Shristhi says she wants her to do the work so she is going to leave, Shristhi even instructs the guest.

Anjali is searching for Arjun wondering where has he gone to, she sees Preeta leaving so wonders why is she always so furious, Arjun coming from behind reveals because she doesnot have any mind, Anjali inquires where was he all this time,

he explains he felt dizzy and was about to fall but Preeta saved him, however she has been acting as if she has done a big favor. He mentions the best part is that he made her believe he was under the influence so tends to propose to anyone, even his cook. Anjali is shocked, he replies it was just to make her believe.

Arjun looking at Preeta and Rishab wonders what did he see in her that he married her, Anjali replies because he would have seen something in her. Arjun explains that Rishab is not a nice guy but she just married him for the sake of her old love, because he had a lot of money which he got to know after leaving their lives, she should see how Preeta seems really happy with him.

Anjali replies that she seems comfortable with him when he asks the reason, she explains that she cannot explains the feeling. Arjun stops the waiter and is about to take a drink but Anjali stops him. Shristhi sees them both arguing, she explains that she considers them both as her family and knows they also think the same about her, so as a family they tend to help each other, A

rjun asks what do they have to do, Shristhi is stunned asking how did he know she had some work, he replies because he can judge others really quickly. She is amazed with his cleverness. Anjali asks if she is fliting with Arjun, Shristhi teases her asking if she is jealous, she then leaves with Arjun while Anjali is left furious.

Raja asks Sherlin what is going on here as they both knew the servant, Prithvi gets angry explaining they should not ask any questions since he is the boss and they only have to listen to him, Raja asks if he has not been the boss of anyone before, prithvi threatens to kill him but Raja replies he is not at all scared by it,

he orders Vishnu and the others to put the waiter under the bed while revealing how he is still waiting for Sherlin’s answer. Sherlin is not able to say anything, she mentions the person whose engagement party is happening used to be her husband, Bunty questions then who is Prithvi,

he questions why are they trying to find out about their past as he did not ask them about anything which they had done at their meeting, Vishnu calling him Badshah exclaims it would be nice if he tells them, Prithvi explains since Vishnu called him with respect so he is going to reveal they are those who have big dreams, Sherlin warns him to stop talking as they only have a single day,

Sherlin explains she will clear the cash as she knows where is the safe while they would do it all at the dance floor, she explains they will steal everything on gun point when they are dancing after which they can do whatever they feel like with Rishab, Sherlin reveals she is going to come own from the room after which their plan would start. Sherlin asks them if they should start the plan before applying the mask.

Arjun asks why is she taking him to the kitchen when she reveals that she is going to tell him, he praises that she looks very nice with Sameer, she reveals that she also thought about it before the marriage but then everything changed after her marriage, Arjun explains that she might have married him to be close to her sister, Shristhi also agrees saying that it might be true.

Arjun questions Preeta would have surely told her how much she loves Rishab because they tend to not understand the feeling at first so end up marrying someone else, but after the realization it all changes. Shristhi stops him explaining he said it today but should never repeat it again as they cannot judge a book by its cover,

they first have to read it till the end, he doesnot know anything that her sister has suffered in her life. Shristhi explains that she herself witnessed the death of her husband Karan Luthra. Arjun mentions he knows about the incident. Shristhi crying explains she really misses him, Arjun hugs Shristhi mentioning he has returned,

he at once realizes he has made a mistake so quickly backs off explaining he means Karan is still here and not left as they saw the body dies but the soul is still here, they just have to lift their eyes and can see him so there is no need to cry as she has such a beautiful face.

He explains they are not going to talk about the past but make new memories, she leaves asking how can they make new memories but he must follow her to the kitchen, Arjun exclaims that she can make it since he is the same Karan Luthra of whom she was a die-hard fan.

Anjali is about to tip over after hitting the chair, Preeta goes to help her and then asks why is she working for Arjun when she is a nice girl, Anjali doesnot understand when Preeta reveals she has said it before that Anjali can find better than Arjun, like Rishab jee. Anjali asks if Preeta fell in love at first sight,

Preeta replies it was not love at first sight but actually respect as she has known him for a long time and knows he always thinks of his family before himself. Anjali replies she is glad Preeta is concerned for her but she can handle Arjun without any trouble.

Sherlin secretly enters the room of Rakhi Luthra where she starts searching for the jewelry, she is stunned when someone enters the room but is relieved to see it is Bunty, Sherlin instructs them to also start searching and finish the job. She is not able to find anything so gets tensed but Bunty suggests he feels they have gotten bankrupt, she asks if he has gotten mad since they would not be able to throw a party like this, bunty asks them to see the jewelry.

Shristhi entering the kitchen exclaims he made her emotional so then is excited to see the cake, Arjun asks why did she bring him here so she reveals she brought him to pick the cake, he calls her lazy when she replies that whenever she picks the cake it tends to get ruined, she therefor thought he should do it with his own hands. Arjun calls her really mischievous so she goes to pick the trolly.

Arjun gets really furious seeing the cake, Shristhi brings the trolly when he causes it to be ruined, Shristhi gets stunned wondering what has he done, Arjun apologizes explaining his hand was injured so the cake got ruined.

Anjali entering assures there is nothing to be worried about as her friend is a chef who would help them arrange the cake, Shristhi explains she has to inform someone, so rushes before requesting Anjali to ask her friend, Anjali thinks Arjun is only spoiling the things today and she cannot understand how to help him stop being jealous, she gets worried.

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