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Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2022 Bani Dadi comes to Rakhi asking what has happened to her since she seems a little tensed Rkahi replies she is thinking how tensed Preeta got after what happened to Kavya, Dadi says even Rishab was worried, Rakhi agrees replying they both have the right since they are the parents of Kavya but what about Arjun because she saw the care he had for kavya so knows he really loves her,

Dadi also likes Arjun a lot, Rakhi replies but Preeta hates him because she thinks he is the one behind everything what happened tonight, Dadi mentions that Arjun is really brave and had he not taken the bomb away it will be a really big problem. Dadi exclaims even then none of them can do anything so there is no reason to think about it, Rakhi and Dadi hug each other.

Arjun replies he has not given Raja any sort of money to harm kavya, Preeta replies even then he has some sort of problem of Raja because of which he tried to harm kavya, Arjun says he will surely meet Kavya but Preeta questions what relation does he have with her, she felt Arjun would accept her advice but since he is not ready to listen then she has filed the restraining order and will surely make it permanent so he must not force her,

Arjun replies he will meet Kavya since no one can force him to stay away from his daughter, Preeta questions what is he saying since she feels even if they have lost their mental state it is not good. Preeta leaves with Rishab mentioning she doesnot care if he accepts it but she is not responsible if he is arrested or ends up in a lockup.

Preeta walking with Rishab explains that she knows he would be angry with her since she filed the restraining order, Rishab asks why she thinks like this since he knows she would always make the right decision for Kavya as she is her daughter, Rishab requests her to not make him lie anymore, Preeta is stunned asking when she do it,

he reveals when they were talking to Bi jee. Rishab mentions he is proud with her because of how she handled the situation, Preeta smiles mentioning even she is proud as he always supports her in each decision. Rishab feels shy asking if they should leave.

Arjun sitting in his room is thinking how Preeta said she has filed a restraining order against him.
Preeta comes out of the bathroom when she opens the drawer to see the photos of her with karan as a couple, she starts reliving the memories and the beautiful moments spent with her.

Arjun is sitting on the bed, Anjali comes asking what has happened to him, he in anger exclaims he will never let her forget which Anjali doesnot understand, he informs he would once again marry Preeta and stay with her in each and every moment, he would see how she manages to keep his daughter away from him, Anjali is shocked when he explains he will make sure she pays the price as they have always played a lot of games so now he is going to trap them to the extent they would not be able to understand what is going on in their lives.

Rishab enters the room when he sees Preeta standing in front of him, Rishab asks what has happened and is there which she wants to talk with him about, Preeta informs how she wants to sleep with Kavya tonight after all that has happened today so she feels like staying with her daughter,

Rishab assures she doesnot have to ask any questions since this house still belongs to her, Rishab sitting thinks that Arjun has harmed Preeta to the extent that she has lost all of the patience in her life, but if he does anything of the sort ever again then would pay the price.

Arjun is standing when he sees Preeta in front of him so asks her why has she not been able to understand who he actually is and the feelings which they both have for each other, he forces her to explain who she thinks he is, Preeta hugs him tightly mentioning she knows he is karan but then Rishab comes to separate them both,

Arjun wakes up and starts screaming demanding Rishab should let go of Preeta since she is his wife and love, Anjali rushes into the room questioning what has happened since there is no one here, he apologizes asking her to go back and sleep since he is fine.

Arjun staring at the photos of Preeta thinks of all the moments when she humiliated him and how she also slapped him during the party, he thinks how he prays that she doesnot see his bad side but he feels she believes even whatever he does for their betterment is wrong.

Preeta is sleeping with kavya when she hears karan calling her so walks out in the hall, karan calls him from behind, Preeta starts walking over to him when she sees him raising his hand over to her, she also tries to grab his hand but then someone comes to pull them both away, Preeta tries her best to each him however is pulled away while she keeps calling Karan. Preeta suddenly wakes up from the dream and even kavya wakes up asking if she is getting scared,

she assures she would by her side and not let anyone come near her, Kavya exclaims she would sing her a song when Preeta hugs kavya apologizing for ruining her sleep, Kavya replies there is no sorry and thankyou mentioning whenever she sees a nightmare she comes to her, so is also with her mother. Preeta with a smile exclaims she is her most beautiful daughter, Preeta thinks this is the best gift which Karan gave her and she is glad Kavya is her daughter.

In the morning Preeta gets a call from the representative who informs their company has decided to nominate Rishab as the best business leader, Preeta is really excited so asks her to once again say it again, she puts the phone on speaker and everyone is really excited to hear it, Mahesh hugs Rishab who doesnot stand however he replies it cannot be like this, they both start dancing on this news. Preeta with a smile prays that her family should always remain happy like today.

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